Sunday, July 31, 2011

change of dates but not the plans but still happy and excited...

(Day 12 - 6 more days before my "Cross-the-US-border Experience)

as the schedule changed yesterday afternoon and some unexpected things had come out early evening, i have all my schedule changed too. just the dates but the activities will remain the same. so instead of 13 more days, the long awaited experience will be taking place a little earlier i will be set to  do it this coming saturday afternoon, aug 6. yehey! 

i have made my reservation, to again this cheap but clean (hopefully) place for backpackers. I am all excited getting some info of what i can do to make my stay at buffalo fun. but of course as i have planned, i will be taking the bus to niagara falls, canada side and i will cross the border on foot, cross the rainbow bridge. and i will take a lot of pictures. hahaha... 

i will do my best to make my first experience of the USA good and happy. any suggestions my friend. i will just be around the Bufallo area. any activity and show that i can afford? LOL! or if you live nearby i could probably swing by and have a coffee. LOL!

to be continued... as i have told yesterday, ill try to take pictures of the birds, the chipmunk and whatever...  besides, i need to finish this movie - crap but it's making a sense to me, LOL! What movie? The Fling!... u haven't heard of it right, same here. just got it from browsing my NetFlix account...

OK... later the pics...

part 2... as i have promised.. here comes the birds, the bees and the butterfly...

and i just found out that behind the bush is a nest with a baby bird in it...

 and we have Mr. Stubborn... everytime i click he moves...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Unwanted Grass...

(Day 11 - 7 days more before my "cross-the-US-border" experience)

funny that when i went back to work here at Sir M's [(i got two jobs - daughter (managing the house) and father (2 day live-in-caregiver)], he called for me immediately after my buddy left (he is full time with sir M) and point to the lawn. i myself cannot find anything wrong except for the fact that i saw that our grass are cut a little short than the what it is suppose to be.

last year when i arrived my sister taught me that grass are suppose to be cut at least 3 inches. when they are cut too short, the more that the weeds can grow fast and invade the whole lawn.

Sir M asked me what is wrong with the lawn. So i told him that the grass are cut to short. he shook his head and give me his game face... LOL! so i asked, why sir, anything wrong? he told me, that the crab grass should be pulled off. Oh my! i never knew that they are not suppose to be there... hahaha... back home we just let them grow for the animals to eat. so yesterday morning i started pulling off the unwanted grass from the backyard and did the front yard this morning.

at the breakfast table, Miss V, the gf of my boss told him that just like yesterday i was already working at the garden by 6am. yes! i never had a good sleep last night. although i am really a morning person, waking up around 5:30-6AM and having my coffee if i have to work, but i usually stay on bed or inside my room til about 7am during the weekend. This morning i just can't stay on bed thinking. i rather be moving and working. I was worried about a silly thing. but no need to worry friends, it's already solved just minutes ago.

so here are some photos of what i did, and some photos taken with my new Sony Camera. Thanks Robb for it!  after 3 hours off work i got sore fingers. it's terrible pulling off grass when they are cut too short. i can barely hold them. huh! my buddy will hear something from me when he comes back. this is suppose to be his job being the full time worker here. i hate video games and internet. he spends so much time on them than his work.

yeah! i know! i know! there's still more near the street. i'll do it later...

                                                                     Sir M and Miss V...

and tomorrow i will try to capture the birds, the chipmunks and whatever, LOL!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lost Admiration

(Day 10 - 8 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

when i was just starting to make my blog. i have been following some bloggers who i thought would be an inspiration. aside from that, blogs that is worth reading everyday instead of listening to the news of how bad the world is going.

i have this admiration for a young man. although his knowledge of the language is not enough, he was able to make his pictures and drawings alive. and i really envy him at the start because i can see how artistic the guy is. he is amazing. but recently, he is relying so much to his collaborators. i can no longer see the original him. i even have thought that he maybe, just maybe, never understood what is written on his own blog. i find it a waste of talent. besides, for him to learn it, he must continue to strive more. there are a lot to learn from this blogging. i never thought myself that i can be doing this. and i am eager to learn it.

anyways, i hope he realizes it and go back to being him. i kind of missing the original him. i do not want to lose him anyway.

btw, i just learned from my cousin and my boss that i can really walk across the "rainbow bridge". so my plan now is to take the bus to Niagara Falls and walk across the border. i would love to stand in between the two countries and take a picture. hahaha... i'm getting more excited everyday...

i just thought, if there is any blogger that is close to me. i would love to visit you guys and join u for coffee. hehehe... just give me the directions.

ps. Happy Friday! Have a good one and a great weekend ahead...

Btw, oh second day of rain. I just love it. For sure these rainy days will be bringing a new life to the garden and lawn. Thanks God!

This is just an additional for today:

I was watching CTV Am News this morning and heard about the debt of the US government. And that the newscaster even mentioned that the Chinese as the biggest creditor of the US are sending their gov't people to Washington urging them to look seriously about this because they are afraid that they cannot meet their obligations on time. Oh my! What is happening? They say one trillion, some billion and whatever dollars. He even added it is quite bizarre, that a communist investing in a capitalist... I don't exactly knew the impact of it, but merely knowing the basic definition of the word, sounds scary!

And just to note the blog post that I read yesterday by RBurnettBaker on "Baker's Take". The false advertisement must be taken into a concern. What the h_ _ k is this? is this suppose to be part of the daily lives. I admire people in their eagerness to enhance their look as it adds confidence if you think you look good because i dont... ill buy skin beauty whatever, do it for 2 - 3 days and stop. But for goodness sake, consumers, let us know when to say 'NO!" we should know when we are just being fooled.

And the famine in Somalia. I salute people who are trying their best giving their time, government money and their lives to send out help and support... And then the insurgents trying to stop it. Oh for heaven's sake.

Oh God, please help us!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Pouring...

(Day 9 - 9 more days before my "cross-the-border" experience...")

yesterday me and my lady boss went to buy pots for some additional flowers that she bought last weekend while im off duty. so off we go to the flower shop. Oh my! i almost fainted when i saw the price tags of the pots and the flowers...

i cannot believe how expensive they are. a pot for $40, and they are on sale? if i am to convert it to Philippine Peso that is about 2thousand. Back home nobody will buy a pot for that amount. Those pots that we bought could probably be just around Php500. And not to mention., the palms that we bought for $69.99 on sale. Palms are free if you are lucky that your neighbor have some extra, or buy it for Php100. If my mother is here, I think no matter how he loves flowers and pots. she will not buy. She would rather pretend to be buying everyday so she can see them.

anyways, she seems not to care about it. So we have 2 of the palms, 1 hibiscus, and 3 big pots on her convertible. wanna see how we carry them home...

so we ended up, my boss doing the dinner, a chicken in the rottiserie and veges in the oven, while i am doing the pots and flowers... and everybody happy, they are having wine while i am having a beer... what a lovely day it was. and the dinner, ah! superb!

anyway, to go back to the title, thanks God! it is raining today, i am save from watering all the plants. i just need to pull them out for them to get soaked. the past days have been to terribly hot that even the grass are turning a little yellow.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Driving Lessons

(Day 8 - 10 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

I spent my whole night reading the driver's handbook. I have read it before I took my G1 exam. But because I am starting my schooling, this is serious for me as my boss is requiring us to drive, I might as well read the new handbook that I ordered online. the latest one.

It is hard because where I am from, we only have one highway. There is no so much traffic lights or signals. And because of life difficulty, I have never drove a four wheeled vehicle, but give me a motorbike and I'll drive it. But another but, i have parked a car, put them in and out of the garage, drove on a parking lot. But never did it on the highway or the street. Anyways, this is exciting for me. And back home, onlynyour relatives or friends will teach you how to drive, here, to be sure that I will learn the right things, I have to enroll myself in a driving school. Oh my! The goes my 2 weeks pay...

so I will be taking the lessons all Saturday's of august. Wish there will be some cute fellows on my class, hahaha... So I will be excited to attend the lessons and not feeling obliged to do it. Or a cute instructor...

Oh And by the way, I want to thank my reliever for approving my request of getting all the Saturday's of August. Told him I wanna finish this before the winter comes. He understood and said 'yes'... Thanks Pat!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

planning for the next days to come

(Day 7 - 11 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

hahaha... after being away from work for almost 5 days,
i am now back to work.
still i have the happy thoughts of
what have transpired during the past week.
the birthday, the anniversary and the
US Consulate experience i have.

that week was a very high week for me.
a lot of things that i never thought would happen.

nevertheless, i want to note that my boss
who is very generous, gave me exact pay that
they usually gave me even i just worked
for two days instead of five.
one thing that i need to be thankful
of God. After all the years of hard labor,
i am placed to where i will be better.
I may not be earning as much as the others.
but being treated like human and with their
generosity i am very blessed indeed.

going back,
now that i already got my tourist visa to the US,
i am panning for a cross-the-border experience
on my next days-off.

whew! if only i don't have to be at my driving
class next saturday, i could have been packing
my bags then. i am not that excited, ei? LOL!

to think that i went to help a help tidy up his
apartment, which is both unexpected to me and him.
He sold to me, not a very good camera
for those who are really into photography,
but for somebody like me "a point and shoot"
photo guy. i think it is more than what i needed.
for $100, he sold to me his Sony DSC-H1 Camera
with two other zoom lenses, and the memory card.
Isn't it wonderful?

oh Suz, my fairy-blog-mother,
i will surely note/document all of my trips; not only
in the US but everything...

oh by the way! if you want to have your place cleaned up,
invite me for breakfast. you will surely be happy
after the day is through. i am a clean freak guy.
you cannot stop me from tidying up.
JJ = Tidy.
besides, I love doing household chores.
One thing that my mother had been outstanding.
To teach us all how to love doing that.
Yes, i am one of those who loves to iron sheets
and even my "maong" jeans...

so i am all set up to have my first
cross-the-border experience on
August 12, 2011, friday after work at 5pm...
finally, after being to Niagara falls
for four times, i will now see it on the other
side. and I can now cross the Rainbow Bridge...
Yehey! can't wait for that...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Mr. R

(Day 5 - 13 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

i can still clearly remember
how we met,
how we started our conversation,
as how you remember every lyric
of the songs, words of poems
that you would always share
to me every time we are together...
that billiard table,

at Woody's bar...

a very unusual place to meet and greet...

the spot where i am seated when
you approached me...
and introduced yourself...

the corona beer,
that chinese guy you are playing with...
how you would just laugh
because he is beating you up easily.

how you envited me to go home.
because i can no longer
disturb my friend where i am staying...
I thought you're Canadian or at least
Living in Toronto. So I was thinking
I will be sleeping on a couch.
A little nervous when you lead the way
To the hotel. Never did this ever.
This is the first time. Anyway, I'm old
Enough to do this. Hahaha....

how we spent that night together.
i took the right side of the bed,
and how you slept soundly
not mentioning, snoring. LOL!

We didn't do it that night time.LOL!...
We just kissed and hug.
You are pretty drunk and
You just fall asleep to quick.

And when the daytime comes.
I can still remember how surprise
You are to see me.
It seems like you are pretty loaded
Of beer that night. That you didn't
Remember inviting me home.
Oh my! I even thought you might
think I did something wrong. LOL!

But to my surprise, after an hour
of lying back to back, you turned
around and hug me and kissed me.
what a relief?

And there, we made it.
I can still remember how
we did it. I still can remember vividly.
I've never been so happy.
It's so passionate and sensual at
The same time. Make me smile
Everey time I remember that

And we showered together.
Funny? how we switch water
temperature, as I love the water a little
cold and you want it a little too warm
for me. How we soaped each other.
Those kisses on the shower.

And you invited me for breakfast on
that diner near the hotel.

And invited me to have a
A walk along yonge street.
How you
put your arms around me
whenever we stop
and look on display windows.
yes! we never mind PDA...
(Public Display of Affection)

That bench where we sat to rest for a while.
do you still remember?

That picture I took on my phone
at Dundas Square in front front of Eaton Center...

And just right before I took the
subway train to go back to work
at 1pm. That you told me you want
to see me again and ask for my number.
And the way you told me 'I love you'
Is unforgettable. I am not ready yet
and I don't know how to react
and what to expect. But nevertheless,
because I can see something in you
I just didn't care and replied back
'I love you!'

And that's the start of it.
I still have all our exchanges of messages
in my old phone. Reason that I cannot
dispose it. Those were my memories of you.
It is on those messages that I learned
of this wonderful day!

Happy 1st Year Anniversary!
(pictures are taken by jj rodriguez,
at the appoximate time it happened
a year ago... effort! hahaha...)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feeling hot hot hot...

(Day 4 - 14 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

It seems like everyone is, instead of enjoying the summer heat, is complaining about the weather. I myself is a little bit uncomfortable with it; even im a little bit used to it... I am from the Philippines.

I have never experience my body sweating entirely as far as I can remember. But the two days of walking around Toronto have made me sweat like I'm placed inside an oven.

At least now I know how my favorite pizza and bread, pastries and cakes feel. LOL! With him walking around the city I just don't mind the heat inside and outside... Well? A little naughty. I'm enjoying it.

But now that i'm all alone, I hate it...

and Most of the appliance store are running out of air-conditioning unit, if there is one left, for sure are the expensive ones. they became the hottest items nowadays... LOL!

 I tried browsing this morning for some online stores, or department stores that offers online purcha.,ses and delivery and there are stil some available. And there is one online site that has a lot on sale for a cheap price, brand new and slightly used alike. I cannot mention the website because I don't know if I am allowed to. Prices ranging from US$35-150...

and for those who is not into a/c units, i hope a fan will be of help...

My friend have been browsing stores and shopping for his unit but never been lucky. I hope he got one this time. i am worried for him staying down in the basement to sleep. Told me it's much cooler down there. LOL! Sent u links for the finds I have these morning, hope you'll consider them or I might buy it for you and have it delivered... Hahaha... Joking but I'm a bit serious...

For myself, I might go watch a movie and do a lot of window shopping inside the mall to avoid the humidity...

(all pictures are from google images)

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22... A very special day...

(Day 3 - 15 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

I am so happy that he opted to celebrate his birthday with me. As I have posted last night. We went to watch the BLUE MAN GROUP show and he was right that it is a good start to celebrate. The show is fantastic. A must see!

copied from my post from Mis Canciones...

To you, happy happy birthday! 

It is indeed unforgettable... 

every minute we had
is always an unforgettable
gift of experience.
a moment that money cannot buy.

truly you have made
every moment of my life with
you, unforgettable...

and for the patience,
2 more days and it is our first year anniversary...
thank you very much!

I Love You...

                                                                                            sorry he is camera shy...
 a little privacy... hahaha...
 the Show Members
 main cast
 main cast
 main cast
 the Program
his ticket                                                                        My ticket
at the theater entrance