Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat?

Of all the occassions,
I never ever fancied about
October thirty one.
No no no...
November one?

Is it intended to be fun,
Or a scarry treat
For everytone?

Ohh well!
Whatever it may bring
I already charged my batteries
And packed my cam
To snap pictures
At Church Street
Halloween Festival of costume.

And hoping to have
F U N !..

for the gooseberry garden [link]
Poetry Picnic Week 11

Sunday, October 30, 2011


how many times
did i try to key
a note
a text
how are you
hope you're fine...

but the minute
my fingers
set on..
Words won't come
Sadness and longing sinks in
And all I can type is

for Magpie Tales Prompt No. 88
Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid

Friday, October 28, 2011

What is Love?

It was funny, when a friend called me up last night and after a long time of talking, we ended up with the question, what is love?

Since I was in Grade school, that particular question is always ask on autograph and slambooks. I remember, writing:

Love is Blind!
Love is a many splendored thing... (borrowed from a song)
Love is patient and kind...
and so on and so forth...

I answered my friend. "Love is when you allow people to use you for his/her happiness." The reply I got was, "W  H  A  T  ?" And I answered back, hahahaha!... in the real sense of it, I laughed. Because I know what my friend was thinking. With her not fully understanding the meaning of what I have said.

True, love is when you allow people to use you for his/her happiness. Because on the other hand, he/she is also allowing you to use him/her for your happiness. Am I right? But I would say, that there are people who doesn't ask for something in return when they love. People who just doesn't care and luckily there are a few who give back a hundred times the love they are receiving. Scarce tho... LOL!

I for myself, when I fall in love, I gave my all. I am willing to be your friend, your mother, your father, your brother, your maid, your nurse... better than a caregiver. Because a caregiver must separate his/her emotions to the patient; but me, when I am in love, as I have said, I gave my all.

I am not saying that I will be a perfect lifetime partner, or my partner will be the luckiest guy on earth if he chooses me. Because I am not perfect and I have flaws too. But I am very much willing to learn and be part of the team. hehehe...

First and foremost, I believe in financial security. Both partners must have it. Money and sex are the most common problem in relationship. Although I am always saying that, money can't make me happy because I go for simplicity and stress free life. But not to the point of just letting the chances of making a better paying job pass me by. Or any chance of making good money slip away.

Sex?... oh please come now while I am still young... And I will be your slave.. hahaha....

Where am I going here? hahaha...

I am the type of guy, who would never let a job go, because I cannot let my mind go crampy and rusty and useless. I will always be doing something to enhance my brains. making sure that I watch the news in the morning to know what's happening. To carry on a conversation. But on the other hand, I will be very happy to:

1, go home early making sure that dinner is ready.
2, the house is clean and organize. to make it homey and pleasant
3, make sure that the bed is warm and comfortable to lay down after the day of labor
4, that the bathroom is always welcoming for a nice warm shower before and after bed
5, to wake up early in the morning, making sure that fresh brewed coffee is waiting
6, that clean towels and fresh underwears  are ready.
7, a goodbye kiss and a welcome kiss is there
8, have time to do the laundry on the weekends
9, clean freshly ironed sheets every week
and 10, always presentable to my in-laws... (hahaha!)

huh! that's  long list. But that is just a part of it. These are the things that I know would make me love my home and for sure the things that whoever is he, if I am lucky to find home, would surely love. and make him wanna come home and feel confident that anytime his parents or family or friends would be visiting us, he knew that our house is a "HOME!" There is nothing that can compare and can alter "A HOME!" The "IN" feeling of being there. The thing that would make you sad going to a out-of-town conference because you will miss your home. I do not know if people share this with me, but every time I am away, I always miss my bed, my washroom, my kitchen. Everything inside the house.

And so, my friend said, OK! then be ready to be shot in Luneta. FYI, Luneta is the place where our National Hero, Jose Rizal was shot. A Place for martyrdom.... And once again, my reply was, hahahaha... and I know I am annoying her. But that is what I am?  if it means I have to be shot in Luneta then so be it. As long as at the end I will be considered the good guy in the relationship. Well?...

So now, at least my friend would know whom to introduce me. For sure she will be looking for someone who will not manipulate or make a fool of me. Because she knew I have the tendency to be a martyr...

Not at all, I always ask for sincerity and honesty. I am willing to do those for these two...

I don't go for a trophy BF or partner. As long as physically presentable. taller than me. I am 5'4. His job? oh! I don't mind as long as he is working. if he is too rich, willing to sign a prenuptial agreement here. LOL! and willing to break the expenses at home. Or if he is just like me, I am willing to take him and we start our life together. Hopefully not yet late... Age? I don't mind. Age is just a number...

btw, next year will be a sort of reunion for my family. everyone will be going home to celebrate my mother's birthday. All of us are expecting to be home. I am even willing to quit whatever; if that would mean not going home. I have to be home. I miss my Mother's hug and kiss. And my little angels.

I hope I can meet someone who would love to come home with me, know me better, know my family better. And there, decide if he wants to take me. Although all of you are invited to come and visit me when I am there. I will be home to the Philippines on December 16, 2012 and will be staying at least for a month.

I want to see what my family are into, so I can fit in what I have plan for myself and for them. Check out the present projects and the upcoming ones. Click the link [link] so you'll know why I am so eager to come home...

Ok... I'll park for this time... but next post is about my family.

BTW, I hope I made a great deal of selling myself here...


Thursday, October 27, 2011

B  L  U  E

Wish all days are good
Sun is up
Trees are green
Warm with a cool breeze of wind.

But just like today
Leaves continues to fall,
Rain come and go
And it's chilly outside.

Oh! well...
Maybe mother nature knew
That i feel blue.

entry to Blue Bell Short Story Slam Week 13 [link]
image credit: Sky Reading By A Chance Of Sunshine

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do I have To Stop or Feel Discouraged?

With all the things that are in mind, my plans and project? I have been thinking about the difference of my situation and life, now and then. "Now", means being here in Canada. And "then", means back when I was still in the Philippines.

I was prompted with this after, I have posted the calling for friends to meet up this weekend to get their ideas and concensus about the proposal, as I have it posted at FB. I wanna gather them and ask for their suggestions and concensus to formulate the plan and presentation that I will be presenting to the housing authority regarding the project "HOME AWAY FROM", a shelter, a decent place or dormitory; that they can consider providing for the foreign workers, who does not have any place to go on their days off, moving from one hostel to another, or surfing couches from people is very exhausting.  And we are sometimes lucky, sometimes not. And if we ever find one, what kind of accommodation is being given.

But in fairness most of them are good, owners are kind and generous. There are people who are very giving, letting them temporary space to rest and have time for themselves. And I wanna thank all of them. But as I was saying a permanent place will be better.

A friend, if he really is, made a comment on that facebook status, "Anong Kaguluhan at Kahibangan eto!" (What is this commotion and Craziness all about?)

And even ask me how am I gonna do it, if I myself is new and I myself have limited resources? Yeah he is right? How am I gonna do it? for two nights now, I have been contemplating on it? assessing and reassing, i guess the sunday prompt for magpie tales and my enterpretation is just timely.

How am I gonna do it? for somebody who is earning less than a couple of thousand a month, less tax. I know it sounds impossible for me to do it. But as I go on, I remember back home when I was what, 23-25yo. I used to ask people, classmates, relatives and friends to donate slippers and when I got 25-30 pairs of them, I will go up the mountain, hiking and camping near the native tribes and distribute them. I know I have made them happy, but they never knew what happiness they have given me. Immeasurable!.. And I misses that.

Yeah, my income is not enough to provide others and my friends the shelter that they need, I cannot even provide for myself; but there are ways. I know there are ways. I know "The One Up There" will guide me to the person or organization who are giving, understanding and like me, wants to help.

So I will never be discouraged. I  am sorry my friend but you do not know me. The more that I am pinned down, the more that I struggle to go, free myself and do it. I maybe new, financially incapacitated compared to you, but I know with the good desire, somebody is out there waiting just to be touched and he will grant my wish. I do not have to  take it away from my pocket. The help will come from people who are good, people who are driven to help. Mine is just to help meet the needy and the people who is willing to help.

Not all of us, but why most people always have to equal help to money? Help does not mean we need to take a portion of our pay check or savings of wealth to help. You can volunteer yourself to an organization. Do a little visit in a nursing home, to talk, help feed and walk the elders. You can volunteer in a day care center and help nourish the kids. An hour or two of your weekly time will not hurt you... Or cause you trouble... If you know poetry or painting or dancing, or playing any sports, you can help volunteer and teach those who are eager to learn. This way you are not only helping them, you are helping yourself. A happy satisfied community, is a happy peaceful community. Let's not wait for these big shots to help us. That won't happen. Mind you!... help is just between and among us.

Ask yourself this before going to sleep, what have I done in my entire life, to help others? It does have to be about money. Did I comforted a weeping or crying friend. Did I for one time lend my ears and shoulder to a friend.Did I ever take that minute or two to assist someone cross the street? Did I cared to vacate my sit for someone?  Face the mirror while doing that. and if you have positively answered yourself. Smile and have a good sleep. But if you have not and you think you need to do something, then, before sleeping think of what you can do.

Love you guys!..

ps. btw, i am here... for whatever? someone you can talk to, spend your time and share ideas. Meet and have coffee. I am just here...

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Glass and Mirrors


To keep you in the right track.
To keep you safe.


may give you a realization
of yourself
and things around you...
assess and reassess,
then think and decide.

maybe a beauty
may it be plain or designed;
but even not broken
it is a danger.

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt #88
Lee Friedlander, from America by Car
courtesy of Tess Kincaid

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Friday, October 21, 2011

M E E T U P !

Meet Up? I have heard of this already but never paid attention to it.

But last Saturday, after the celebration of my dear friend's birthday, Maribel, her friend ED, took us to an all Filipino Meet Up. Maribel have been doing this for quite sometime now. But hers was about badminton and some hiking activities which I am not fond of. hehehe... They will not appreciate me wearing my iron clothes there. hahaha. so I did not bother to know this.

While getting acquainted to them, I realized that there is a potential of finding a buddy or friend in meet ups like that. And there is only what, eight of us there but they all seem to be nice people. I enjoyed the night and due to some cheering which was initiated by Maribel, I had, my first time in Canada to sing in a Karaoke. Yehey!... I enjoyed it tho.

So this came into my mind as I have been looking for some group to get along with, you know people of the same interest. and during the start of the protest, Occupy Toronto, there are at least 8-10 young bloggers that I met. and we exchange view and ideas about what is happening there. They interviewed me and ask about it. It is quite interesting. Slowly I am getting information and techniques what this guys are doing. And it was fun sitting on the pieces of wood or rock while talking to them. I am moved on how serious hey are about blogging.

I was actually feeling stupid (sorry for the word), for not interviewing them as what they did to me. They go there with their paper and pen, still and video camera and some audio recorder. I am not ready for those. And besides as was there just to be an expectator, but at least now I know what to do.

Wait wait wait... I am going away from my title. hahaha..

And so, I decided, I might make a MEET UP group for bloggers. A meeting once a month in a place of the members choice and accessible to everyone. I hope this will materialize. I would probably start here in Toronto or within Ontario but open to people who will be here and willing to attend. I will title the group, BLOGGER'S CAFE!...

so if you guys happen to drop by and you know any idea or you have any suggestion, I would gladly take them and consider. Or if you already know a group like this, please inform me (begging...).

I need to do something. Anyway, love is in the air so, I got all this happy energy to start something new. Got lots of things to do. I am also thinking of doing something for the foreign workers, starting from the Filipinos. Foreign workers who does not have relatives or friends here in Canada. Those who does not know where to go on their days off.

Looking for any charity group or NGO's who will be willing to put up a dormitory type facility that will cater for foreign workers for minimal fee. It has been a struggle for most including me to find for a place to stay to rest and have fun or at least mingle with others after being at work 24/7. It is not that we want to get away from the families that we are servicing but, we all understand that we need sometime away from work.

I for myself have all the luxury in my boss' family. They are so good to me, they are so generous but, I am 41 and I need to socialize. It is hard being just where you are. I need time fo rmyself. I was raise to be helping at home. So just staying at the house, which is your work place, it is too difficult to just watch TV or stay inside your room when you can hear them working.

Or during mealtime, that you are just gonna eat and not done anything at all. So you will end up helping and doing the things you thought needs to be done. So where is days off there... LOL!

If only I know somebody who can finance this, ahhh! I would gladly discuss it to whoever he/she is.

So this weekend while doing nothing on day off... I will be browsing and checking out the internet for this two things that I am interested to do... Please pray for me.

This project will be called, 'HOME AWAY FROM HOME!"

Happy weekend fellow bloggers! Love you all...

PS. Honey, thanks for driving all the way from location work in Hamilton to catch me in downtown Toronto and spending time with me and taking me to the train station... and the input on my idea. Thank you for reminding me on that... Every second of it is well appreciated... and thank you for calling me baby... LOL!... :-)


[link] I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love
[link] Scotia Bank Marathon, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

jR jI rC oH dA 'R zD...

if you happen to dropby my blog and you know anybody who have experience the same please I would be glad to hear their story. After seeing for fourteen months, me and my partner decided to end up our relationship. Thru my friend's push, I uploaded my profile on one Apple application and something very strange and i may say unique experience happened to me. I met a very wonderful guy with the same exact first and last name. to add to that the same middle initial. What a wonderful experience I have. I hope this would bring luck to the three of us. Thank you!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Before sleeping last night
We started exhanging messages
Sweet nothings that ease me up
For the labor of the day.

Until you send me that message
Which i know you have no wrong intent
But to keep me inform
So i know the situation.

I cease to message you back
Although i wasn't able to fall asleep
I have been awaken to what I am getting into
But thank you for being you.

This morning I do not intend to message you
Although i have been thinking about you
Until you sent me that info
So i know what to do.

On our second rendezvous
I am thrilled
And excited waiting for you
Imagining what would you do.

Your blue eyes,
Your hugs,
Your kisses,
They are as tight and sweet as I thought.

The way you shield me from the rain
The way you keep me warm
The way you lead me to the train
Oh! Just how happy you made me.

on the train,
you delivered the killer line
What's the point in lying?
I appreciated it so much.

and when we got off the train
and still you protect me from the rain
until we finally reach that place
we claim our own and never cared about people passing by...

And then, the endless warm kisses on the rain.
The tight hugs once again,
While we hide under your black umbrella.
It was so romantic...

Parting ways I know would be sad
But I do not want to think and focus on that
I would rather think of tomorrow
When we will be meeting again on our next rendezvouz.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Monday, October 17, 2011

Second Chance?...

After accepting the fact that it is no longer possible for my ex and me to be together again. I have moved on. and I am fine now although there are still some moments that thoughts of him still visits me. But no worries because I am already ok.

after him, i have been introduced to guys and on my own push met gorgeous and fine men who have the same exact initials with him. and the last one before this guy that i met this afternoon even have the same first name. 

After the hide and seek, as our schedule sucks that we cannot find a time to meet, this afternoon, i finally met this wonderful guy that I have been in constant communication for nearly a month via texting. i thought it's not gonna happen anymore because i was bad last night. and i am very sorry for that. i was waiting for him to tell me that he wanna see me, on the other hand, he was expecting that i will invite him. so getting frustrated and feeling that he is making a lot of alibis just to avoid me, instead of saying good night, i said GOODBYE! 

i already knew he have the same first name with my recent ex and same last name initials, to my surprise, this is very very weird and strange coincidence. You will never believe it guys for sure you haven't heard such a story but... they have exactly the same name... first and last and same middle initial... i was shocked and cannot get my mind out of it. i even thought i sucked with that meeting. so i kissed him before we parted because that might be the first and last time that I am gonna see him. and he kissed back... 
*     *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

oh my fairy god mother
have you forsaken me
or are you playing fun...

or maybe somebody cursed me
and you let it happened.

Is voodoo rituals true 
and someone is playing trick to me...

or maybe this is another chance
for me to make it better
and keep a guy of exact the same name
make him happy
make him at home
make him mine... 
to complete me.

*     *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *
added here is the exchanges of message we have today that led us to meet for a glass of beer...

me  : hi
him : hi
him : ?
me  : walking around...
me  : wandering...
me  : til i am exhausted and dead
me  : lol
him : thought u were leaving by 12
me  : suppose
him : why aren't u
me  : but my boss said I can come by 5pm
me  : had a feeling of LOST
him : oh
him : you werent very nice last night
me  : i know
me  : sorry
me  : tired rich! tired!..
me  : let me realize one thing.
him : ok
me  : made me realized that i sounded begging for attention and that is not me... and im sorry...
him : :-(
him : where r u
me  : queen street
me  : going back to yonge
him : oh ok
him : wanna meet for a little bit
me  : sure
him : where?
me  : up to u
him : wanna go to the village for a beer?
me  : sure
him : any particular place?
me  : i dont know whats open
me  : never been there at this time
him : ok
him : how long will it take to u to get there
him : i have an appt at 3
me  : 15 mins
me  : will take subway to wellesley
him : ok :-)
him : i will walk towards the subway
him : :-)

(that's it and we finally met on the subway station)
(and while seated on a bar & restaurant, forgot the name of the restuarant, it's in the corner or maitland and church, opposite the restaurant that my ex and me use to have dinner, LOL!)

me  : i like ur eyes (they are blue same as my ex's, if i am not mistaken)

(after that, we parted ways, he went for his appointment and I went back home to burlington)
(while on the train)

me  : thank you!.. :-)
him : thank u... i like u
me  : the feeling is mutual mr (his family name)
me  : too short meeting but very meaty... i love that!
him : well it will happen again
me  : looking forward...
him : yes...
me  : :-)
me  : truth, u twisted my tongue and mind... hahaha... i suck with my words
me  : and i was afraid  that i might made a bad impression
him : :-)
him : ur cute
him : haha today? nope
me  : looks? ur hot
me  : lol
him : haha nah
me  : a face that i would love to see before closing my eyes at night and see first in the morning...
him : :-o
him : :-)
him : head smashed in the pillow too?
me  : ur bringing out my poetry
him : hehe is that good?
me  : yes
him : :-)
me  : ur better than the three guys i mentioned 

(FYI, the three options for a boyfriend: Michael Buble, John Barrowman and Seamus O'Regan)

me  : ur real!.. altho im listening to Buble now
him : haha thank u
me  : touching my lips feeling and remembering ur lips
him : haha buble
him : and scratchy goatee
me  : i love his songs and his sexy lips
me  : but...
him : lol
him : but str8 and married
me  : u changed my mind... put me back to reality and made me happy
him : :-) yay
me  : truth when i checked my messages this morning. i kind of upset to myself. 
         and when u replied, i feel good.. thanks
him : :-) good
him : i dont like to argue either
me  : thats good!..
me  : ur making me rest my head on the train window looking at d clouds. 
        imagining how our next meeting will be.
him : :-)
me  : thank u!
him : thank you for meeting me
me  : my pleasure... u r like prince charming waking me up from a long sleep
him : no way
me  : yes way
me  : lol
him : hehe
me  : i like u
me  : i dont kiss a guy on first meetings 
him : have we met previously then?
me  : nope but SOP we did
him : lol
him : :-)
me  : u captured me Mr (his full name which i have said exactly the same with my recent ex)
         u just did...
him : lol
him : JJ take a pic or yourself on the train for me
me  : (took and sent him a pic)
me  : for u mr (family name)
me  : can u send me one too
him : of course
me  : (took another picture and sent him)
me  : another
him : (he sent me picture)
me  : love it!
him : :-)
me  : (sent him a pic that was taken in a photo shop in Taipei)
him : not very candid
me  : i know
him : :-)
me  : thats the pic i used for my canadian and US visa
me  : lol
him : hehe it's very nice

(and i am home in Burlington)

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seven O'clock

Happy sitting in a coffee shop
At seven in the morning
Browsing blogs,
or news, or new inventions.

Until I end up
Opening YouTube on my iPad
Watching music videos
That lead me to...

Remember you,
The wasted plans,
the dreams I have when I'm still with you
The happy moments,
The love lost and gone admiration...

and the song
New York State Of Mind

My first entry to Gooseberry Garden [link]
Poetry Picnic Week 9: Longing, Loss, Loosing and failure
And check the youtube video of
[link] Lea Salonga, Tony & Olivier Winner for Best Actress for Miss Saigon
written while having coffee at Starbucks
Church Street, Toronto, ON, CA

Taipei Night Markets

It was just over a year ago
Back when I was close to you
Back when we use night markets
As our rendesvouz.

Scattered Clothes, cd's, dvd's
Foot wears and even adult toys
Hanging ducks, chickens
And all kinds of meat too.

Roaming there is fun...
It is exciting!
Hiding ourselves over the seller's stalls
Avoiding people that we knew.

But at the end of it
The moment we sit in our secluded spot
As we stare, hug and kiss
Pays off every single minute of wait.

The photo prompt #87 of Magpie Tales
Courtesy of Miss Tess Kincaid
Reminded me of my nights back when
I was stil in Taipei, Taiwan...

My new selfmade music video... hahaha... [link] I'll Take Care Of You
and my new pictures [link] Playing on the leaves
Have fun guys! Blessed sunday!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mornings with Seamus O'Regan

It has been a regular habit to watch the morning news with CTV, because, that's the only date I can have with my third choice for a boyfriend. Of course the first one is Michael Buble [link] who just got married. And John Barrowman [link], second who is also if I am not mistaken, married; and Seamus [link] is my third. Arrange according to first come first serve, I mean who I knew first and not on whatever, great guys... But for sure aside from this is just a dream, it is just impossible for they are happily married. Hmmm! Come on guys! I am better looking And sweet... And insane.. But who knows... we might accidentally bumped on each other and they... whatever... Hahaha...

Anyways, I have been thinking on what to post for nearly three days now. Until this morning on Canada AM, they have this segment on todays show about judgment. The question is, "are we fast enough to judge?" this is actually in relation to the Blackberry failure. Right on.

When I was a little younger, I was one of those who have a lot of things to say about - things, people, invention, etc etc... And then, when I realized that it is not doing me any good at all, and I am beginning to see arch eyebrows from friends, I started, not really, not minding what is happening around me, but I try to learn not saying anything wrong about anything unless, they are directly affecting me or the community, the country or the world I live in.

Anything at all; May it be art, clothings, design of the house, poetry, books, movies, singers and their style. I already said it before in my earlier post, if you don't like it, if you don't need it... Then don't patronize it. But to say something wrong or crazy about it, that is too much. Surely, you are going to regret one way or another, sooner or later for doing so. including me, i will regret if I do.

Everything being introduced is not for everyone. It is just like saying, we cannot please everybody.

First was the Facebook issue, if you don't like it, get out of it. I admire those who never get into it, because, they feel it is not gonna do them any good. and I admire more those, after the so much so so so so of FB, they deleted their accounts. I bet their friends, or colleagues, or families, sighed about it tho. Anyways, that's what they wanna do, so let them do it.

And then after that, there was an issue about sizes of clothings. What is the standard for sizes? I for my own observation and experience; as i am a big shopper... LOL! yes there is a problem on this. Here in Canada, there is only one shop that gives me the right XS that I need. Other brands have bigger XS. but what's the problem. Take your time off, and shop around for the style and size you want. Guys, If you don't wanna wear it, it does not fit you, then don't buy it. Not all clothes is for everyone anyways. Don't blame the designer, the shop or the model...

Then, Singers and their style. If you don't like their music, then, don't buy his or her album. Turn off your radio if they are playing the song on your favorite dial. It is difficult that after hating and saying all of those worst comments to an artist, you will be suddenly surprised by a good one and you will buy or get it. What are you, gaga? (fyi, gaga in filipino means crazy for women and gago for men) Which reminds me of  Lady Gaga [link], who use to be a sore for people who have "good taste" for music, as they say, hates her. She then came out and surprise people with her fabulous and wonderful duet with Tony Bennett. And suddenly everyone gave her a good credit. Although I guess the duet with Michael Buble [link]... Hahaha being bias... I mean the duet with Amy Winehouse [link] is the best on that album.

and then... Before, when Apple is introducing iPhone4, people are saying. "So what are you gonna do with that very expensive item? all i want to have is a texting and calling feature...  Does it make any difference." and so on and so forth. But when Steve Jobs died! A lot of good words describing the guy. That he is a big loss in the industry and so on and so forth.

And now, it's the Blackberry Failure. People calm down... These are man made things, we cannot expect it to be perfect. We are Heavenly Made but, not even one is perfect. There will be a solution. It is not the end of the world. Other units, or models, or brands of cellphone have problems too. I was so ____(out of word) - DUH! when I saw the long line up of people in the Apple Store to get the new iphone because they are what? getting rid of their iPhone4, which by the way is not so old model and their Blackberries. I'm confused I thought there is poverty.

Mind you, not even our poems, our literary things here, even this post, is not for everyone. Maybe out of ten who will reads this, if ever there will be, I will be lucky to get 1 approval. Yeah, it's not OK but it's alright, because that's how it is. Besides, we see things in different angles. Sometimes, we thought our post is good but it proves to be  NOT, and those that we thought are CRAP proves to be the other way around.

Actually even HOLIDAYS! come on... we view it on different perspective. Others like it, others don't. Others have a good experience of it and others don't. So keep our own view about it and talk about our thought of it, on our own perspective and not criticize others for beng so negative or positive about it. Or make a comment as how you look at it but, don't question his or her idea about it... That's his/her...

Once an old friend told me, stop blogging about your frustrations, your fights, your complain, etc etc. I think it proves to be right. True my friend, the whole world is already full of it... But i don't find anythng wrong with expressing your negative thoughts about it as long as it is not destructive to others. On way or another, it surely depends on the reader.

The thing is... As long as it is not affecting your life, your community, the world we live in... just let it be... Remember we dont know what future may bring... What if the thing or the person we are avoiding, or hate, maybe, is the key to our happiness or save us surprisingly or unexpectedly If you dont have anything good to say, then (sorry for this) SHUT UP! I better be facing the mirror after posting this so I can tell myself that... Hehehe... I have a feeling this post somehow is a complain or i do not know... hahaha!..

My mother, teachers, mentors and so on and so forth, use to tell me... DO NOT POINT JJ, see your hand when you are pointing.

it is either this:

or this:

see how many fingers is pointed towards others... ONE

see how many fingers is pointed either upward or downward, ONE

What blaming HIM? Oh come on, HE gave you your head to think and decide...
or downward; what? blaming that guy down there, you better be careful... LOL!

and see how many fingers are pointed at you, THREE...

So Think about it...

Did I make any sense on this?... scattered thought.... simply shows that my mind is empty... I hope the weekend will bring me some good experiences and inspirations.

Have fun this weekend my fellow bloggers. LOVE YOU ALL! TAKE CARE!

Btw, i will be meeting a friend this weekend. He has a good news for me. Oh please no. Not this time. I am not ready to get married yet. Hahaha... Just joking!.. And this weekend will be very busy starting tonight. Lots of activities, including that fundraising marathon on sunday. Im not running, we will just be there to cheer the runners. And to take some pictures. Plus, R invited me to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit... Oh my honey, wish you are here, i know how you love seeing ones like this. Will you come and let's view it together? Please?.. I know, i'm insane...

another BTW, my new post for my My Amateur Post is on [link] Thanksgiving Walk Part III

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Smell Of Your Breath

I can still remember
how your mother would lay you on my chest
for I do not want to carry you
I just thought you are so delicate
that I might hold you so tight.

So every time you need to sleep
She would call for me
and make me lay down on the crib
a big crib that lolo made,
and put you on my chest. 

How I enjoy every moment we spent
The feel of your breathing chest
The times I feel you wet my chest
But the breath...
Oh that angel's breath...

I may not be your father,
For I am just your mother's brother
But my four buringgoys
You have given me uncomparable joy 

And learn to love you more than myself.

photo courtesy of BlueBell [link] for the Short Story Slam Week 12

FYI: lolo means grandfather for Filipinos.
         My Stepdad would make a crib as big as 5 x 5 feet. 
         buringgoy is not really a name.
         It just came out of my mouth
         as I am singing some made up lullaby
         for my nephews.
         So I started calling all my baby nephews buringgoy.

Part II of my Thanksgiving day Walk is now posted [link]

and My version of the song, I'll Take Care of You (hahaha)
        at my Mis Canciones Blog [link] just for fun...
        a friend requested. Blame her... 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Thanksgiving Dinner

So, we have a little changes on the original plans.
My boss and his family decided that I need to be at the dinner.
And received a text from my lady boss saying,
as part of their family I need to be there.
So at 4pm we are all getting ready.

as you know, probably I am one of the lucky newcomer in Canada
having the comfort of the four homes that I am free to stay.
Excluding home of my new friends in Downtown Toronto
where I am most welcome to spend some days.

one, my sister's home in Ajax; where she and her three daughter
and my youngest brother lives.
two, is my friend's apartment in downtown Toronto.
His couch is the most comfortable one I saw.
Amd for my size of 120lbs and 5'4 height,
it is like 4 inches bigger that a single bed for me.
and then the Villa where my lady boss and dr. boss is sharing with me...
and of course the home where I am stating with my Sir M,
which is probably 400 meters away from the lakeshore...

on the dinner table, my boss' girlfriend Miss V, have spiced up
the night by some stones that she painted up animals and insects
that symbolizes characteristics of humans as believed by the
original inhabitants of Canada.

I just wanna share this up because I think I picked the right one...

The Whale

The natives believe that animal totems
an teach us about ourselves.
An animal totem or symbol represents
a thought, feeling or desire.
Natives believe that these totems have
valuable lessons to teach us.
A totem brings the subconscious to the conscious.

The animal totem that you have chose is the Whale.
The whale is the most powerful
and most prevalent totem image
among the North American native tribes.
The whale is the formidable ruler
of the underwater city.
It is the water equivalent of the WOLF on land.

Water is a powerful symbol in itself.
It is the energy force of life.
It is a sign of cleansing, freedom and mobility.
Many thoughts and ideas are hidden in the "watery depth" of our soul
and the whale totem helps us reveal and identify them.
The whale totem deals with the uncovering and revealing of our subconscious.
It brings our subconscious thoughts to the surface.

The whale is a creative, inspiring force.
It is held in great awe for its size and power.
The whale totem uses its energy to heal.
Water, because of it reflective and mysterious nature,
can be full of illusions.
Water distorts reality.
The whale energy helps to break down these illusions so we can see
our path in a clear light with no distortions.

Although the whale is lumbering and large,
it is calm and gentle in the water.
As a water creature,
it reminds us to make an effort to calm our subconscious minds.

The whale totem is a symbol of a great communicator.
The whale has a remarkable ability to communicate using sound frequencies.
If the whale is your totem you have the natural ability
to communicate easily and effectively.

By observing and being open,
our water totems help us to learn the simpler way in life
and encourage us to think more positively.
Water creatures are playful and remind us 
to live life with an energetic spirit...

by the way, I have posted Part I on the pictures I took while enjoying the gorgeous thanksgiving day! It is like summer visiting us for three days now [link] My Amateur Shots...

and the new song for Mis Canciones [link] I'll Take Care Of You

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Shrunk King

The palace has been searching
For someone has been missing
The Queen has been worried
Thinking he could have been abducted
Not knowing they just shrunk the King!

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt #86
Michale Sowa from "The Little King"
Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid

H A P P Y       T H A N K S G I V I N G      C A N A D A!


It has been a very busy week for me.

Ater having a dental emergency. I was sent to Toront to do some help for my boss' new business downtown. Preparing for the long weekend which is in relation to the Canadian Thanksgiving. And then I went t attend the two day seminar with ACAS - Asian Community for AIDS Services from Friday til Saturday. I will be posting things about the things I learn about HIV/AIDS in the next days. I will just need to review and gather my materials to make sure that I will be giving you out some right information, maybe new to you or maybe vague and hopefully those information might help you.

But today I have to go back to Burlington for the day, so Pat, my reliever can go visit his family in Hamilton for their Thanksgiving Dinner and I will be going back to Toronto to help out tomorrow at the shop and at night, meet my family.

I am praying that may all of you are feeling blessed just like me and is having fun wherever and whatever you are up to.

Btw, summer visited us for three days. It's been warm Friday, and yesterday... And the weather forecast for to day is even better. It's a little bit more warm...

Have a blessed Sunday...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lie... To Keep A Relationship?..

while waiting for the dentist, who by the way for the first time I saw the full face. He is adorable. I thought it was the male receptionist that would be the reason why I need to be looking good everytime I go there; it seems like my Dental Surgeon should be. hahaha...  The first time I went there, Dr. Chris is in his gloves and mask, so I haven't had the opportunity to view his face. But yesterday, since he needs to explain to me what is the procedure; he is in his bare face.

I melt down. Now I am no longer afraid of opening my mouth for him, I am ashamed. He might see things that he wouldn't like. hahaha... Anyways, he is as I was saying adorable. If with the male receptionist, I dropped my white small size underwear, this time, I wanna shut the door and take off my clothes. well?... bwahahaha.... so what they did yesterday was to open the tooth and drain it. and I will be back there on the 18th October so that they can complete the root canal.

back to the main topic...

so while waiting for the gorgeous doctor. I saw this Magazine, but i forgot what is the name, issue Date and who is the writer for this particular thing that got me reading 'til the receptionist called for me.

It says that in a relationship, you should not be a hundred per cent honest to keep it going. I was a little aback on this. As I am always into a 100% honesty when it comes to relationship.

what is the extent of being a little dishonest. does it mean, even if your partner is wearing something that is awefully bad, you will tell, you look great honey? or does it allows you to say, "this food is delicious!" even you are just pushing it down your throat because you don't like it, especially after a long day or hard days work. or does it allow you to say you are just fine after seeing your house is in a mess knowing that he was there all day long.

or does it extends you to being just ok telling your partner that you just walked that is why it took you a long time to come home, when the truth is you have coffee with a friend or a co-worker or meet at ex lover (exaggeration)... or turn off your phone pretending noone is calling and texting you, but the real situation is you are afraid someone might call and he/she hears it. I really don't know what white lies or lies is allowed in a relationship.

In all my relationships. even those who likes me in whatever way, I always say it to whoever I am with. I don't think I need to hide anything especially if I am not doing anything wrong. I always believe that honesty is the best policy as to believing the truth will always prevail and come out. And hiding something is scary. These are the things that I believe in. And I am always a WYSIWYG type of guy...

to be continued later... I have a lunch meeting with a friend before going to my training today. and tomorrow... Love you guys... been so busy this past few days... miss reading your blogs... will do starting next week..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Tuesday was full of surprises...

The Canadian Thanksgiving Day will be this weekend.
I really don't know but my life now is
not giving me any chance to complain,
aside from the failed first "interracial relationship"
as how people and him use to say,
everything is just falling into place.

but nevertheless, even that failed
relationship is one thing that I wanna be thankful of.
for what? the happy moments,
the encouragement and push and eventually
i made it, my US Visa.
the generosity, now whenever I am taking pictures,
which is becoming a big part of my hobby...
I remember you bought me that 4G memory card, LOL!
the love, and even the blog life
that I have now, I owe it to him. Thank you!..

so just as I have been telling you. last Saturday
amidst the fun in Downtown Toronto with Mr. R
and his friend. Something happened to me.
One of my front teeth filling was chipped off
after flossing. I forgot about it and because it's 4 degrees
everyone is making a challenge to eat ice cream.
blag! aw! ohhh! I cannot explain how painful
it was. My iPad was so friendly, google a dental clinic
and saw one, emailed and the doctor replied and called
me and so he was able to assist me in getting some
prescription from the closest Pharmacy using the phone.
and Thank you for that too. He even offered to do me
a root canal by only paying the materials he will be
using and some services including xray for a very low low
price than the prevailing price here in Canada. Maybe a 60% off.

And meeting some more friends, who are very warm,
kindhearted and you know the feeling that we just
click right there and there. is something that I have to be
thankful off too. And the three acquaintances I met at
Woody's on Sunday night too. just great! with a swollen face...

So when I went home to Burlington to check on my boss,
and did the closing of the pool, I just saw how the old man
appreciates my just being there. He said, I keep on amazing
him how smart and handy I am. That's my first time to do it, but a little
research on the internet, I made it. Of course through the
physical help of my co-worker, Pat. And that adds to what
I need to be thankful of. And my boss offered to lend me the
money to pay the dentist on a salary deductions of $25/paycheck;
which is every 2 weeks. Isn't that Great. Thanks Boss!

 Just this morning, as I went up to have my breakfast,
my lady boss (daughter of the old man), to whom I am doing
some house managing as how she describes it. saw how aweful
I look. My right cheek is still swollen. She just say, on a higher
pitch than her usual, - JJ, what happened to you? You got an
accident, or somebody hit you? The sound that she is worrying
like my mom. And so I told her about what happened. Without
any word at all. she called her husband, which by the way is
a Doctor. and ask him to call a colleague which is A Dental Surgeon,
in the name of Dr. C. V. Rosenbach, and set an appointment with me.
next thing I knew, the receptionist from the Dental Clinic is calling
my phone and telling me that Dr. Chris will see me at 11am.
My Gosh! I feel like an emergency case here. And I told my Lady
Boss that I don't have the money for it. The sound of the title "Dental
Surgeon" seems to be expensive. She just wave her hand and say
we'll talk about it later, just do what I say and fix this problem. She even woke
up her daughter to drive me to the appointment. Oh my!
She was even a little upset that I did not call or message her
that Saturday night that I am already in great pain. I am so touched!
to be treated as a person is already good. But to be considered
human - is a great thing. I may say, of all the job that I did,
being with this employer is the only job that I can never have
any complain... have you have one like that?
Another big thank you!

So off I went to the appointment. The receptionist is already expecting
me. And as soon as I came in the clinic, the word was, here is the
best guy that Dr.... was telling us, and must be treated nicely. He even
came out of his desk and introduced himself to me. I was so
moved that this family gives high regard of my work for them. and me
as a person. They ask me to fill out some documents and
a lady came to assist me and do the Xrays. I'm still a little apprehended
because I know this is gonna cost me money, big money. but I have             
to have it done. After the xray, the lady who did it ushered me to the
cubicle where Dr. Chris will do whatever... LOL! while waiting, she is
asking me, what do I do for the Dr and my Lady Boss... I told her that
I manages their home. and she was speechless. So I told her specifically
what I do. as in everything. including the Dr's clothes. The doctor has
a reputation on clothes, his father was one of the best haberdasher of
Toronto. So very particular in the care of clothes, and I passed it.
and slowly, she is getting interested in me.  I even told her, what I do for
this couple and the father is not a job to me. This is just like following
my mother's order, house rules and I get paid. Taking care of elder
also is not a chore or job or work. We keep our elders at home and take care
of them 'til their last day on earth. and then Dr. Chris came...
So the Doctor, confirmed that a root canal
must be done. But to my surprise not only one tooth but two. Now I am
shaking. If I cannot afford one, what will the sound of two be? DEATH!

After, the assessment, the doctor left and the assistant is going to explain to me
what will be done in the series of appointment and the estimate of the cost.
truly it is DEATH! hahaha... and that appointment alone is less than a hundred.
for people who are earning much, probably it's ok but for someone like me,
[google how caregivers in canada earn?, i am shy to say the figure] it is too
much... but what do can I do, this needs to be done. So off we go to the
receptionist and cashier to do the appointment for the first session on Thursday
at 10:30 in the morning and pay? OH MY GOSH, PAY! will my credit
card work here? hehehe...

I was at all, SPEECHLESS and SHOCKED and literally a TEAR FALL off
my eyes. when the cashier told me as I am opening my wallet; "Oh no! you
don't need to pay, everything will be handled by your boss." and a note was
given to me, it's a note from my Dr Boss, written "don't worry about the money, it
is just my way of saying thank you for making my household happy, worry free and
organize." That was the greatest thing I have ever heard someone told me.
A thank you is not enough for that...

And about my family. Nothing to complain. The Lord is keeping each and
everyone HEALTHY especially my mother.

and last and not the least, the invitation from another Poetry Prompt.
As you all know, my blogging at the start is not really to be known. It was
my desperate move to get my "Honey's attention!" i cannot say it didn't
work but it did not serve the purpose. he won't even make a comment on
some post that I thought is good. And then, slowly followers are increasing,
then the comments are pouring in, that is so encouraging. and having friends
all over the world. It is just amazing. I know that the limitation I have
to the English language would surely keep me from posting, high sounding
words of poetry, but I just knew that my honesty, sincerity and my plain
me is what people love about my posts. And that is what I am gonna be.
So for that invitation from Bubble Books [link], thank you very much...
the icons that you gave me will soon be posted permanently on my blog.
I just need to do some editing. Thank you very much!


*     *     *     *     *     *     *      *      *      *      *
pictures I took secretly at the Dental Clinic.
As you know I am documenting every
thing that is happening to me here in Canada.
What do we know, maybe one of these days
I will walk the red carpet of
"Canada's Walk of Fame" '
for the best House Manager/Housekeeper
or with your help the "Best Blogger!" hahahaha....
 can you see the swelling? 
that's better than what it looks last sat evening
and sunday morning...

 oh! isn't the male receptionist cute..
I tried to look better even in pain
upon seeing him. hahaha!...
I thought I dropped my new small size underwear... bwahahaha!...
 she did the xray and she is sweet, warm and kind!
an instant friend...
 one of the names listed is my 
doctor boss' name. 
 who never knew. that doctor might be me also... 
i dont even know what those name extensions are... hahaha...
and Dr. C. Von Rosenbach will do my treatment....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Wild JJ Night that was!..

very hard headed, stubborn, crazy JJ.
The doctor advised me not to drink
anything with alcohol because of the
meds (antibiotics) that he prescribe for me
for 10 days before he can attend to me
and do root canal. which by the way
was 60% off the price.
That is why I am very thankful of him.

So I was not able to hold
on to grabbing  bottle of beer.
and meeting these three wonderful gentlemen,
2 Canadians who are residing in the US for work
 (i hope i got it right it.)
and a german guy,
who does got a lot of questions. unending. LOL!
I was even tempted to have 2 glasses of white wine
which is suggested to us by the lovely Diana,
our server for that night.

So JJ made a one terrible wild night. hahaha!... It's fun though. Who cares! mom is not around to scold me anyway.

and as I have promised I will be
posting my recent pics.
My facial hair pics... hahaha...
I am not gonna scare you
guys don't worry...

And now back to work for a couple of days
here in Burlington, then back again to
the city. I will be attending a two day seminar
for the new volunteers for ACAS.

Hoping to meet new friends and acquaintances
there. And hopefully it will be fun.

and today, we did another new thing
for my boss and he is delighted.
We were able to close the pool.
I never knew such thing is very complicated. LOL!
Chemicals. the pump, the whatever it is that we need to take out and cover. Everything about it. But as I have said, we did it. Another knowledge for the skinny JJ. hahaha... I am gaining weight now. true! i need to go back to 125-130lbs. put on some cheek. and some love handles. hahaha...

HAVE A GREAT WEEK AHEAD FELLOW BLOGGERS! remember, if you feel that nobody cares about you, just close your eyes and think that the insane guy in Burlington cares about you. Send me a message and I will reply ASAP. And if you are going through something, tell me and I will include you in my prayers. God bless!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why elephants can't have wings

It would surely be awesome
If elephants have wings
... It will be a delight.

And the thought
That we can ride
On their backs and
See places...
It's fun!..

But you know why elephants
Can't have wings?

What if in accidentally
Landed on your roof?
Or at you...

It will never be funny at all...

For Magpie Tales Photo Prompt #85
Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid

PS. I just want to thank DR. HISHAM KALOTI, for all the assistance that he extended to me yesterday for my dental emergency. Never met him in person; just on the phone but no doubt about his kindness and he is so accommodating and helpful. The dental clinic is located at #2100 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada suite #203!

Blessed Sunday everyone! Love you all...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Opening Salvo...

Because the house is in a nice heating and cooling sytem, you can even strip or be naked inside. So when i woke up this morning and get the newspaper... Holy smoke! Biting cold... So i went in and check out the weather, oh my! Its 6deg in the morning, 4 deg in the afternoon and 4 deg with scattered rainshower in toronto at night.

Oh my oh my! What's all the planning for my wardrobe. Hahaha... Mr. R's friends are going to meet me tonight, I wanna make a good impression. Not just because I don't want to disappoint Mr. R after making good stories about me to his friends but because I want to present myself nicely. For sure Mr. R, himself will be shocked to see me with facial hair. Hahaha. I grew my mustache and beard. He told me the last time that i'm too neat. So let's make it a little dirty. LOL! And he loves my perfume. Hmmm.. He's sniffing me...

Will post pics tomorrow of how I look with facial hair and shots about the festival...

Besides, it's gonna be fun. There is another festivity happening in downtown Toronto - scotiabank NUIT BLANCHE! It is happening from 6:59pm to sunrise. Yonge street from Wellesley to Queen is close and from that point down to Queen west. Food, drinks, music, dancing, arts... It's all there... Hope I dont make myself a mess...

By the way, on my to Toronto got a message from my boss asking for some instructions on how our hi-tech sound system works. And after the exchanges of messages, she texted me... Oh JJ! I miss you when you're not here... Texted her back... That's good. I want you all to be dependent to me... Means security of tenure... She called and we all laughed... Hahaha... The system actually is new because they have it upgraded so i can listen to fm and am station from the Philippines. I just love them...

To be continued... Love you blog friends, readers and commentors... Continue enjoying life... Hope my new wardrobe will be good enough. LOL!..

We Are The Reason...

I am suppose to just post this on my 
Mis Canciones Blog 
but I decided to share it here too. 
I just was so moved by the video, 
the lyrics and the voices...

Anyway, I think this could be
a good follow for the post 
that I made yesterday.


for lyrics... see Mis Canciones...