Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yesterday, while I was busy closing the pool... bye summer!.. My boss called for me after he is done with his bible reading. If this reading is inspired with the arising conflict between Canada and Iran, that I do not know. But the verse that he was reading to me this time is about, war against nation, kingdom vs kingdom and so on and so forth.

And I listened to him attentively. I really cannot remember vividly how the conversation went, but I do remember telling him, that as I was growing up, attending a Catholic high school and having a seminarian brother at that time and now a very loving and caring Priest. I have tried to interpret the words and verses in the bible, in the deepest meaning of it, in my own little way. and so we talk about it.

And in one part, I told him that famine could be interpreted in many ways. That is my understanding. I even remember my brother in one of his sermon, he said, that when Jesus raised the loaves of bread and pieces of fish and pray, He really did not multiply it. But the people listening to Him was touched, and so they started to put out whatever they have brought and start sharing. He touched their hearts to be generous, loving and caring.

It Must Be Time For Lunch Now, 1979
by Francesca Woodman 

Share vs Famine

Share love, 
it is free and amazing,
it can create wonders and miracles...

Share your food,
as it is not only nourishing
you and his body
but also his soul.
Knowing that someone cares.

Share peace,
as it is everyone's need.
a peaceful mind 
desires happiness for everyone.

Share your smile
to everyone 
no exemptions
as it develop a loving
and peaceful environment.

Share your being,
it is only by sharing yourself
that you will understand
how people live.
and understanding them
is the key to help.

Share your blessings
and abundance,
as you cannot bring these to
life after death.

It is when we stop sharing 
love, peace, blessings and abundance
that chaos, conflicts, 
and wars will arise. 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

how dreams change?

at five,
what do i dream of?
being a doctor?
or a lawyer?
or a teacher?
i do not even remember.
but i know i dream of something.
anyways, that is what
parents and elders
would always ask little children.

but after the worst incident happen,
my father died when i was ten.
something that a little boy or a child
does not dream of.
a lot of things have changed.

i simply dream of surviving
without him.
conquering the fear of living without him.
the what if's and but's
of living just with your mother
and seven other siblings...

then, come in high school at thirteen.
i learned that i can do it by myself.
yes! i am young but i learned it.
work after school 
to have the wants that my mother cannot afford
to give me,
having eight children.

so the dream changed to
i want to be rich.
what do i have to do to be rich.
school, work and dream.

after high school came college,
sudden change of dream.
success does not mean money anymore.
i just want to be known for whatever.
joined glee club in school
dancing which became a passion.
you bet! not any single occasion
that i will not be on stage performing.

and dreams changed from one thing
to another...
on and on and on...

and now,
at forty-two.
on the other side of the planet
where i am originally from...

i have one simple dream
the dream of everyone,
of being with someone
who would love me
with no if's and but's.
eat good food not necessarily expensive.
have a humble comfy home,
not necessarily huge and grand.
and have fun every single minute
with my family and myself.

dreams! oh dreams!
a thing that keep me going...

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Monday, September 24, 2012

My Second Painting

inspired by the drive
to have fun time 
with JC's little darling...
to have quality time with
his most cared treasure,
I have gained
a little nerve 
to grab a pencil,
hold a canvass,
starts some shape
that I myself cannot describe,
and cannot figure out
where it is coming. 
but nevertheless, 
able to put in the colors
and the finishing touches.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Search

Flying Down, 2006, by David Salle

Round and round we go
searching for the true
meaning of our existence
and being...

we exist simply because
we are part of the cycle.

We do good,
and the cycle and system
go smoothly.

we do bad;
chaos, problems
and conflicts arise.

and everything that surrounds us,
natural and man-made
are all part of the cycle...

Respect each other 
Live and let live...

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I can't Wait

Venus and The Sailor, 1925, by Salvador Dali

Oh! eighty five days
and I will have the chance
to savor again,
those early morning walks,
with my coffee cup
on the beach.
the laughters, the sweet nothings,
The sea breeze flirting with your soft cotton clothes,
and the feel
of the warmth of the morning sun
on your cheeks.
awesome! so divine!

watching the fishermen how they carefully
tidy up their fishing boats and nets,
while the others are on
to check and classify
their whole night catch.

the happy and loving wives' faces
and the excited children
to see their father's home,
home safely.
and to never be exhausted
of helping and doing their tasks.

and those weekends
especially the evenings
of lying on the white sandy beach,
under the moonlight or bonfire
while having a sip of a cold drink,
usually a bottle of my favorite
San Miguel Beer
or Red Horse,
and laughters
in between tight hugs
and sweet kisses...

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My Parents' Home is about 400 meters away from the shoreline. The little town of Roxas, Palawan, Philippines. The sight every morning is beautiful. Fishermen coming home. The family waiting to help out with the never exhausted fishermen to earn a living for their family. I or sometimes with friends or some of my siblings, or nephews and nieces will either sit on the breakwater or walk by the beach if it is on low tide. We even sometimes have free fish if we knew some of the fishermen. I miss those days. And now that my 4 weeks vacation is final, I cannot wait to experience those days again. and it will be more special because JC will be with me... I can't wait, I can't wait!...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mag134 - Package

Breakfast, 1921
Fernand Leger
Hope choosing
amongst the candidates
is simply like buying food
we want to serve our love ones
in every meal,
especially breakfast
to start the day,
start their life
nice and beautiful...

Where ingredients
are written on
the package to simply
pick what we need
and know
what we are getting...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When are we gonna
see a candidate
who spends most of his
resources and time
in explaining his plan
and telling the voters
his capacity to run the government,
instead of wasting time
telling how evil like his opponent is,
and what the other party cannot do...

Haist!... JJ is dreaming again...

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Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pinoy Greetings and Phrases!.. Use to be sooo BADUY!..

I use to hate it
As i consider it
Soooo baduy.

I do not even
"magandang umaga,
"hapon" or  "gabi!..

When somebody says
"gusto kita",
Or even "paalam."

It is not because
I do not want people
greeting me but
we are use to the
English greetings!..

But now,
I am so flattered
When those greetings and phrases
Are what people
use to say when they see me.

It feels good how
these people
across from where I am,
who have not thought
of my tiny country
of seven thousand, one hundred, seven islands before
are learning my language little by little
for them to make me feel
that my friendship,
good work performance,
and my presence
means a lot to them.

And when most of the time everyday,
as I wake up in the morning,
or before closing my eyes at night,
and every time I check my phone;
I can read
"Mahal Kita!"..
Oh heaven!..
Heaven it is...

* * * * * * *

Baduy - Corny
Maganda - Beautiful / Good
Umaga - morning
Hapon - Afternoon
Gabi - Evening / Night
Gusto Kita - I Like You
Kumusta - How are you?
Salamat - Thank You
Paalam - Goodbye
Mahal Kita - I Love You

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life is Impossible

Summer Night, 1913
by Albert Bloch

What a wonderful life it would be...
If we learn and accept by heart
That we co-exist with other creations.
Respect each other,
See the beauty just
The way we are created.

Then love each other
No matter what our race,
Type of skin and skin color,
language, sound,
And form may be.

Never let our pain,
Bring anger,
And let it set in.

Each and every creation,
Have their own role to play.
I always believe that
Without the other
Life is impossible...

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Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid