Sunday, May 5, 2013


knowledge learned from the books
are just a view of what's ahead
taken from other people's experience
and experiment...

as we are unique
in personality,
family, upbringing,
community and etc etc;

true knowledge then is
what we picked up along the way
and may or may not be
applied in what we will do
and take in the future.
Young Woman Picking the Fruit of Knowledge
1892 by Mary Cassatt

posted for Magpie Tales
photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid

Thursday, May 2, 2013

laziness and selfishness

in my own observation and opinion;
these two are what's
making our world


on work or business:

everyone is looking for
"easy job big money!"

on health:

better grab the keys
and go to restaurants or drive thru.
do we know that it takes 30minutes to cook a decent meal?

others may even grab their car keys and drive to get a liter of milk or can of coffee
instead of walking a block or two to the convenient store.

we do not need to go to the gym
to be healthy,
your chores can make you physically fit.

garden with the whole family.
sun is up 'til about 8pm.
momma is cooking
while dad is doing the lawn
with the kids,
a portion of the lawn a day.

we do not need to buy & read health books and consult dietitian or health guru,
to tone down or loose or gain weight.
we know the right foods, don't we?
that is even taught at home and in school when we were young.

easy and convenience is the answer why.


how big a house,
how big bank account,
how expensive car, clothes, shoes,
how many weeks of holidays a year,
how many slaves,
and so on and so forth
can make the rich
or anyone of us happy?

we need to learn
the true sense of giving and sharing!..