Friday, September 30, 2011


As I am planning for my forthcoming home visit next year. I decided that aside from the one that I am currently saving on my existing account, I might as well open another account with another bank that would automatically take a portion of my small salary every two weeks and I will have it in a Savings Passbook instead of using an bank card. So that it will not be an easy access to me. Does this mean I am admitting that I don't have control in spending. hahaha...

Anyways, so I go to the bank this afternoon. As soon as I went in, there are two bank staff in the reception area, one male and one female and they are busy talking to each other, never minding me standing right in front of them. I was annoyed. Do I have to wait for this other lady to come closer so I can ask her if she works for the bank. And so she is. Told her if who do I need to see for me to open a Savings Account. She told me she would look if there is one available and ask me to be seated and she will be back. The two other staff are still busy talking nonsense.

While seated, there are coming and going of bank staff that are just talking about whatever and not about work for I can hear it clearly. Too annoying. Nobody can assist me but what the (sorry for the word) hell! are these staff doing. The lady did not come back. It is already about thirty minutes and I am really getting "annoyed to the max", giving these people look that shows I am getting irritated but it seems like they are not bothered or cared about me. Maybe I am not worth anything to them.

Until a lady came out of the small cubicles which by my own assessment is probably one of the officers of the bank. I gave her a look that for sure caught her attention. So she came and introduced herself and ask me if I am waiting for someone. I gave her a look and a fake smile , and said yes I am waiting for someone to come back and tell me if there is somebody who can help me. It seems like everybody is busy, (glancing at then two now four staff standing at the reception area talking and laughing) that I was left out waiting here not knowing if I can be attended to.

She immediately apologizes and ask me what I am there for. I told her that I want to open an account. A Savings Account. She asked me to go with her in her office and she will do it for me. Seeing her nameplate, I automatically told her, "Oh no maam. I am not here for a big account. I am just here to set aside a portion of my little salary to guarantee me of money for airfare and pocket money for my visit to the Philippines next year." Her eyes grow big with delight and told me, "the more that I want to help you set this account."

So we went in her office. The name plate was confirmed by the plate on her door and her desk. Senior Account Officer. She had all the docs prepared and ask me for my Identification Cards. I handed her my Passport and Driver's License. While doing so, she was asking me, rather interviewing me. What my job is, who I am working for, When did i come to Canada, and so and so forth. The conversation became more friendly and on we go to how life is back in the Philippines and ho do I compare it to my life here.

Of course, I told her about my future plans. How simple it is and how am I working on it. (please refer to my previous post, hahahaha)... She is listening to me attentively. With her casual nods and yes and you're right. She then let me sign some documents and while I am doing so, she told me. You know what, I think I have to introduce you to my children. It seems like my children does not appreciate what they have and they are not looking forward for a happy, simple life ahead. They will for sure learn something from you. She even showed me their pictures. And seeing them, I think I would go for it. They are adorable... hehehe...

She took my number and email address. I even gave her my blog.. told her you will learn about how crazy I am by reading some of my post. How I kill people, how I eat them and how I stalked ex-bf. Ad she laughed. We laughed together...

The account was set-up. And she told me, I probably have a good credit record for my being here for 15 months and I ask her why she said so. She showed me some figures written on the papers that she is handling me while saying - she these figures, it's higher than the normal rates that we give, maybe your credit rating is good that is why the company is giving you this. You have Visa? I said yes. That is why. Keep it up and you will be good. I just give her a smile and thank you.

Before leaving the her office, she told me. Don't worry JJ, those people outside would surely hear something from me. So off we went to the teller for the initial deposit that I am making. My Lottery winnings. hahaha... just joking.

Her last words after the handshake was, I am very lucky that they did not give you time and I got you. For the last 28 days of this month, I think my conversation with you is the best one. And made me feel lighthearted. Bye JJ! hope you'll take time to meet my sons! There you go..

In my mind I told myself - wasn't that something?...

And on my way home, I pass this church with this sign:

Your self worth 
is way more important that your
Net Worth!...

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Off I go to meeting Mr. R's friends.
Oh by the way,
don't ask for his initials. 
I almost fainted when I got his full name.
exactly the same. 
if only you have access to my facebook,
you'll see it there. hahaha...
Gave me a good laugh. 
he asked why?
I just shook my head and smile.
What a great coincidence.
Even the cars plate number
my initials and add ur family name initial ex-honey...
why?... I don't know... hahaha...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cinnamon... and whatever...

last night after cleaning the dining room and doing the dishes. Oh yes! I love doing the dishes manually. I don't know but I feel like its cleaner when I am doing it myself than having it on the dishwasher. Or probably it is just because I am used to it for we cannot have one, I mean the dishwasher; when we were kids. For one, there is no 24 hour supply of electricity. and two, my parents would surely not gonna buy it having 8 kids, them, cousins who are at home staying as house helps. Its gonna be like 4 times a day for the dishwasher. LOL!

back to the story... so I went up to my room and prepare to take a warm shower. Oh again! I don't mind what weather it is, I make sure that I do shower at least twice a day. One in the morning after breakfast and after doing all the chores. I am a morning person. No matter what time I went to bed I will surely be up by 5:30 - 6am. Right honey? You always ask me what I am doing as early as that. I'm watching you sleep. hahaha... Joking! Or if I have an appointment I do jump in the shower. And again, one before sleeping. I find it hard to sleep if I am not showered. So whenever somebody would come over, I am ready... Well?... LOL!

back to the story... And so I have heard that my boss' girlfriend is going to bake some apple cupcakes for her students. These students are the new comers in Canada. Mostly Chinese, Koreans, Indians and Vietnamese. I once tried to go and enquire if I can also attend school. I know going to classes like that would surely enhance my English Powers. hahaha... So off I went for the interview bringing my credentials as part of the requirements. When I went in, there are three interviewers there. One, very gorgeous lady, ah that smile. She is just stunning. I did not pick her up. She's the girlfriend of my boss. hehehe... The other lady on the left, is s typical teacher. How am I gonna describe her. Plain, no make up. Pile of papers on top of her desk. I did not pick her too. The one in the middle is so charming, nicely dressed and I can hear from 5 meters away how he delivers the line. I said to myself, perfect... I go for that. Yeah! He is handsome...

so on and on, we went for the interview. In some point, I just noticed that he is no longer asking me questions, he is just letting me talk and so on and so forth. Until the time that I observed the two ladies on the side, are looking at me. So I graciously stopped and look at him. The next word that came out of his kissable lips was - you don't need it. So I ask, what is it that I don't need? He replied to be in an English Class. You are okay, the only problem is, you should talk slowly. At that moment, my boss' girlfriend excuse herself and say - see JJ, I told you. your English is ok. But I don't want to stop you from coming here because I know you need someone aside from me to tell you that, to build your confidence. Anyways, it was fun. I ended up having lunch with the three of them. And he is really charming and ow! that perfume. I tried all the perfumes in a scent store but cannot find it...

back to the story... so I went up to my bed and check my "facebook". just wondering maybe there is another message concerning old pics that I have posted. While doing so, I heard my boss saying, "Open the windows and doors. make sure that the exhaust are turned on. And tell him to wear a mask and don't come out of his room." Hearing so, I hurriedly put my clothes back on and as I am to open my bedroom door to check on them downstairs, my boss' girlfriend was on my door telling me. Stay Inside. We were very sorry, we forgot that you are allergic to cinnamon. we are baking some apples and there is cinnamon in it. Oh! what a relief for me that there is no emergency. So I was locked up in my room 'til all the smell downstairs are gone. Oh yes! I am allergic to the smell, it gives me rashes when I have it on my skin and of course if I accidentally eat or drink anything with Cinnamon.

And so I have learned that this is not really rare but not a common thing. Am I making sense on that line. LOL!

btw, how did I learn that I have allergies on Cinnamon. Here it goes? I dated a good chef when I was 26yo. If my deteriorating memory will serve me well. So after the dinner, the drinks on his favorite bar; we went to his place. Oh! he was informed by my very good friend that I am particular about cleanliness at home. So I guess he is to impress me. So Off I go. The house is not as big as my parents house with 6 bedrooms. Remember we are 8 siblings. But it is well kept. I love it when people does not have so much stuff in their homes. When there are a lot of things going on, I don't find it pleasing anymore. Minimalism (is this right/) is what I always love in a house. That every part of the house must only have one focal point. And I love open concept. Not in relationships though... LOL!

back to the story... so after being seated, he offered me coffee. He knew I love coffee. Made a research. Kind of flattering anyway. Wow! I never had a coffee like that. I am used to our locally produced coffee - Kapeng Barako from Batangas. It has cream on top... So I started sipping... minute every minute I can feel like my ears are itchy, my eyes are bulging, my whole being is itchy... hahaha... and to make it worst, I am having dyspnea (shortness of breathing). and before I knew it, off we are to the hospital. Funny thing is... It was not my being in the hospital for "almost to die situation" that people and friends are talking about the next day, but it was dating that guy that they are talking about. Oh! yes... he is a good catch. He became a very popular actor in the Philippines. hahaha... no jokes!

Oh this post just showed I woke up with empty head... Thanks for reading my friends... Love you all! Take care!

btw, it's gonna be an exciting weekend for me. Remember my date? as if anyone cares... LOL! well. received a text from an unknown number introducing herself to be a friend. And since R is always talking about me, they are all curious to meet me. so who I am to say no... I would love to be introduced to friends... it's awesome! so it will fill my weekend...

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I just wanna add this to today's post. Check the blog 
"Food For Our Souls" blog. 
This is what I am reflecting on this week.

One, Actions without Words are confusing.

Two, words proclaims the action.

Three, words without action is meaningless.

Rev. Fr. Val G. R. Rodriguez
on his homily for the 
26th Sunday in ordinary time
September 25, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is the best Facebook Account Wall Post I like!...

Let's take a moment to laugh...

taken from the wall of my friend:


On September 30th, 2011 Facebook
will start charging you for your account.
To avoid this, you MUST get NAKED,
stand on your dining room table
and do the Macarena, all the while singing
”I Will Survive”.
After filming and posting it to your Facebook wall
and YouTube,
then, and only then, will
Mark Zuckerberg
come down your chimney to tell you
that your account will stay free.
Pass it on, it must be true
because someone on Facebook
I hardly know told me ;)

Dulce Amor: I've been sitting in front of my computer naked for quite some time now just to be safe. Since I'm in Wisconsin and it's getting pretty cold out can you tell me when I can get dressed and give up? I don't think Mark will ever make it here unless he's like Santa and can stop time..........................................................

CGL: naaliw ako sobra kasi sa dami ng mga hoax messages about facebook starting to charge for an account. this one is a breather! LOL

Jaypee Fazoli: Mas type ko mag Lambada, pwede bah? EHEHEHEHE Haaaaaay, makapag labada na nga, magkukula pa ako eh AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh facebook... recently you have made me LMAOL!... secrets!... secrets!... two smart new young fellow friends were able to dig out pics that i posted before and the comments were funny... Hahaha...

Btw, my second personal music video is up to my mis canciones blog. Hahahaha... Please it is all for fun.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pinoy True Love Conversation...

got this story from my friend's facebook wall...  

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     * 

Somewhere in Milaor, Camarines Sur, there lived a fourth grader boy who would follow this route to school everyday: He has to cross the rugged plains and cross the dangerous highway where vehicles are recklessly driving to and from.
Once past this highway, the boy would take a short cut, passing by the Church every morning just to say Hi to God, and faithfully say his, "Magandang umaga po" in Bicol dialect. He was faithfully being watched by a Priest who was happy to find innocence so uplifting in the morning,

"Kamusta, Andoy? Papasok ka na?"

"Opo padre ... "he would flash his innocent grin, the priest would be touched. He was so concerned that one day he talked to Andoy."From school...", he advised "Do not cross the highway, you can pass through the Church and I can accompany you to the other side of the road...that way I can see that you are home safe...."

"Thank you father ... "

"Why don't you go home ... why do you stay in this church right after school?"

"I just want to say 'Hi' to my friend, God," and the priest would leave the boy to spend time beside the altar, talking to himself, but the priest was hiding behind the altar to listen to what this boy has to say to his heavenly FATHER.
"You know my math exam was pretty bad today, but I did not cheat although my seatmate is bullying me for notes... I ate one cracker and drank my water, Itay had a bad season and all I can eat is this cracker.
Thank you for this! I saw a poor kitten who was hungry and I know how he feels so I gave my last cracker to him ... funny but I am not that hungry.

Look, this is my last pair of slippers ...I may have to walk barefoot next week, you see this is about to be broken... but it is least I am still going to school.... Some say we will have a hard season this month, some of my classmates have already stopped going to school .... please help them get to school again, please God?

....Oh, you know, Inay hit me again, it is painful, but I know this pain will pass away, at least I still have a mother.... God, you want to see my bruises? I know you can heal them.... Here... here and .... oh ...blood ....I guess you knew about this one huh? Please don't be mad at Inay, she is just tired and she worries for the food in our table and my schooling that is why she hits us....Oh, I think I am in love ... there's this pretty girl in my class, her name is Anita ... do you think she will like me? Anyway, at least I know you will always like me, I don't have to be anybody just to please you, you are my very best friend! Hey your birthday is two days from now!!! Aren't you excited? I am! Wait till you see, I have a gift for you . but it is a surprise! I hope you will like it! Oooops, I have to go ..." then he stood up and calls out, "Padre, padre, I am finished talking to my friend .... youcan accompany me to the other side of the road now"

This routine happens everyday. Andoy never fails. Father Agaton shares this every Sunday to the people in his church because he has not seen a very pure faith and trust in God, a very positive look at negative situations.
One Christmas day, Father Agaton was sick so he could not make it in the Church, he was sent to the hospital. The Church was left to 4 manangs who would chant the rosary in 1000 miles per hour, would not smile and would always find fault in what you do, they were also very well versed in cursing if you irritate them! They were kneeling, saying their kilometric rosary when Andoy, coming from his Christmas party,playfully dashed in.

"Hello God! I ......"

"P----!! (a curse) bata ka!! Alam mo nang may nagdadasal!! Alis!!"

Poor Andoy was so terrified, "Where's Father Agaton? He is supposed to help me cross the street ... and to be able to cross the street I will have to pass by the back door of this church .not only that, I have to greet Jesus. It is His birthday, I have a gift right here....

" Just as he was about to get the gift out of his shirt, the manang pulled his shirt and threw him out of the church. "Susmaryosep!!! (does the sign of the cross fervently) Alis kang bata ka, kung hindi matatamaan ka!!!
So the boy had no choice but to cross the dangerous side of the road in front of the church. He crossed. A fast moving bus came in.

There was a blind curve. The boy was protecting his gift inside his shirt, so he was not looking. There was so little time. Andoy died on the spot. A lot of people crowded the poor boy, the body of a lifeless young boy ...
Suddenly, out of nowhere a tall man in a pure white shirt and pants, a face so mild and gentle, but with eyes full of tears... He came and carried the boy in His arms. He was crying. Curious bystanders nudged the man in white, and asked,

"Excuse me sir, are you related to this child?

Do you know this child?"

The man in white, His face mourning and in agony, looked up and answered,
"He was my best friend . " was all he said. He took the badly wrapped gift in the bloody chest of the lifeless boy, and placed it near His heart. He stood up and carried the boy away and they both disappeared in sight.
The crowd was curious ...

On Christmas Eve, Father Agaton learned of the shocking news. He visited the house, and wanted to verify about the man in white. He consulted the parents of Andoy.

"How did you know that your son died?"

"A man in white brought him here." sobbed the mother. "What did he say?"
The father answered, "He did not say anything. He was mourning. We do not know him and yet he was very lonely about our son's death, as if he knew our son very well. But there was something peaceful and unexplainable about him.
He gave me my son, and then he smiled peacefully. He brushed my son's hair away from his face and kissed him on his forehead, then he whispered something..."

"What did he say?"

"He said to my boy..." the father began, "Thank you for the gift .... I will see you soon ... you will be with me..." and the father of the boy continued, "and you know for a while, it felt so wonderful ... I cried, but I do not know why....all I know is I cried tears of joy .... I could not explain it, Father, but when that man left, something peaceful came over me, I felt a deep senseof love inside ... I could not explain the joy in my heart, I knew my boy is in heaven now but...tell me, Father, who is this man that my son talks to everyday in your church, you should know because you are always there ... except at the time of his death ......

"Father Agaton suddenly felt the tears welling in his eyes, with
trembling knees, he murmurred, " ... He was talking to no one ......
but .. GOD...."

If you love this story, please. share this on to your friends. So you can touch others too.

note: OPO - is our way of saying YES in a very polite manner. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gone Away...

Oh finally there is a way...

Let the rain hide it
Mix my tears
With the free flow of water...
So no one will know...

Soak my whole being
and later...
Drain all tears
Drain all fears
drain all sadness...

And when the rain is gone
and as the soil dries out,
May all of these negativity
Dry out all at the same time...

Inspired by the new Photo Post #84
at Magpie Tales
by Tess Kincaid

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blah blah blah!..

Before going to bed last night there had been a lot of blah blah blah about networking. It all started when Facebook announced that they are going to do some new things with their website.

And there you go a lot of talk, words and criticisms about it. Duh!

You know what, i only follow this in in eveyrthing or any thing at all, may it be food, gadget, clothes or whatever or rather etc... etc... If you don't like it, then don't patronize it. Boycott it so they'll stop it.

Everyday there will be new things that will be introduced in the market of technology. May it be Software or hardware. If they discovered something that they think people would buy or need or want or die for; as long as it will benefit them, financially or to their ego, for sure they'll have it available in the market.

And if it is already existing they will never stop enhancing or developing it until they explode their minds. Just for the heck of it.

That's what's Happening with facebook. And is with other websites smaller than FB, thatbyou may not be aware of. Funny, most of the people i know, even FB friends are against it but guess what, when I woke up this morning, the very first thing they did is to update their FB status. they even have their whatever posted in it... Doing that what do you think the creator of facebook will think about it? He will not take any second of entertaining whatever blah blah blah you have because, you are still using it.

Come on friends?.. These social networking websites are there to socialize. The information you give, pictures you upload, and whatever thing you post on your page is of your control. The creators of these things will not direct you what to post. I for myself, becuase this is my way of notifying my friends and family of what is happening to me everyday, i post it there. And since it is hard to keep your memories on photo albums, i rather have them uploaded to FB. So whenever I wanna review and check on it, it is there readily available anytime. No secrets?... It is all up to you. Why upload pics and docs that you think is not suppose to be uploaded, right?

Get out of it if you don't like it... Sorry... I dont mean anything wrong with this post. FB may not be good for others, but I for myself will say, it did and it is helping me being away from my family and friends. So on I go...

Piece of advise, if you dont like it, dont patronize it. Get out of it... So you can tell the creators of whatever that you dont buy his crap...

Huh! Not a good way to start my friday... Besides I am Off to my first hockey game at the Air Canada Center...

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I don't care about you...

I don't care if you will
Be angry or upset.

I no longer
Care if you found out what
I post on my facebook
Or my blog,
May it be a poem or pic...
Anyway, i am used of you
Not checking me out anyway...
And we are not friends with FB anymore...
You un-friend'ed me...

I don't even care
To check what you are up to,
What you feel,
What you think,
What you write,
Or what are you doing...

Less I care
If you are happy
Or you are sad...

I observe from
Most of the hours of the day
To just minutes;
Or probably seconds,
I think about you.

Does this mean
I am over you?
Does this mean,
I don't love you anymore?

I dont have the time
To think if your hips,
Or your legs, or your back is aching.
Or how crazy it was at your work...

Whenever I am sneezing
Unlike Before
Now i am thinking if i am catching a cold
Instead of thinking are you ok and not sick.

Guess, i am already exhausted.
My heart had cried a lot already.

I have tried everything...
As you have said...

I threatened you...
I stalked you...
But more than that...
I offered you
Being civil to each other.

All of those are useless,
All of those are ineffective.
All of those are wasted.

I am so sorry...
Very very sorry...
I love you but...
With a crying heart,
I must say -

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

There are two days in every week
about which we should not worry,
two days which should be kept free
from fear and apprehension.

One of these days is "YESTERDAY",
with its mistakes and cares,
its faults and blunders,
its aches and pains.
Yesterday has passed forever
beyond our control.

All the money in the world
cannot bring back yesterday.
We cannot undo a single act we performed;
we cannot erase a single word we said.
Yesterday is gone.

The other day we should not worry about
with its possible adversities, its burdens,
its large promise and poor performance.
Tomorrow is also beyond
our immediate control.

Tomorrow's sun will rise,
either in splendour or
behind a mask of clouds -
but it will rise.
Until it does,
we have no stake in Tomorrow,
for it is yet unborn.

This leaves only one day, TODAY;
any one can fight the battles of just one day.
It is only when you and I
add the burdens of those two aweful eternities,
Yesterday and Tomorrow
that we break down.

It is not the experience of today
that drives us mad,
it is remorse or bitterness for something
which happened yesterday
and the dread of what tomorrow may bring.

Let us, therefore, live one day at a time...

Pictures taken by Jj Roa Rodriguez
Burlington, ON, CA / 21 sept 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The week that was...

I must say that for the last 14 months of being here in Canada, last weekend is the most rewarding one.

The outreach program that I did meant a lot to me... Although it was only for three hours, the joy that I got from it is priceless. I must say that finally I am really back to what I am used to do back home. The connection that I made to the two ladies that was with me during the Korean festival had been a very good opening for this new endeavor. The exchanged of thoughts, the quick good rapport and the cute jokes we have are wonderful...

And the way they welcomed me for this outreach was truly amazing... Two young ladies who both have great personalities and their drive to help people is awesome. In this that I can say, I was right in joining this organization... and I am up for more of their activies..

You may browse them and check out what the organization was for -

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And the meetings/dates that I have the past weekend was kind of a reassurance for myself, it once again lifted me up. That there are something good there waiting for me.

I got two more Filipino blog friends that are now Facebook friends. Having them made me feel connected to my home land. Very good wonderful young men.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
and to add to my happiness, see how these roses welcomed me home. my boss keep telling me, "something wonderful is happening and coming your way... your roses are telling me signs..."

will post more of the weekend pictures and these blooms on my - My Amateur Shots blog...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

and as added bonus for accepting my added task of checking the outlet in Downtown Toronto, and my being always in Toronto, my Doctor boss is giving me series of Hockey Tickets up to December... He said, you are up to new things... Here is something more. Guess! I need to study the game and find dates so it would be exciting. Tickets are for two anyways. Anybody up to accompany me and help me learn. YAHOO!..

more later.. need to do my work first... LOL!...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life is Simple Then...

The Snake Charmer
Henri Rousseau

Water is calm,
Trees are green,
Blooming flowers,
Birds and animals are free...

Simple life,
Simple living!

Ohh!.. What happened?
(sigh) just what happened?..

Don't blame the snake...

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt #83
Courtesy of  Tess Kincaid

Update JJ! Update please?...

This is the text message that my friends have been sending me this morning... Ok! Here it is...

Since my date is at 7pm. Giving no more time to shower and freshen up after the end of my volunteer job for the Korean Festival at 6pm, I have myself dressed up. Not every plan came as planned, good that I went early. The subway is not operating from bloor station to north york. So i have to transfer from street car to subway, to the bus, and back to te subway.

Huh! Wish my date will not smell the dust and dirt of the street. I have prepared for this and I will never ever let things like this to mess up everything. I even reviewed current events, the business section and the canada government (exaggeration!). So that whatever question that come my way, I can answer them in a smart way. Chozs!

But first thing first.

I arrived an hour and a half to the venue. The oark in front of Toronto Center for the Arts. Huh! I remember this place. This is where me and my whatever - went to see The Jersey Boys! Since it is Korean Festival, what would you expect. Chinese people... Hahaha! Just joking, of course Korean. Seywon the coordinator is very charming, just right for her job. And the other girl that i forgot the name was very pleasant. They seem to know what they are doing. I am actually at lost. Anyway, I am confident that i look good and I am up for the first day of my volunteer job. Asians, a lot of Asians. Different eye shapes. If you are good in them, you will know if they are chinese, Koreans, Indians, Flipinos, and etc. Etc.

I just found out that the youth, ages 10 to 22 are more aware of HIV/aids than the older ones. And they are very eager to know what it is all about. The olds, are very hesitant to talk about it especially if they are hearing the word sex. Slowly I am getting into the system. And I like it. Seywon on our way home told me that she think I am just right for the job.

So off I go after we went back downtown. Proceeding to the place where we are going to meet. Queen's Street near his place. I even went to a perfume store pretending to be buying just to have the chance to spray some on me. Hahahaha... But it worked though. So I feel complete. Going on a date will never be complete without a handkerchief and a spray of a perfume.

He waited for me at the door of the restaurant. As i have expected I am impressed of the choice of place, and he is very well dressed. His black shirt just matched my maroon shirt. We are both in jeans and black leather shoes. The food? Excellent. He knew what to order. Even the drinks. Everything is just like how expected it to be.

We started our talk by exchanging complete names. Hahaha... True to what most people would say; he told me I look a little bit chinese, my full name is very spanish but i am filipino. Told him, that's what it is. Take it or leave it. He laughed, my gosh! What a nice set of teeth. Love it.

We both presented ourselves like we are selling somethng in the market. And that made me kind of feeling crazy... Behind my mind, I am thnking, am I trying to impress him so he will like me as a boyfriend to be? I myself is not yet ready for another boyfriend after what happened. Cannot be. Just as i have told in my past post, love on a rebound does not do me any good.

So spontaneous as I am, i was able to change the topic and make it lighter. We stated talking about funny moments. My first arrival in Canada. First camping. First visit to Niagara Falls. And so and and so forth. Told me that it seems like I am fun to be with. Hopefully! Hahaha... But the chances of talking about personal life and family and work is still there.

Then we transferred to another place. His favorite jazz bar on the same area. I am impressed. It is not that formal but the crowd is good and the music is great. I never knew this area to be fun. Im always used to be at church street. Now at least I knew another street to hang out. He seem to know everything about me.

It was such a great time that I dont want it to end. He is a good person. Very sensitive, gentle, kindhearted and very sweet. Patay ako sa ganyan! Hehehe... We walked around 10 minutes to his apartment. It was nice, decent and good choice of furnitures - clean and organize. I love it! Hahaha... He asked me if I Wanna have something. But I was so bloted with all the beer that I have so i opted not to have any. After about 30 minutes, I told him, I think we have to call it a night. Besides I have to attend the Sunday mass at 10am with some friends. He offered to take me home. I am really impressed - Very well organized man.

So by 2am I am already in front of my friend's apartment building. Curious as i am, I told him that I was impressed on how he planned the night just to get a reaction. He smiled and say - I am reading your blog everyday before doing anything on the computer. I know what can make you happy. And he smiled. Oh those beautiful set of teeth again... And with that, I just shake my head slowly and say nothing. Kissed me goodbye and...

Can i see you again... Regularly...

I nodded, smiled and kissed him back... Mmmmm... Super kilig! For sure!.. I will be seeing him again.

Just got a text...
i have a follow up date


Friday, September 16, 2011

What to post?

I am actually confused on what to post.

Am i to continue being to serious about life, as if i am not. And discuss about standard of living? What the heck is this... Hehehe... Sorry for the word. Who sets the standard of living, what is the standard of living.. And so on and so forth...

Or post how i tried clothes for my date tomorrow? I have tried the white, tried the black today, i am left with the maroon for tomorrow. Sorry. Was actually talking about the shirt that i am planning to wear tomorrow for my date.

Or do I have to talk about how cruel or wonderful life is. Life for me now is beautiful and promising.. You kow what... Set your standard high, expectation low and be honest to yourself... And check reality!...

Anyway, met a lot of good people today. Slowly i am getting into the system. I am off for my first exposure for my volunteer work tomorrow. It's the Korean Festival. I want to thank this organizatiob and this facilitators for giving me this chance. Love it!

(partial post... Something more later.. Need to finish my beer... Yes! Im drinking... Sorry!) Besides I am still off to see Darren my handsome sexy bartender... Hehehe..

OK at 10 o'clock in the morning (next day) I have the continuation...

So I went to the bar where Darren is working. It is busy as usual. Got a bottle of Bud until a friend texted me and say he wants to meet me. So off I go. It was cold but it seems like my eagerness to see him made me numb about it and off I go.

Waiting on his living room was a glass of beer. He knew how to make me stay. hahaha... So I sat down and we have good conversation about what's happening with me and what's up with him. It's been 3 months since we last saw each other.

He noticed what I am wearing,
he likes it.

just like how my boss
noticed me with the
white version of it.

So I think the maroon shirt will be good for my date tonight. Trust me these shirts are very cheap and I even got my friend buy it from Taiwan and shipped it to here. I am having trouble finding shirts for myself. I am an "XS" for shirts and a 26" for pants. I always end buying at the children's section. LOL! funny! but that is true. So I already made a plan that whenever I am home to the Philippines, I will bring nothing at all and fill my suitcases with clothes when I come back here... Sounds like a lot of shopping to do. Anyone, wanna donate shopping budget? har har har!...

btw, met three wonderful people. 2 last night and 1 this morning while I am walking home. from afar this guy who is walking his dog is looking at me. I love the green eyes and the smile is very infectious. So I smile back. It seems like it is what he is waiting and he just came back and say "hi" and introduced himself. He even apologize for not having his phone. I asked "why?". He said, "I wanna ask for your number." So I handed him my phone and told him to save his contact number and I will give him a call. I love the dogs anyway... LOL!...

I don't believe in love on a rebound. It does not work good for me. I will just open myself to meet friends and if where it will lead me... let the time tell...  At least now, I am back on the right track. I hope so...

For sure I will be meeting more on the fair this afternoon. It's the Korean Festival.... HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL everyone!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Take A Moment To Teach...

When I was in high school, I was one of the student leaders who is a member of the student mentors. This is the school program for high school and college students who in the absence of the teacher; whenever they have emergency meetings or activities, the student mentors will take over their classes in respective subjects that we are assessed to be capable of handling.

Modesty aside, I am always assigned to handle Math, English and Religion for grades 3 to 6, ages between 9 to 12. Although I hate the first one - I got no choice!, the second subject is an interest, because I am learning as I am teaching them which I haven't perfected until now (LOL!), but the third one was a shock.

I don't know what happened to sister principal that I was included in teaching that subject. I would rather have RECESS or LUNCH.. hahaha...

Anyways, I am not going to discuss Math or English for this post because it will not only be boring for everyone but I might get your grammar twisted or I might made you cry by teaching you how to compute your income in relation to your debts and expenditures; and you crucify me later. So, I would rather go discuss something that I always tell the elementary kids whenever I have to take over the subject that is shocking to me.

There are only three beautiful lines that I think should be taught to kids. In my own opinion, these phrases are the very basics of everything. Just this afternoon while ordering coffee from Starbucks, I overheard two parents talking about their kids and the shocking line that I heard was - "Oh! kids these days love to disrespect!" I was too disappointed hearing that. 'Though I must agree that is a reality.

Ok, the first one that I want to teach children is the line - I LOVE YOU! for children to learn the value of I love you, would teach them the value of respect. Although for adults maybe I love You cannot guarantee that they would also have respect; but the little friends we have would surely develop in their minds and in their hearts that they are not suppose to hurt the ones that they love, and by that, they would develop to respect one another.

And teach them the value of saying "I Love You" as often as they have the chance to say it. Why? One, it makes someone happy. Two, this might be off for a lot of people, but I don't want to hear people regretting and saying the words - I haven't told him/her that I love him/her and now he/she is gone... It happened to me. Because my father is not showy of his affection, I cannot remember that we have said that to each other. And it is very sad for me.

The second is the line - I AM SORRY! This line teaches humility and simplicity! For somebody to recognize that he made something wrong that could have hurt and made someone feel bad is a great thing. At present time, most often than not; in every situation everyone has the tendency to knock one another just to be somebody or to be the person he/she wants to be. Is that the right way of doing it? I don't think so.

By teaching the kids to accept that they did something wrong and they need to apologize, they would grow up knowing that to hurt somebody physically; especially, emotionally is not healthy. Sorry may not put back things the way it was before but for both parties it is a good start to be civil with one another.

Simplicity, of course yes! If someone is too proud of himself, he will never ever say I am sorry though he/she knew that he/she is already stepping on somebody.

The third one is THANK YOU! A child who knows how to say thank you for everything that he/she have will teach him to be contented of what is being given to him/her. The child who knows the value of the line would always be grateful. In the process, the child will learn how happy or good to receive something; and in the long run he will surely learn the value of giving because he himself knew the value of receiving. Agree?

But of course these are just my opinion. And these are just the basics. There are still a lot of things that must be incorporated to make the value formation of the child well as they grow old.

As for me, I don't mind saying I Am Sorry. And I am very good in saying thank you! and I will always be very generous in saying I LOVE YOU!..

So.... I love you everyone and Sorry if I have hurt you... And thank you for being always there for me... 

God bless everyone!..

Anyway, If you are to teach someone, what would you teach?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
My nephew, Urs Charles Johann
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
BTW, my new blog is up... My Amateur Shots

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

online dating... MY DREAMS! MY PLAN!

I was actually happy that finally a friend of mine who hates "social media". wrong statement i must rather say, he does not believe in social media such as "Facebook!" but recently, I can say he is finally into it. yehey!

Two or three weeks ago I have received a note saying that he is already a friend of a friend on facebook.. yehey! and yesterday morning he clicked "like" to a friends' facebook page... yehey!... 

And soon he will find out what are my post through common friends page, for sure. And I hope that it won't stop him from facebook - ing... hehehe! I am just kidding. 

Anyway, that wasn't the point of this today post. I am just excited to share that... hihihi...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I recently went to appear on the Halton Police District because I was requested to have a Police Clearance as part of my requirements for volunteering. Apparently, two persons of the same name as mine are convicted on some whatever case. So I need to go there and appear personally and have my finger prints taken. 

As I always do, I make sure that I am way ahead of time because I don't want to be late and I always dress up nicely to look presentable especially on job interviews. And I don't want to mess up my get-up and my hair being so tired and sweating. And I want them to smell my perfume and not my armpit odor. hahaha!...  Training that I got from my late grandparents who are government officials. And my own training as a student leader. But this time I was 2.5 hours early. Anyway, I love being there because I love men in uniform! Chozs! hehehe...

And suddenly my name was called and I acknowledge that probably the lady who wants to see me decided to interview and have my fingerprints done early. That's good to me. At least I can be home early especially it is still two buses and a train to home. 

She was nice and very friendly. And since we have so much time, she started asking me, why I want to volunteer. She even said here everybody been asking for days off from work to have some rest, while on the other hand you are still going to use your days off to volunteer; especially knowing that this is an unpaid job. I told her that, my first american boyfriend is neglecting me and now broke-up with me and too much idle time is killing me so to keep myself busy, I would rather volunteer.... CHOZS! Hahaha!... that's not true... I did not say that!..

Told her that, having too much idle time is making me feel home sick. And Being new in the place, I cannot avoid the feeling that I don't belong. So I just thought that probably joining a group or an organization would give me the chance to interact with people. In that way, I am helping them and they in return is giving me the comfort that there are people around me. And that "I belong!" 

And on and on we chatted. 

And I was actually not expecting that she would say this... "Have you tried this speed dating?" with an arch brows, I replied, Speed dating? What is it? And she explained to me, that when she moved from Michigan to Canada, she wasn't spared from loneliness and feeling "I don't belong". and then a co-worker told her about speed dating. So she tried it. 

Speed Dating is a website where you will apply and post your profile. That's not new to me. I have all the my profile on all the websites that we all knew. She told me she hasn't found a boyfriend yet but with the constant get together that she attends, she is starting to build-up friends. So I said, ok I will try it. We even exchanged telephone numbers. Maybe she was thinking that she will see me in one of the gatherings. Well?... For sure not for we are looking for the same specie. hahaha!... Besides, I don't wanna mess up with a lady in uniform. 

So by the very minute I arrived home I opened my laptop and put on my profile... just joking! that's an exaggeration... hahaha... I waited until night time. when all the work is done. 

Funny that when I logged in, the only party that I could hopefully join is, I am overaged. My gosh! they are looking for a maximum age of 39. Am I too old? I'm just 2 years more than that. That's disappointing. Chozs! I better be hurrying before I knew it I am 3, 4, 5 or even 17 years above it. And I can never be eligible for any search for a bf party anymore.... (Come on my friend! I am just joking don't be angry again and text me that 2 letters again!)

So I ended browsing the net searching for some dating websites. Anyway, the lady police had already sold me to the idea. So better keep going. And alas! I found one website that is being advertised. So go on JJ... go for it! Cost me $25 on my visa card. hahaha!... Is this how it is... When I got my first American boyfriend, it cost me nothing. Just to look cute and that's it. But cost me my heart at the end. Hahaha!...

So off I logged out...

This morning, I got a call from an unknown number... Oh my! who is this I said to myself? you know here in Canada where outgoing and incoming calls cost you money, I just don't answer all the calls. And after two missed calls, I recieved a text message saying, this is so and so, also a member of the this website. So I texted back. "Ow now I know.. what's up?" he told me, he saw my profile and my picture on the website and he is interested of meeting me. But there are some questions that he wanna ask me. I said yeah sure... Oh My! interview again... hehehe...

So, on and on we talked and he was quite nice in asking me questions, which some are for me a bit personal and told him I'm not comfortable answering it and he would say, it's alright. I even gave him my blog, telling him you will see there my profile and how I murder people, how I cheat on them, how I poison them and so on and so forth. and he suddenly paused. and I asked, "are you still there?" 

He answered, "yes! I am reading your blog. You are a very sensitive and romantic guy. and I love it" For sure my friend will not agree on that. hahaha!... come on give me a break!.. So he arranged a meeting on Saturday. He even told me if I want to bring a friend so I'll feel comfortable just let him know so he can also bring someone with him. As you know three is a crowd. Besides, I hate threesome. I am a one on one guy... hahaha... Oh my friend! I am just kidding... please?..

So I will be dating a 45yo guy. Employed, single never married. Very good looking. Is he gonna like me? ah! I don't know. Anyways, I'll give it a shot... 

There you go another victim!... har har har...

By the way, the best question that he threw on me was... "What is happiness to you and what can make you happy?" I was caught unaware of that question. Anyway, I am an extemporaneous speaker since freshman high so on I go with my answer.

HAPPINESS FOR ME IS KNOWING THAT I HAVE DREAMS AND I AM WORKING TOWARDS THEM. BUT FOR NOW, I AM FINDING HAPPINESS TO WHAT I HAVE AND WHAT I CAN AFFORD.  Making life complicated and hitting the moon is very devastating. The first one would make you feel miserable and the second one will give you a lot of frustrations for it will never happen. 

Happiness with me, means being with someone I love in a place that we can enjoy the time together. It does not need to be in a cozy cottage or hotel in the Bahamas. Or a night spending every penny and dime on a casino in Las Vegas. It can be just a spot in a free public park, or on the lake, or even just on a backyard. Happiness for me is giving and receiving a $10 shirt from a sale if that is what we can afford. Happiness for me is knowing that there is somebody to go home with. Cook a decent meal, having water if we cannot afford wine. 

Happiness for me is living in an apartment if that could mean "HOME" for us. What is a house when there is no one there for you. Happiness is receiving a text message saying, good morning/afternoon/evening! with take care and i love you at the end. That's happiness for me. Or seeing/reading my blog first before somebody else's... hehehe...

Truth about all of this is... not big houses, fancy cars, lots of money or being popular can make me happy. I just want to have somebody to share life and enjoy it while we are young. So when we are old, we will have lots of memories to talk about and laugh about while sitting on the yard having coffee in the morning or having wine at night. How can you be happy together if you can no longer walk, talk or hear each other...

At my age now, I don't dream of being big anymore. I have already figured out what I wanna have to make my  life happy until the time that I can no longer walk. Money can't do anything about happiness. I just saw that recently with what happened to my boss' family. 

My salary now can be considered by the few as NOT a salary at all. With the standard of living that people not only in the western countries but even in a developing country have done, the money that comes in my wallet is for sure not money at all. But you know what, I do my own standard of living that is attainable.

HAKUNA MATATA! that's how I want it...

Half of my salary goes to to my savings and half of it is for fun. Since I started very young, 13yo. I want to stopped if I can afford it by 55 or at most 60yo. So help me God!.. a kilo of rice in the Philippines is $1.50 and a kilo of fish is $3.00 and meat $3.00 ...veges? no need to buy; by then I can plant my own... so if one day I am lucky to find someone who wants to share his life with me, how much do I need, again I NEED to save for the two of us to live a good life from 55 -  80... 25 years with let's say $4/day = $36.600... if I am 41 now, retiring at 55, gives me 14 years to save. (excluding what I have saved already) then, how much do I need to save every year = $2,607.00. This amount is very reasonable for me. With half of my salary as savings I can save the money I need in less than the 14 years as I have calculated. 

Now, the only problem I have is to build a home in a small property that I have inherited from my parents. and with the money I have now, I know I can do it. It would cost me around $35,000 to build a decent 3 bedroom house. what is that compare to how house here costs. And given a choice of either having a house near the beach or near the river, isn't it awesome!...

And If I am lucky enough, that the partner I can get, can also save the same amount of money, then we can retire at 55 and live a simple happy life back home in the Philippines, his savings is our buffer fund. That's how simple I have visualized and planned my life. I have my insurances paid. I have all my pension plan paid. So what else do I need to worry. TO FIND THAT SOMEONE WHO COULD BE AS SIMPLE AS I AM. AND WHO CAN COMMIT TO ME LIKE I WANT TO COMMIT TO HIM. AND I KNOW, THAT IS THE HARDEST THING... AND THAT IS THE CHALLENGE THAT I AM FACING NOW. 

For now, my goal is on or before my age of 55 or 60 is to save enough to have a business either here or back home that can afford to pay for a small apartment, a round trip ticket to escape from the cold season. Who needs the snow anyway when you are already old and with arthritis.

To this I will end by saying,
I am JJ Rodriguez,
cute at my age of 41 (LOL!).
I belong to a very big
but lovely and funny family
with occasional disagreements
which is normal to families,
and with very simple dreams.
Hoping to find and praying to find
someone who is up for the challenge
of making life simple and
who can commit to a relationship
with honesty and exclusivity, as I am.
Looks? I am not looking for a trophy partner
just be presentable. looks fade anyway... 


* * * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Monday, September 12, 2011

My Brother's Blog

Hope you guys can check out my brother's blog.

just learned it this morning seeing his post on FB!..

Happy reading...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 takes: Fading Away & Check Me Out

There you are I know
across the hall.

In your usual clothes
I can feel your gentle and slow moves.

I can sense 
your presence
staring at me..

But the moment 
I moved my head to 
glance where you are...

I was saddened
seeing you slowly fading away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Did you return 
to check me out?

I am still sad, weak 
and disappointed.

But take your rest
my love...
from afar let's 
guide one another 


remember our
happy moments.

the happy thoughts,
joyous memories
and the good words
and experience you gave
will be my tools
to make a better life...

The Reverant, 1949, Andrew Wyeth
Magpie Tales Photo Prompt #82
Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid

My Prayers for Everyone

Ten years had passed and still I cannot find a word to describe what that incident was all about.

Words to describe how and what is going on in the minds of the people that planed it and made the attack.

Word to describe how innocent lives are claimed (hope I got the right word) because of that.

Word to describe how the family's have felt, then and for sure until now.

Word to describe, the uncertainty that everyone have felt. Living in a small developing country with all our arm forces is not that "Hi-Tech" and Well-equipped, ohh... can't define what we felt about it. I remember my mother calling everyone to come up the house that night and sit with her in front of the tv in the living room and monitor what's happening. we have thought it is the start of world chaos. Thank God, it wasn't.

When mother nature strikes us, we cannot do anything about it. because that's nature. the thing is oftentimes, she will give us a warning. a time to prepare. Although most of the times, our preparation and  move is not enough, ending us being devastated of the effect. But as I have said we cannot do anything about it because it is a "natural disaster". but for something like the 9/11. What word should we use to describe it? Nothing...

And to understand it, would surely be close to impossible. But it already happened... This phrase had been over used personally in the last couple of months, "better said than done", but that is what we can just do. Try to learn to move from that _____ experience and start creating a more peaceful, loving, compassionate world even in our own little ways.

Start being truly connected to your neighbors, friends, and even with people that you have differences.

I saw one wall in downtown Toronto last week that says, "smile, if you cannot hug, to everyone that you met on the road, mall, restaurant, subways, buses because one way or another, we are interconnected to each other. And I believe that.

Let's start building a new world that everyone would love, maybe not in our genre but for the future generations.

I am offering this day of prayers for everyone... May we all have peace of mind.

And to them I am sharing this favorite Hymn - Amazing Grace! got the video from YouTube...

God bless everyone and Have a blessed Sunday!


Mark jr., my boss' deceased son will be laid to rest today after the church services at 2:30pm. May he rest in peace!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Guess who? And guess what?

In every relationship I got, no matter what happened especially with bad endings, I always keep it all to myself. Keep all the bad ones to myself. Cause of break up, fights and differences. I dont like telling everyone, especially our common friends what is going on. I even avoid them just to make sure that I will not be able to tell them. especially those that I know is very close tot he other party, because i have tendencies to protect myself to by telling my side of the story.

I dont want either me or him to end up defending ourselves to our friends. Things like that would make - making up or patching up more difficult.

Even with friendships, if something happened, i dont just go around telling our friends my side of story because I always try to save something. Besides there are happy and good things about the relationship. those are the things that I want to save. What I do is aim the main target. If there is something that i want to clarify i will direct the questions, the alligations, the accisations to the person. I get the answer I want or not, it doesn't mater anymore, as long as I have express what i feel and what I think. So it will only be me and him. Anyways, I always believe that people would know the truth. And if it happens, at least no word have came out my mouth. on my behalf, especially any "foul" word at all...

Maybe in a success of 8 out 10 is what i always get. But this past one that i got, maybe my charm (lol!)is no longer effective or the other party is naturally stubborn and full of pride. Hahaha! how many relationships did I have in the past. 12 at most... This is not just lovers type relationship but including friendships.

After we last saw each other on my first visit to his place, where all the problems started, i haven't see him again. I always know that everytime he has a long days off from work he is always visiting toronto. So to avoid him, i re-discover toronto and look for new places to hang out. But last night, i guess it is really meant to happen, on my way home to my friend's place after listening to cool nice jazz music, i accidentally saw him eating in a restaurant.

I admit im a little tipsy (lol!), ok drunk, had 4 bottle of bud. I snap a picture of him. Three snap shots on my iPhone. So instead of going home, i went to my favorite hang out at church street and start sending him text messages. And he replied back. Tried to be funny at the start but maybe it wasn't funny for him, and got two text messages that is for me "foul"... Never been told those words. Conduct unbecoming of a true gentlemen. Hehehe... For people who knew him to be good, you wont believed he said those. (That text incident would surely be part of my third blog - 14 months in canada).

Since the time that we talked, exchanged text messages and emails about what i discovered and what i knew and made him angry and disappointed on me. Again, on me... I still keep sending him messages, emails... Even at the time he is no longer replying (too stubborn and stupid of me, i know). Never stopped, I keep sending him messages that i thought would help us Be at least civil to each other. friends would be hard for sure after we both learned a lot about the lies within the 13months we have, i thought we could at least be civil to each other.

Especially now that i will be more often here in toronto, there will be more chances that we will bump with each other. I just thought that at least if ever that would happen, we can atbleast see each other eye to eye and smile. But that didn't happen last night. After receiving those two "foul text messages", i asked him to see me. No words, just come and see me. But no, he never showed up. And a lot more text messages that came after that, that is so disappointing.

So I guess, it ends there! That is what he want us to end. I did everything I can.

And who is he? He was the guy who inspired me to apply for my US Visa so i can visit him. That is the only thing that i need to be thankful of with that relationship. I was so much in love then probably that i have made a good impression on my personal appearance to the embassy and got myself an ten year multiple entry. He lives near where I am in canada, 2 1/2 hours drive crossing the US-Canada border...

For now, I am going to collect all the pictures that we have together in one file and keep it there. I will lock those memories. FB item na ba to?

btw, i have here attached my first ever music video... entitled "Saan Ka Man Naroroon..." lyrics and translation is posted in my blog -

The Backgroud Music was taken from YouTube with Katrina Saroyan Playing / Harp...