Tuesday, May 31, 2011

undealt issues...

as i have expected, the issue was turned around to me being jealous of you falling in love with somebody else. and that hurts me bad. probably i must admit i was, but it wasn't the real issue. the issue is, while i am worried of you not replying to all my messages and emails for two days after you complained about pain and being sore at work, it was the time that you are busy doing and exchanging emails to somebody else. that is what i am upset of. it seems like your time to socialize is far more important than me being worried about you.

and maybe that's the reason why i am still and i cannot stop myself from crying every time i think of you and hear your voice.

now probably, enough for my being to concern. just take it as how you want things to be. the reason why i don't tell you my pains and sorrows (aside from ours related - missing you and lonely) is because i don't want you to feel sad and worried about me.

whatever i do and wherever i go, you are the first thing in my mind... now, i do not know. i'm confused...

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  1. but if it is me who is misinterpreting things... forgive me... and i believe your intentions are good, so just lead me the way...


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