Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary JRC!

A week before 10/29/11
I was so hesitant to give out
my contact information
to a guy I met online
as I do not know
what it will bring me.

Especially knowing him
when I am still coping up
with a relationship that just ended.
But, I did!

We met in downtown Toronto
With the offer that he will
take me to a place to take good pictures
As I am then keeping myself busy.
So I go.
We had quiet a story that day.

As I thought I knew the place so well.
I got tangled up and
walk a long mile
to get to the meeting place.

Good heavens!
He did not surrender
and waited...

And now,
looking back...

I am very happy
I took the chance!..

That first hug
and kiss was the start!..

Happy Anniversary JRC!..

* * * * * * * * *

Posted for Magpie Tales
Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid


  1. ParengJJ
    One remembers the pain of having fallen from one's bike. What more when it's something as sweet as a new relationship. It's so nice to remember good times! Nicely Pare!


  2. Reminds me of the Song..."looking for love in all the wrong places" that turned out so often does that happen? Happy Anniversary to both of you~!!! All the best in the future~much love always~

  3. Many good things start in Toronto. It's that kind of city!

    I miss Young Street!

  4. am wondering if this is a true story or not - either way apparently a large percentage of relationships start online now.

    1. Yes it is a true story.... Thanks for dropping by...

    2. I can assure you that it is a true story... our life.

  5. happy anniversary! and continued wishes for all the best to you as well...

  6. I wish you both happy anniversary!

  7. So glad things worked out so well for the two of you. And happy anniversary!


  8. thats sweet happy anniversary

  9. Happy Anniversary
    Hope Never Surrenders

  10. I fell for you as we turned the first corner... Never look back.

    Luv u jj!

  11. Happy anniversary! So glad you were able to find the right meeting place!

  12. I am very glad you gave him your number and that he was a trooper and waited for you even though you got a little lost. The love that meets life head on tends to last and is worth all the time in the world ;-)


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