Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Voyage Home

yyz - ewr 8:30am
jfk - hkg 1:55pm
hkg -mnl 10:00pm

my voyage home starts tomorrow
dec 9, 2012 at 8:30am
i hope that air canada
will transfer me to the yyz - jfk
instead of yyz - ewr
as the short four hours transfer
from two airport is bothering and worrying me.
i have been once in new york city
and never been to new jersey.
i have tried contacting the airlines
and the agent but after a long long long
battle i failed.
the web agent airticketsdirect
is never of help.
which i think,
my obligation to let my followers and friends
know that never use this website to book your ticket.
in my desire to get what my hard earned money's worth
i did searched and checked the best fare i can get
the website offered the cheapest.
unfortunately, after doing the booking
i just notice that it doesnt make sense being booking from yyz - ewr
where my connecting flight departs from jfk to hongkong.
how about my transfer fronm the two airport.

as i have been saying,
i tried to contact them,
first, Air Canada as that's the portion that has a problem but they transferred me to Cathay Pacific, as they were saying that the booking is owned by CP. but CP transferred me to the agent.

talking to the agent, it would cost me Can$200 administrative fee, Can$150 Airline fee on top of the fare difference. funny but to buy a new ticket from YYZ - JFK is only Can$150-200. I dont know why things like this can be done by this companies. I am sorry but I hate it.

so guys, i will suggest if you would like to buy your ticket for holidays, buy it directly from the airline. it is so disapointing to hear from Air Canada and Cathay Pacific that they cannot do anything. So disappointing...

and lastly avoid booking your holidays thru AirTicketsdirect... I hate that company... i really really hate them... sorry for this...


  1. ah that stinks...i am sorry you are going through all of that...though i hope your travels home go well...

  2. God bless your journey home Jj

  3. As much as I've read, the typhoon didn't affect Palawan too badly? Prayers for you and your family that it isn't turning around and heading back the way the news is saying this morning. All the best for a safe trip.....And prayers for all those affected by this terrible storm.

  4. ParengJJ,
    Whatever happened was just an irritant. A small matter. Have a nice journey home. That is more important and enjoy every minute of your holiday. You deserved it, Pare!



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