Saturday, May 28, 2011

Today... the swimming pool

We opened the pool yesterday, and the treatment is starting today. i will work side by side to my boss' son MarkJr. who will do it, with my help and my buddy - Pat's assistance...

 A swimming pool is always been a part of whatever my dream house will be, but now i know how hard it is to maintain a pool. but i still wanna have (LOL!) it if i can. guess i  need to earn and save more money so i can afford the cost and fee for the person who will maintain it for me.. hahaha... love it. learning new things is always fun and exciting.

Anyways, having a pool at our backyard reminds me of how beautiful my hometown (Roxas, Palawan, Philippines) is. With my home approx 300 meters away from sea/beach. I miss those days that we, my siblings, cousins and friends will just strip off in our undies and go to the sea with my grandparents looking after us.

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