Sunday, April 7, 2013

middle finger

i went for a walk
as i want to breath 
some fresh air.

i have been hurting inside
of things that i cannot just
simply tell someone
without being stopped
by all the negativity...

i was more devastated
when a white car 
with three or four passengers in it.
all are maybe late teens to early twenties
laughed at me and 
the guy on the front passengers side
gave me a middle finger.

i was so disappointed.

feeling upset at the moment
i continued to walk.
and when i am a little calm...

i thought to myself,
i hope those kids realize what they did.
and how they will have the chance to know
what kind of person i am.

and i continued to walk.

and maybe about five minutes later.
same kids riding a blue-greenish van
gave me again...
guess what?
the middle finger again.
this time, 
it is the one sitting on the driver's seat.

i just close my eyes
and feel it.
the pain,
the disappointment.
and told myself,
there will come a chance
that this kids will learn...
learn that what they did is not funny;
and it is not what they can be proud of
when they are already of same age with me.

(an incident happenned in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada)
(close to the intersection on Broadway going to Sobeys)
(april 7, 2013 / 3:30PM)


  1. I'm sorry you're hurting. I hope those kids learn someday that actions have consequences.


  2. dont sweat it are kids...and what the heck...karma will find them and one day they will struggle...hugs my friend, this too will pass...

  3. kids nowadays are losing their manners!
    even here were having issues about our youngsters

  4. Their actions say everything about them, and nothing about you. Just stay out of their way, and harm's way.....


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