Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 days and 5 nights with JRC...

It was full of fun, excitement and love...


I was preparing to get out of work as my Days off will be from 12noon. My lady boss and her daughter were doing their routine exercises with their gym instructor who comes in three times a week. While they are sweating it all, I am doing my routine too... Checking the water filter, the firewood for the fireplace, the salt of the water system, the tropical plants that we have to bring in and all the rooms.

When my lady boss shouted at me, "JJ will you stop it!" shocked, i went down to see and ask her what i should stop; Thinking that I did something wrong. She told me, "stop parading in front of us with that skinny pants and tight fit white shirt. We all killing ourselves here working out and seems like nothing is happening while you eat rice three times a day and still, looking that well..." we all laughed.

So by 12noon, me and my lady boss are already on her convertible white audi. She is going to the store and dropping me off to Burlington Go Station. I arrived in Toronto around 2pm. Checked in to the hotel, and after my phone was fully charged, i went to eaton center to check out some stuff that i am planning to buy.

At around 7pm, JC arrived, picked me up at Yonge street and we went to have dinner. roland joined us shortly. It was a fun night. Being with JC is always fun. Endless kisses and hugging and whispering of sweet nothings. As usual have beer at Woody's. Roland who left after the dinner joined us there around 10pm. And Oscar, another cute asian guy arrived and join us too. Hmmmm! Double date ei... LOL! Home after having 3 pitchers of beer. I'm pretty drunk. Hehehe...


We got up at 7am, snuggle a little, and went to meet Roland at Java Jive for coffee. About 9am. We went to walk around church street and yonge street trying to look for whatever. We went back to the hotel to rest awhile while waiting for 12noon. We need to pick up the ticket for Romeo and Juliet Ballet at the Four Seasons Performing Arts box office. Tne instruction was at least 45minutes prior to the show schedule which is 2pm. Anyways, we decided to go early to pick up the ticket, grab a bite and come back. Unfortunately something came up with the Subway, and we were left with no choice but to eat a sandwich and coffee at Tim Hortons... Oh well!

The show was fabulous! It was Jc's first time to a ballet show and he liked it. We were looking forward to see sleeping beauty on March 2012. Wanna join us? Sure...

The show went for three hours including the three breaks. We are rushing after the show for we still need to drive to Ajax. My sister is hosting a dinner party at her place. We have to dropby The Beer Store for i promised that we will be the one to provide the drinks. We were there by 7:30pm.
(son 1, kuya boy, son 3 and son 2, JC, Dania, Romano)
(ate Reggie, Ate Ruby, Ate Manique, Isabella, Bian and Vanessa)
btw, Ate (pronounced ah-te ) means older sister and kuya (ku-ya) means older brother

At the party were my cousin Ruby and her daughter Bian and son Christian, neighbors and adopted family, Walter and Vanessa and Daughter Dania, Ate Reggie and Kuya Boy, with their three goodlooking sons. By the way the couple will be celebrating their silver wedding anniversary on the 29th of December, and yehey! JC as a new member of the family will be my escort for the night. I will be hosting. And of course my sister Manique and daughters Isabella and Lawrekaye, and my youngest brother, Romano.
(youngest brother Romano, Ate Ruby, Walter, Lawrekaye, Vanessa and JC)

How happy to see that JC and my family get along well. Sooooo happppyyyyyy!...

Instead of staying there for a short while,we ended up leaving 1am. Yahoo! Good that JC has control over alcohol unlike me who ended up drinking the beer that i brought.. 9 cans of Corona... He is driving back again. Anyways, it was worth it. I am so damn happy and JC too. Both of our families now are connected. Soon we will have them meet. I love his family and hopefully they love me too... LOL! Wonderful people. And JC love my family too and they love him. They are even textng each other now. And facebook friend too with my sister Vicky.
(JC, Kuya Boy, me, son 2, Ate Reggie and Romano, sister at the back cooking)
(fyi, the son 1, 2 & 3 are kuya boy and ate reggie's sons. don't know their names, LOL!)


After meeting Roland again for coffee, we are heading back to Tillsonburg... And there I met some members of his family, that made me fall in love with them more and with him soooo mucccchhhhh....

As i am writing this... I am back here in Burlington from staying with JC and his mom and dad for two days and two nights.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Red Love Seat

The days had passed
When we used to
Chill and snuggle
On that red love seat.

Fire place burning
Red wine in a sparkly glass
My head on your lap
While we whisper sweet nothings.

Oh! How wonderful those days were
But it is now time to say goodbye
To the seat
Because we need a bigger one.

We are now a famliy
And no longer
just you and I.

Posted for Magpie Tales
Photo Prompt No. 93
Courtesy of Miss Tess Kincaid

Saturday, November 26, 2011

JC and My Family

Awesome Saturday!

Today! We were up,eraly are we are both morning person. We went to have coffee with Roland at Java Jive at 7:30am, that is after being with him at Woody's last night with, and Ossie came by and joined us. Their chemistry is awesome. Unbelievable!

We have planned to leave the place by 12noon because we need to pick up the tickets for the Romeo amd Juliet ballet at the Four Season Performing Arts Box Office at least 45 minutes before the performance, but because the modern story for cinderella was playing on TV, we ended up leaving around 12:45. Crazy part, we have delays on the subway station at Union Station that i thought was gonna last forever; anyways, we made it 1:15pm and just got the tickets right in time.

Timmy's is very good to help us out. We are starving and that the fastest food we can have before the show.

The performance was awesome and. Highly recommended!..

But the highlight of today was actually when we drove from Toronto to Ajax for JC to meet my family in Canada. the BEST!.. He was welcomed with open arms. He is now officially a member of the family.

Present are my sister Manique with daughters, Isabella and Lawrekaye with the friend. Cousin Ruby with daughter and son, extended family Walter and Vanessa and daughter Dania, Kuya Boy and Ate Reggie and three sons, who by the was celebrating their 25th anniversary on Dec 29th and JC as a new family member was handed out instantly his invitation for the event. And lastly my youngest brother, Romano and of course the love of my life, JC!

Awesome! Amazing! I never thought my sister would even give JC a hug. Crying? No i am not. Because i'm dying already of happiness...

And tomorrow, i'll be home with him in his home court again... For sure it's going to be another awesome day with them...

Have a blessed Sunday fellow bloggers! Love you all...

Ps... Pictures of this gathering and event will be posted soon as I am home in Burlington...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is this ever gonna happen?

Problem with JJ is, when he is in love he cannot think of anything else, but love and the one he loves... Hehehe... It's not wrong but might bored you guys a lot. I just wanna enjoy the time, for times like this cannot be brought back.

Anyways, I have been thinking of what to post that is different from being in love. And now that the American Thanksgiving is here, 2 more days if I am not mistaken (November 24 / Thursday); I have spent my whole night thinking of what to write, that has something to do with it, or at least anything that is related to being thankful, until I saw the news about drought and famine in some parts of the world.

It is very touching that, people on these parts of the world, the third world countries, are still thankful that they are still breathing and very hopeful that there will be help or blesings that will come.

Have we, people who live in a comfortable house, with job that gives us money to pay our bills, put food on our table, clean water to drink, sometimes a pop, wine or beer, gas to our cars, have money to dine out once and a while, and so on and forth, etc and etc... Have we ever been thankful?

Individually, have you thought of: what do u have and what are you enjoying and be thankful of that. Set aside what you think is making your life miserable or difficult. Stop complaining for awhile and just do what needs to be done. I tell you even here where we are living, the developed world, there are people who would love to be in our place.

For the unprivileged, be thankful that you are still breathing. It simply means, there is still hope for a better life. Use every strength that you have to face the challenge of life and make it better. Don't waste any chance. I know it is easier said than done; but I guess, we all does not have any other option. Let's just be positive about things, for us to invite positive vibes.

For those who we call, the middle class, ow come on! They still exists. You reading this is one sample. Don't be so negative. LOL! Those who have comfy home, car, pc or laptop or macbook, a job (the most important), be thankful that you still have all of these things. We have a local saying in the Philippines that goes, "sige magreklamo ka ng magreklamo, mamaya mo may nakarinig sa'yo bawiin pa kung ano ang meron ka!" (ok, keep complaining, hopefully noone will hear you and take back everything that you have)... let's just do what we need to do.

If we are on sales, remember that the one you are serving are mostly the people of your own class. And if you saw someone who is in need of what you are selling, make sure to give him/her the best option that he/she can have for his money. Remember those money are hard earned. If you cheat, you damage the person and you level down your integrity. Be responsible not only for yourself but for others as well.

If your a doctor, a nurse, a lawyer, a carpenter or whatever it is that you do in life, do it with your best. not because of anything else but for your own good and conscience. Anyway, for good "KARMA!"

And for the rich, Ow! what can I say about them. Be thankful because they are rich. Of course they are.

But you know what, I cannot remember the author or the article or whatever it is that I have read that says; after we acquire the basic needs in life, whatever we will acquire will not give us so much happiness or the amount of happiness we will have is no more significant. The richer we get the more stress we get. Why? to keep the status they have. To keep them on top.

Actually, I was talking to JC the other night and we have talked about what kind of life are we trying to do now. We are not contented of what we have, we are trying to knock out each other. We don't want to share the best part of what we have, because, we don't want that person to use that "best" because he/she might use it to go ahead of us. The true art of giving is, when you give the person the thing that you like and not the things that you keep on the garage or basement because you don't like it anymore.

Company owners, why don't want to share their wealth, because they will become poor. The rich are also in competition with each other. I hope you believe that? If we the middle class are trying to knock down each other, what do you think the 1% is doing with each other? That is the reason why they don't wanna share their income eventhough it is more than what they need to have a wonderful comfortable life. Why they can't just be thankful of what they have and share it?

Funny I have this conversation with my recent Ex, my friend now I hope, when we talked about the rich guys who have promised to give 50% of their wealth to charity when they die. The immediate reaction was, why then, why not now? It is so generous to think that wow they will share 50%. But on the other hand, selfish in a way for making this people wait. hhhheeeellllloooooo! if they will give it now, they for sure with their brilliance, they can still earn it. Anyways, who is poor in love JJ can do about it. Give me that millions and I will help you share it.

And lastly, for the government officials, workers and employees! Well, why can't you be contented with being there are do your job. Your work is to serve and not to be served? That is what you are suppose to be thankful of.  You wished and and hope to serve the people, there you go, you got it. The majority gave you what you wished for, and then, what is next - We served you? Duh!

one last question, have you thought of going to depressed areas, community or third world countries countries not for vacation, but to be one with them. learn why despite all life's uncertaintess and struggle, they can still smile, laugh and have fun... Aha! try it, that would surely make you feel good of what you have and be thankful with them. Probably that's the reason why I always see the sun behind the clouds.

Ok? as usual, I would start by saying, I don't know what to write and before I notice it, it's already long and I don't even know if I made some sense at all... Hehehehe....

Love you guys! Let's start all go back to the basics if it is still possible. That is the only way we can be happy and be stress free. But if that is not possible, well! be thankful of what you have. That would make you contented, I hope...

and so, I pray....

Lord, thank you
for all the good people around me
who is giving me the courage, the strength
and inspiration to go on with life.

And for those who are not so good
Thank you Lord
for they keep
putting up the challenge
for me to make my life good if not better
and keeping it not boring.

Lord, thank you
that no matter I complain
about simple things
that I know can be resolved,
I still complain
and yet YOU continue
to bless me...

And Lord I pray
that we learn to be thankful
and appreciative of what our
neighbor have and and acquired;
not envy them;
but make them an inspiration.

Lord, thank you for my job
that gives me the money
to pay my bills
put decent food on the table
and safe drinking water.
that not everyone have everyday..
And Lord
I hope that we
all the blessed ones
learn how to share our blessings
to those that we call


posted for The Gooseberry Garden [linkPoetry Picnic Week 14: What I'm Thankful for in My Life

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The First Kiss

what a very
silly situation that was.
we were seated 
in your red ford pick up truck.

after a long walk 
from the blue jays way
to wellesley parking lot.

After seeing each other
for the first time
and the 6 hours
of being together

and walking around the
city of Toronto.
not mentioning the unusual 
introduction of one's life...

i cannot stop myself
from kissing you.

a kiss that brought me
to this wonderful beginning with you.

posted for Magpie Tales Photo Prompt #92
photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Card Design

I have been thinking of the design that I will be using for my Christmas card this year. I, for the 4th year now, is using my own designed cards. and I am lucky that i have an early snow when i came to visit the wonderful family of JC Jr. in Tillsonburg, Ontario last week.

And JC agreed that it is a good picture for the cover. Now, hopefully he can help me figure out what will be the dedication inside. The first two years, I have my friend in Taiwan helped me. Last year it was sad I did it on my own. Nobody cared to help... Just kidding! and luckily this year I have JC to help me. Yehey!...

the one on the left will be used. although the sepia version (R) is also beautiful.
taken 11 / 11/ 11 at 8:30 in the morning
at the Calcutt Residence
rest of the pictures are posted on my other blog. 
link is below this post.

Hoping that we will be able to do it on my next visit, so I can do the final draft and have it on for printing. it must be send the last week of November or else; or else it would be late for Christmas and they might think it's an early valentines card, hahaha!.. I will be sending it to friends and relatives back home in the Philippines. And special people here in Canada and around the world!..

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

oh how fun it is to think
of the holiday season.
Christmas lights
candy cane
gifts under the tree
unending invitation for parties
nights outs

but for people away 
from families and love ones
it is a sad season of the year.

what brings us happiness
is to know that they are fine
in good health 
and happy. 

sooner or later
Sacrifices will surely be rewarded.
true love is doing the right thing
even if it is the hard one.

and not that I don't mind it
but I am willing to do this
for my the love of my family. 

I love you all!
God bless us!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

failures to courage to inspiration

How many times
did I fail?
oh I cannot use my fingers adding my toes
to count them.

how many times 
did I crash?
at work, with friends and love...
the count of the sand is an exaggeration to compare
but I feel like that much.

How many times
did I have my face flat on the ground
or on the wall?
another hyperbole
but maybe like the count of my hair.

times that I thought I cannot stand anymore
and days like there is nothing good to tomorrow
are just too many to count
and still they come once and a while...

But you know what,
I am what I am today
because of the good and the bad
that I have been through.

Suz said, "You are wonderful to read, kind and sensible,"
Chiccoreal commented, "It is easy to fall in love with you!"
Kaykuala, my Pareng Hank expressed,
"you are lovable in all aspect and respect."
Steven uttered, "you are awesome and you will be loved"
and lastly JC said, "JJ is a Gem!"

My failure gave me strength to stand,
My Strength gave me the courage
to brush away the dust of fears and failures,
and that courage and your love and support my family and friends
gave me the Inspiration!

*     *     *     *     *     *      *      *      *      *      *

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And thanks JC for the tickets...
i am excited to watch
of the National Ballet Canada
with you.
I know this is new to you
but again thank you for taking me to that show.

*     *     *     *     *     *      *      *      *      *      *

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Looking back... Turning back...

For you JC,

Looking back
I cannot stop myself to count
How much time is wasted
How many days have passed
In my quest for a new home.

A new home of my own

But now,
I just realized
Those moments are not a waste
Those chances and experiences are just
To make me realize
The beauty of what I have found,
a beautiful promise
the home that soon will be mine.
yours and mine.

And i would love
To turn back again and again
and look at the past
Just to smile and wave
and say godbye to the hard journey
And thank them for they have made me strong
And equipped me with things that i need
To make that place with you

For Magpie Tales Photo Prompt No. 91
Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid

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the initial counting as of 11/11/11
hopefully there will be no more changes
on the result.
the unofficial list of

AMAZON [link]
HALONG BAY [link] Vietnam
IGUAZU FALLS [link] Argentina, Brazil
JEJU ISLAND [link] South Korea
KOMODO [link] Indonesia
TABLE MOUNTAIN [link] South Africa


 Palawan, Philippines
my home province

for more info [link] New7Wonders of Nature

Going back home happy!..

So JC drive me back to Toronto yesterday afternoon, and meet my friend Roland. And they are an instant clicked. So i am now contented.

Last night was fantastic.

I have heard that so many times,
I'm cute, i'm sexy...
(Not being conceited, hahaha!)
Wondering if the meaning of those adjectives
Were changed without my knowing.

But whenever you said it
Looking at me and into my eyes
I somewhat get the nerve to believe it.
Thank you!

Praising me for being beautiful
In and out;
What can i say about it.
But again, thank you!

I was just blown away
By how your parents welcomed me.
I find it so warm to see and cute,
When you dad prepared our breakfast yesterday.

And i just hid it
But i am to cry of happiness
When your mom called me son
When she hugged me before leaving home
To meet her friends.

Your dad sitting with us
To watch tv the whole mornng
Before he took us
For the country ride,

Isn't it cute,
Whenever your father stop to show me
A good subject for pictures.
Whenever he is flashing a smile
And cracking jokes.

And your classy
Gorgeous mom...
I cannot wait 'til
My mom meet her.
They will be fun too see
As my mom is as exciting to be with
as she is.
And beautiful too, :-)!

When your mom told me
That she just told your sister
That i am there at home
Just made me truly a part of the family.
My heart just felt so happy...

And our lunch
At the chinese restaurant yesterday.
Our first family dine out...

over all, I AM HAPPY!
Not enough to describe what i feel...
But for now i will use the word.
Hope you are too....
Cannot wait 'til
I will be with you
And your family again.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

and i want to congratulate the top seven for the new "seven wonders of nature". hopefully after the validation of counts there will be no more changes as it will be announced early of 2012!

arrange in alphabetical orders and not by vote rank:

> Amazon
> Halong Bay
> Iguazu Falls
> Jeju Island
> Komodo
> Table Mountain

to read more, please click [link] provisional New7Wonders of Nature as of 11/11/11

Friday, November 11, 2011

Awesome 11/11/11!

So yesterday JC arrived in Burlington to pick me up. Before seeing me, he asked me if i am ready on text. And i replied, i am sorry but i changed my mind. He replied back, it's too late to back out. And we was there hiding, watching me... So sweet.

We grab something to eat before heading home. Home to his parents.

We arrive at Tillsonburg around 8pm. We drove around the town. A little introduction of his place. And a small but neat place. Lots of interesting things and it's quite busy for a small town.

We headed home after having two glasses of beer at Kelsey's. We are just letting the time pass as we were waiting for his parents to come home from the church. At 9:15pm. We are on our way home.

The first meeting was awesome. It seems like i have been with this family for years. An instant connection. Thery are so warm. Words are not enough to describe how wonderful the first meeting was.

His mother stayed with us up to midnight while we are having a bottle of wine, that his mom did on a place that they do their own wines. It was a nice one. I love it. His mom and dad? A beautiful couple. I love them.

And when we woke up this morning, it can never be forgoten, it's friday 11/11/11 and his mom is already downstairs brewing coffee and she opened the blinds for the back door and showed us, what we had for the morning... The first snow of 2011! i love it. Made it romantic and memorable.

Jc has to go to work at 7:40, just before he left, his dad joined us for breakfast, and thirty minutes after JC left, his dad left for work too. And i left in the care of his mom...

We had fun watching her favorite tv show. She showed me the backyard. It's a gorgeous backyard - 2 acres... Then she prepared me something for brunch... And i went off to the bedroom, to make sure i'm not disturbing her for her daily chores and she works at home too... We had a nice walk at the lake. A cup of coffee at Coffee Culture at the intersection of Brock Street West and Broadway, Tillsonburg....

I just LOVE IT,...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Life Journey

It has been years since I was invited to my special someone's home and be introduced to his family especially his parents. And this one is very meaningful for me. Because this one is different; this one is for a lifetime commitment, so help us God!.. I am lucky that someone grab my hand and offered to walk with me through this journey... thank you!

So tonight will be the start of same walk but on a different path and with a companion. I want to share some of the messages we exchange last night before we went to bed...

JC: i want to share everything?
JR: i wanna share my life with you.
JC: Let's get going then.
JC: tomorrow night we begin the journey.
JR: hug me honey!
JR: yes! Count me in!..
JC: Good luck and fasten your seatbelt!
JR: ur making me cry of happiness!...
JC: Mom just asked if u were still nervous.
JR: no i am not... im excited!
JC: Mom said that they put people through "the test"
JC: Think you can make it?
JR: with flying colors... LOL!
JR: i will try my best...
JC: You dont need to try. Be the JJ i know.

So wish me luck fellows. A part of me is ending but a new exciting life is soon to begin...

Love you all!..

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

At The End

Live your life
According to how
and what you think
Can make you happy.

But that is,
without hurting anyone
or stepping on someone's toes.

Love as how you
want yourself to be loved.
Hopefully, this is still applicable,

Live happy
and with all honestly
because at the end of your journey;
when you are resting in peace,
people that you have touched
will remember you
as how they have
encountered you.

for Magpie Tales Photo Prompt #90
photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid


and have a great week ahead fellow bloggers!
I love you all!...

and I want to say thank you to these wonderful people who have visited and commented on my last Magpie. Magpie No. 89. That was my most read and commented post... Thank you! You all are my inspiration.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Saying Goodbye!

Even before coming to Canada, I have uploaded my profile to all the dating sites that I know, hoping that I can find people that I can meet and date. Or even to have friends. I met a few. And I wanna thank them, although it didn't work out.

But today I am saying goodbye to all those profiles. I will be deleting them. I am not into quantity of friends. I don't mind just having one or two as long as they are the ones that I can depend upon. 

Since saturday I have been singing, I finally Found Someone and Someone To Watch Over Me. I hope this is the start of a new life. A start of my life. 

Aside from my old friends who are here in Canada and who are always there for me, I want to thank Roland [link] for being the nicest guy. He is a true friend who is always there especially when I am sad. Keeps me company. And he even welcome me to his home and introduced me to his friends, who are the regulars of Java Jive Cafe, located in the corner or Church and Isabella Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Now at least I have a regular place to visit every time I am in downtown. Roland even introduced me to Chase (his cat) and Asta (his dog) who is no longer barking to me. Also Dante (another dog). I value your friendship Roland... A very kindhearted guy who is doing some humanitarian projects for the people of Laos.

And last saturday, I met someone, a very kindhearted man, who welcomed me and who I am willing to start my life with. Thank you for making me feel loved and cared. Someone who is just like me looking to start a new simple life. I wanna thank you JC!.. 

So goodbye to my online profiles... I want to start a real life now...

featured song on Mis Canciones [link] I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE

Btw, I wanna thank Roland for my new pics. I grew up with insecurities of my face and my size. That is why I don't have so much pictures when I was young. Imagine I am always on events, programs and on stage, but I haven't had so many pictures. And if I do, i just don't keep it, or take care of it. Which I regret a lot. It was only recently, maybe 5 years that I love looking at myself on pics. Not for any reason but because I know that those times can never be put back, at least I have them captured.

more on my other blog [link] MY NEW PICS

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crowded Isolation

I can hear voices,
and even crying.

I can hear footsteps
and sense movements.

no space...

But I feel alone
and see noone.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
my new pictures [link] my own

title suggested by Roland Drake [link]
photo is taken by Roland Drake
Church Street Halloween Party
October 31, 2011