Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Center Island, Toronto, Ontario, CA

here are some of the pics i got for my weekend escapade...


adding the new 7 friends i got over the weekend, OMG! got 1,142 friends on FACEBOOK!...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Series Of Text Messages...

What a day it was yesterday. My interview with the guy from the performing arts center was great. I think I made a good one in there. It seems to be like just a friendly conversation. He is so warm and so accommodating. It lasted for about 2 hours because he gave me a tour of the place. I am actually used to theaters because I was part of it for a long time back home. But of course I just need to behave myself and casually give him impressions that I know what I am getting myself into. And I think he is satisfied wit my answers and my attitude.

We ended up with the talked about what work he intend to give me. he will assign me to be at the back to help out with whatever. And I am happy with it. At least I will have the chance to see how they prepare for every show they do and I can assess myself if I am still up for it or just be happy to be off stage.

So I left the place and have my new friend dropped me off at eaton center and he went back to work. At 6pm. I got a text message from this friend asking me if I have plans for dinner. I said none. He told me if I can join them for dinner. I said it's too much already. Besides with all the help he gave me I am suppose to be the one treating him for dinner and I cannot afford it. With the kind of person he is I'm sure he will not go with the regular fast-food or cheap diner I am used to grab my meals. But he insisted. And he told me that his friend, the one who Interviewed me wants to see me again. OMG! Why, I asked. He said, my friend have the best interview for years. I laughed and laughed hardly. He asked me why, I said what? That doesn't seem fair. If they want to treat me out, they don't need to flatter me. But he continued telling me this - my friend said you are even better than those who are applying for work. That made me laugh really. Because I am there seeking for a volunteer job just to keep myself busy. Anyways, with all of this good words, I said ok and yes, I'll join you for dinner.

The dinner was good. In a restaurant that I thought I am not properly dressed up. They even have to lend me a coat. the conversation over dinner went ok and we have two glasses of wine before they dropped me off to the place I am staying. They told me they love the simplicity i got. Simple dreams, simple steps and very positive outlook. Never heard something like that for years. In my mind, i said to myself, yeah i know, because all i can hear from people i have been meeting are complains about work, life, and so on and so forth.

Oh gosh! Just for these past three days I made 7 wonderful people. I guess my Pareng Hank (kaykuala) was right. When you have good thoughts you seems to attract more positive things.

At 11pm, got another text message from a friend that I have been avoiding for at least six months. I was so embarrassed to reply at first but when he told me on his last message that he needs someone to talk to and he remembers how I give him advises - painful but truthful; he just thought of seeing me. Oh my! Doesnt this friend knew that I, myself having problems for weeks and I am just pulling myself up again. LOL! By the way nobody knew about what I have been through because I did not tell anyone about it. Except the doctor and the counsellor I met las week and you... Yes you! You knew who you are... Need to see a doctor because when i am depress i can stand weeks with no food. And i know it is not right.

Anyway, sure I told him, where are you? And I'll see yo there. I was then just walking the famous church street of Toronto. He told me he is at home so off I go.

As soon as I arrived at his place, I knew something is wrong. This guy is just like me - clean and tidy freak. Seeing his apartment in a mess means something. I made the usual jokes just to perk him up but it never helped. He just started to cry and I cannot understand what he is telling me. I told him, ok you better cry first while i'll try my best to clean your place and when you are ready to talk better, we will start our counselling. WOW! What a line... That lasted 15minutes. Oh my! I thought it wont stop. But I can really feel how devastated and affected he was.

Then when he started talking, I was shocked and told him, " wait wait wait wait wait, STOP!" with my five fingers widely open in front of my face directly looking at him. he was shocked of my reaction. And asked me "why?". Told him are you sure you are the one talking and not me? He said, hell yeah! So I told him continue. And I just felt awfully sad to hear his stories. This is just like my story. He found out that his boyfriend is leaving with his supposedly housemate yet the truth is, there is something going on with them. Stop listening JJ is what I am telling myself, i dont want to refresh the things that i have been trying to let go for the last three weeks. But on and on he goes to tell me everything. And that the housemate of his bf has a regular bf who comes and stay at their house on weekends during the other guys days off. Why life can be so complicated? I laughed and he asked me why am I laughing. I don't know what to tell him.

Knowing that this guy is brilliant and smart, I ended up asking him, so what is your plan? He told me, he is confused. I ended up telling him, I dont agree with people making decisions when they are still angry, confused and full of hatred. Decisions will always be wrong no matter what. Get back, pull yourself up first then, when you feel better and ready to face the truth and make a wise decision, then do it. But I know it's gonna be hard for him. I know how it feels. I have been there and still am but need to face the truth and set priorities.

I stayed with him the whole night just to make him feel that he is not alone as how people in this situation always feel. I have been like that for 3 weeks.

I woke up as usual at 6am. And saw a message on my phone. It's from my lady boss. They knew I'm a morning person. She told me that late last night they have decided that because of my year of good service to them, they decided to give me something. But they want to discuss it with me further. If I can be back early for work this week, so we can have time to sit down and discuss it. I am curious about what it is and send her a reply, what is it? And told them that being treated like a family and having all these luxury that they are generously giving me is enough. No need for more.

She replied, oh no! This is something that will make everyone happy. If you will agree on this, it is not you we are making happy, it is us that you are making happy. Is that grammar right? Anyways, I knew you understand. Hehehe... So Curious and puzzled as I was I said yeah I'll be there very early.

Oh my, the word thank you is not enough to express how thankful I am for whatever is happening in my life. I never thought that these would really happen to me. It seems like starting the next days off I have, I will be very very busy. Hope I still have time to blog. Hahaha...

For everyone that keeps visiting and reading my posts, God bless you! And rest assured that you are all in my prayers. The only thing that I'm not lucky yet is to win the Lottery and if I do, you will all benefit from it. We will have a blog friends reunion, and it will be on me... Yehey!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Something good happened... Part 2

At around 8pm. Dr. ole sent me a message if I could join them for dinner and of course I said yes... Hahaha... Free dinner again. With my very limited budget that's a good one. So we went to a restaurant at church street and it is there that we are going to spend the night anyway. Dinner was good.

Oh! It seems like things is not stopping. I got a call from the salsa bar that I signed up with starting September and they were asking if I can be there even just for a couple of hours. They have a guest that have no partner and they would greatly appreciate it if I can come. Guess why? The guess is Chinese and barely speaks English. Did I mentioned, I speak a little mandarin. Learned it by myself when I stayed in Taipei, Taiwan for nearly five years. So I told my new friends that I have a 2 hour job for the night. And if it's just alright with them. I will bring them to the bar that I usually go and meet them their again after 2 hours.

But instead, they insisted to see me dance. Called the dance club if they can come with me. And they approved it. S off we go to the dance club.

Modesty aside I think I have satisfactorily performed for my guest that night. Got a big tip I never thought. Plus the two hours dance fee. Earned something. I think I can really make money of this hobby. When I told my friends that we are to leave and that I am done. Michael the other guy told me they have fun watching me dance. I do it with passion. Of course that's my first love.don't let me hear music, whatever music; and you will see me either humming the tune, or shaking my head, hands and feet. Or shake my booty.... Hehehe... We wanted t stay more but of we will then we will not have time to talk because I'll be on the dance flor most of the time, that's what I thought so I insisted that we go back to church street.

As usual, the bar is full. But we were lucky that there's an empty table with three seats on. You know what, I really having a hard time appreciating pformers who are lip-synching. Back home in the Philippines if you are going to do it nobody will watch you. Sorry! I don't mean to be sarcastic but one thing these performers and bars should set a new level of performance by adding some live ones. Where we can hear true voices.

Anyways, we had Fun merely by having each others company. We went home around 3am after eating pizza in a restaurant nearby.

And today, I will take all the rest and sleep. Canhave before meeting Mr. Proper who will introduce me t the guy who works for the performing arts center. I hope he'll like me and book me immediately for my volunteer job there. I am looking forward for it. If this will happen, oh I am truly back to where I used to be. Back t the JJ I know 7 years ago.

Have fun my friends. I believe doing what you truly loves irregradless of the amount of money you will get (is that right?) for a hobby or extra income, is fun! And it is very rewarding.

Have a great week ahead! I can't wait to get back to work on Wednesday afternoon to update my boss of what happened to me since Saturday.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Something good happened!

Funny that las Saturday I am already set-up to leave until I got a call from an unknown number while I am in the middle of my driving lesson exam which by the way I got a perfect score again. First time in the history of my driving school. S I was given 5 more hours of driving bonus. Yehey! I texted the number if they can wait til I'm done.

It was somebody from California who is in New York city visiting but because of the hurricane that they and decided to go to Toronto instead. He is a fan of lyle lovett and will visit a friend in canandaigua. Where did he get my number, on my ad at one website sellng my ticket for the concert. Oh! Sigh of relief. And so I was able to sell it. Good! But how will the payment be. This is a matter of trust and honesty. He gave me his hotel name and room number in Toronto and told me to meet him there this morning. So I emailed him the receipt and the e-tickets I got.

Off I went to Pickering to meet some of my friends who are having a barbecue party. And oh my I have a great fun there... A lot of vintages! Hahaha! I love vintages...

So as early as 7am I left Pickering and went to the hotel in Toronto where he told me I will met him so he can pay me. I was impressed of how this guy look. He is as well dressed as Lyle Lovett... Hahaha... Nice introduction and what a warm shake hands. He invited me for a coffee at the hotel lobby at York Avenue. Coffee! I'm not gonna say no. He is well mannered and very articulate. And he say the words like Michael Buble, what a pair of sexy lips. Huh! On an early Sunday morning.

He handed me an envelope which I knew contains the money so I get it. Hehehe... But before I can open my mouth to say I'm leaving, he was quick to ask me if I have something to do for the day. And so I said none. He said he and his friend will be delighted if I can join them for the day. By the way, he is a Norwegian (is this right? Sorry my friend i am not as smart as your fans... Hahaha.. Just joking!) Doctor based in Los Angeles, California. He even gave me his business card. Dr. ole!

So I ended up having breakfast with him while we are waiting for his friend to come down. As soon as he is there, dr. Ole ask me if I can just leave my bag in their hotel rooms we can proceed. Proceed where - the center island of toronto. Yehey!

We stayed there til 3pm and went back to Toronto. We went to see busker festival at front street. Stayed there til 5pm. And so we go home...

I went to get my bag and left off...

To be continued... For sure while you are reading this. We are already having beer at my favorite bar...

Btw/ps: I just thought after doing everything and feeling like I failed and because of that I have decided to start all over again, and see where I went wrong and avoid it again, I decided to create another blog... Another blog? Hehehe... This will contain evaluation of my first 14 months in Canada. I will post/log in the places I went to, people I met, and exchanges of text And email messages I receive and sent everyday, all of it. But this might be for invited readers only... This is now truly my daily diary...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

another big day!

I thought I am over with so much activities and of "go here" and "go there" thing! Not yet, unless there is a miracle before 11am tomorrow. LOL!

I am prepared anyway. I don't know what to wear. Yes! I am not a light traveller. I make sure I have my complete wardrobe when travelling. LOL! It's like I'm going for a runway show.

I tried watching Lyle Lovett in "youtube" today and see him as a very well dressed man. I admire him in that sense by the way. Being from texas (because of my limited knowledge, sorry!) I was thinking of him being on a cowboy attire. tight jeans, cowboy hat and a horse.. just kidding. I love cowboys anyway. They're sexy and hot... hehehe... 

The problem is, I need to be back early in the morning of monday straight to Toronto because I have an appointment with the man I met in Toronto last Monday and he will personally introduce me to his friend. 

This is the story. Accidentally while I am having a beer in my favorite bar in Toronto, the man seated beside me overheard me calling a friend. I called a friend to ask him if he knew anybody who works in any performing arts center and maybe they know if I can volunteer. I need an interactive job even without pay. LOL! 

And since performing arts, either on and off the stage is what I love to do since I was young, as a therapy to my aching heart (that time, I am fine now!); I thought it would be best. As soon as I hang up my phone. The man approached me and excuse himself before telling me he slightly listened to my conversation. I just looked at him and smile. Anyway, I am delighted because he is well dressed, impressive; he is not Lyle Lovett though, hahaha! well mannered (listening to other's conversation) and well poised. Elegance is what you will first noticed. And the framed smile on the face (as if an airline crew).  

He introduced himself and told me he knew somebody from the performing arts in Toronto, and if I am interested he can introduce me to his friend. Wow! i love it!... to impress me much, he called the friend and set me an appointment and gave me his business card. Unfortunately, I have to report to work so I cannot make it that time or this week. They talk a little more and afterwards he told me that  his friend approved for a monday appointment. Yehey!

wait wait wait... i'm lost... I jumped to that... I still have my driving school from 8am to 12noon. the train leaves at 12:30 the concert is at 7pm... huh! killing myself. I wanna be busy but not like this... hahaha...

btw, I already signed up for my Salsa Dances every thursdays and Sundays in Downtown Toronto...  Dancing is my first love... This is the start of a new life. This is the JJ I know. and suppose to be watching Barry Manilow tonight with my cousin and my sister. unfortunately I have to cover for Pat because he is covering for me tomorrow... 

Happy weekend my friends!

BTW, PRAYING THAT IRENE DID NOT MAKE A BIG DISASTER IN NY & NJ. I have cousins and friends there. Visiting them in the next months before the snow falls... 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friend's Quote on Facebook!..

Doc Joel Junio

Each morning when I open my eyes 
I say to myself: 

I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.

I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. 

I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. good morning ...

I just thought of posting this after seeing
at Dr. Joel's facebook page...

That was right we have the options.

so I chose to be happy...

and happy it will be...
we need to breath anyway!...

Vince Pe Rodriguez

I'd do anything
Just to hold you in my arms
To try to make you laugh
Cuz somehow I can't put you in the past...

oh my! just got an email this morning. the replacement tickets that is given to me for the concert on saturday cannot be refunded or i lose 50% of the ticket price. guess! i need to see it or hope somebody would buy it. will try to post on ebay or CL... if not lucky enough, then i have to go... my post will change from selling to somebody wanna watch it with me? LOL!...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's The Use Of...

After what happened last night I just thought of what's the use of keeping hatred and anger inside me.

Everyday, Monday to Friday whenever I am with my boss, he would love to sit with at the family room and we will watch the news before watching "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy". With the first one, yeah! Modesty aside I am good at it that why my boss loves to join me. With the second one, probably ten out of the soooo many questions is what I can get. LOL!

Anyways, let's go back go the news. There is an advisory that The Weather Bureau of Ontario is suspecting a Tornado. OMG! I am not used to this, I am only used to hear that there is a typhoon warning - 1, 2, 3 and 4! Very true that when I was walking with Leonardo from downtown to home, we can really feel that the winds quite different. But I just don't mind it. It's so warm anyway. A little wind or air in any form will be good. Btw, Leonardo is our golden retriever at home. Not a new catch! LOL!

So when my boss is giving me instructions on things to prepare, I just stare at him listening carefully. Although, honestly I am not taking it seriously because all I can see are the trees being blown away and the whooos sound of the wind. Until we finally ended the Jeopardy show. He went upstairs to his bed and watch the news there. Monitoring what is happening. While I am doing my clean up downstairs. Btw, I don't use dishwashers, I love doing it manually.

When I am finally over with my tasks and bring him his nighttime meds, he was already telling me that he heard that everyone is being advised to take cover. He told me, "we are not going to the basement, we will stay here. We just need to pray that it will not pass this way. And if it did the Lord will protect us. He is very religious. Aside from he has problems going down and climbing stairs, that is why he had his ride on the stairs. But he is very much able. So I said to myself this is serious.

Just as I am done giving him his meds and went down. Thunders and lightning started. The wind blows heavier this time. And it scared me. Now I said "this is serious!"

So I made sure that what he told me is prepared. First on the list are the following: matches or lighters, candles and flashlights. Just as I went up. The lights went off. And the situation is becoming worse.

At this time, having my boss upstairs I cannot just take cover at e basement and tie myself on the post. I need to stay with him. And although I am scared, I stayed calm and make him believe that if truly we will be hit, I am there for him. Making him feel secure and good.

So off he went to bed and me in my room.

At that instant, I grab my phone and send messages to all my love ones. Telling them that where I am is where the weather bureau is telling that the tornado is suspected to pass by. And that I love them and pray. Not only for me but for everyone.

What's the use of keeping hatred and anger at this point in time or any point in life by the way. Recently I have been on the rocks with the person that I love the most. I know we both have sides of the story. We both have our own self to protect, may it be personal, physical or emotional.

So I grab my phone, and send him a message telling him what is happening and that I am scared and if there is bad coming my way, that he must always remember I LOVE HIM! And that is true not just because of the danger of the Tornado. And wished that he hopefully not experiencing the same.

I put down my cellphone and I started praying for everyone including him.

Ones again, I realized that keeping hatred and pain inside us is not a good thing. We put ourselves in a very uncompromising situation. We cannot go on, why? because we are still holding on to something negative. As I have mentioned above, in a relationship, when two parties have misunderstandings, fights or doubts. both have their own story and defense to protect themselves. That's human nature. And If both or one of the parties will not set aside their/his EGO and PRIDE and be humble to accept that one way or another he/she have contributed to the misunderstanding then there will be no peace and reconciliation.

Anyway, I thank the Lord that nothing happened to me and my boss. Call for your guardian angel on times like this as I did... They are not only for kids, they service young and old. Believe me on that!

And hopefully no so much damage. And no so much harm...

I woke up very lighthearted knowing that I freed myself from all negativity.

I know you feel that I harmed you, wronged you or disappointed you; I feel the same and a lot more... Humbly I am asking for your compassion and forgiveness. but with me, you don't need to ask me for apology. You know why? I have given it to you the first time I told you I love you!..

I love you and love you all my friends...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Day To Say Thank You!..

I am dedicating this day to thank everyone who have been part of my blogging.

Honestly, when I did my blog, I am not thinking of anything except just making it somewhat like a daily diary. To document everything that I am doing, going and thinking as well as done, went and thought. And to get someone's attention. LOL!

Until, I am slowly getting comments. I started with noone making a comment. At the start, I comment on my own posts. Hahaha! But it is alright with me because as I have said this blog is suppose to be just like a diary and to get my special someone's attention. And then, from one follower to now THIRTY!.. Imagine that!...

For someone like me who is not a poet, a writer, a photographer, a fashion guru, a dietitian and so on and so forth, having you wonderful people as part of this blog makes me feel special and loved and liked. That is why after my blog friend "Rick Watson" gave me an award yesterday, I am making this day as my "THANK YOU" Day!

I am suppose to say 7 things about myself, so here it is:

     1. I am from Roxas, Palawan, Philippines.
     2. I am single, never married and looking forward to getting
         married... where are you?..
     3. I belong to a large family of 8 siblings, 5 boys & 3 girls. I am
         the 5th. I have a very wonderful stepfather and a stepsister.
     4. After the Philippines, I went to Taipei, Taiwan as a Nursing Home Caregiver
         with which I have learned the beauty beyond sagging skin and wrinkled face...
         very rewarding...
     5. And I am blessed to come to Canada to work as a personal caregiver
         to a wonderful man with a wonderful family.
     6. I am soooo blessed except for one...
     7. A lifetime partner, which I am working on... LOL!

Ok there you go!

Now I want to make mention of 7 wonderful people
who have been part of my inspiration in continuing
this blog as I almost surrender... hehehe!..
and to make mention of my particular posts
that they have made a comment that I cherish the most!
And my Personal Awardees are;
except for Rick Watson...

1. Suz, the blog friend I call my Fairy Blog Sister;  
            for his comments on "In Memory Of 
            Gabriel R. Rodriguez Sr.", 
            "Yesterday" & "Wish I Could Be"

2. R. Burnett Baker; 
            for his comments on my posts
            "Wish I Could Be"  & "This Is Me!"

3. chiccoreal; for her 
            comments on "Self Searching" & "Wish I Could Be"

4. Helen; 
             for her comment on "Kulay at Pintura"

5. li; for her comments on 
              "Abluftventilator" & "Yesterday"

6. Kelvin/WINDOW LAD; 
              for his comments on "Abluftventilator" & 
              "a shell... a life..."

7. kaykuala, My Pare on Blog World. 
              (Pare means the godfather to your child 
              or eitherways for Filipinos) 

I also want to thank the 29 Followers that I have here:

  1. Poetry Is My Sunshine
  2. ROBERT Brooker
  3. Justin S.
  4. The Purple Treehouse
  5. Manasi Diwakar
  6. Suz -
  7. Ronjoe 'Geezer' -
  8. il-Pejxu -
  9. Sean -
10. chiccoreal -
11. Makii -
12. Tess Kincaid -
13. the.island.guy -
14. li -
15. Cristina - my senior high school english teacher at
       Holy Trinity University, Palawan, Phils.
16. Aris -
17. Rick Watson aka Life101 -
18. Corey -
19. Mooderino -
20. R. Burnett Baker -
21. ron.angitawagmosaakin -
22. kaykuala -
23. James Deagle -
24. Kristen Haskel
25. Lena -
26. Paul Lawson
27. Itin -
28. SPLICE -
29. Michael Offutt -

And not to forget the 5 friends I have with my 
Mis Canciones blog!..

1. Rick Watson aka Life 101
3. julien hakym -
4. Lizzy Frizzfrock -
5. R. Burnett Baker

And to hug all those who have been commenting on my posts.
You guys are making my daily life happy.
Putting a smile on my face.

> Rick Watson aka Life 101          > the green breaker
> Brian Miller                              
> moonduster                                 > kaykuala
> Mystic_Mom                              > Gaurang Rao
> thingy                                         > chiccoreal
> Old Ollie                                     > mots
> Kathe W.                                    > li
> Erratic Thoughts                         > Vicki Lane
> Lena                                            > Suz
> Sean                                            > Friko
> Henry Clemmons                        > Mama Zen
> Berowne                                     > Nanka
> Kristen Haskell                           > Reflections
> forgetmenot                                 > Pat Hatt
> T.O. Geezer                                > Aris
> Kay L. Davies                             > the island guy
> Bee's Blog                                   > Morning
> Trelissimo                                    > HyperCRYPTICal
> Tumblewords                               > Lolamouse
> Gary Betts                                    > mindlovermisery
> anonymous, i guess this is my friend CHONA GARCIA
> Isabel Doyle                                 > Jingle
> Louise                                          > Sioux
> Jim Swindle                                 > Margaret
> another anonymous from my home province for sure
> Tess Kincaid                                > Arian Tejano
> tim                                                > Kelvin, WINDOW LAD             

and now off to wherever to celebrate... ajax? scarborough? Toronto? cross the border? 
as long as there is fun, there I go... LOL!

Happy blogging my friends!


"pictures are not mine. got them from google."

A Token Of Appreciation

last night before I went to bed, I check out my emails and blogs, to see what's happening. One email said that one comment needs my moderation for my post entitled From Scarborough, to Barrie and back to Toronto. When I checked the contents of it, I just saw this:

Life 101 has left a new comment on you post "from Scarborough to Barrie and back to Toronto..."

Hey JJ, I'm not very good at blog awards, but I chose to give an award to you.

Posted by Life 101 to Me daily on August 23, 2011 6:22 PM

Oh! this means a lot to me. I never expected that at all. He has been so good in appreciating everything that I post on this blog whether it's a picture, a take on Magpie Tales, or even just a simple post and when I am a little sad or down, he would give me advises.

You deserve to be given the award and appreciation, sir Rick!

Maraming Maraming Salamat po (Thank you very very much!)
God bless you and Jilda for your goodness...

Blog: Life 101
          by Rick Watson


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
pictures for you sir.
when i took these pics a week ago,
I just thought that,
maybe the surrounding for me is dark for now
as I am feeling low.
but I know that just like the setting sun,
it will come again the next day
to brighten my day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

from Scarborough to Barrie and back to Toronto...

as a treat after my cousin invited me for dinner last Saturday, Jay and Maribel, took me for a ride to Barrie. First we picked up Bhel's friend Lorena, who just arrived from the Philippines three weeks ago and we went out to the Centennial Park in Barrie...

btw, wasn't able to push for my trip to cross the border the second time. after my sister saw my post that I will, she phoned her sister-in-law to picked me up after my driving school. When i called my cousin wednesday night and learned that I am a little down, she had arranged for me to go to the party to meet some of our friends and relatives.

anyways, here are some of the photos i got from that road trip to Barrie, Ontario, Canada