Saturday, November 10, 2012

Show You Care For Good Karma!

i was so happy to go to the bank yesterday to deposit my paycheque, as my boss decided to give us a little raise after another year. Happy thought, happy mood while walking to the bank that I used to go. The very handsome staff that became my friend was there and the very pleasant, happy looking lady was there to assist me. We had a little chat as they know that I am soon leaving for my 5 weeks holidays to the Philippines. 29 days to be exact. Yay!

on my way back, I decided to grab a doughnut from a coffee shop, as i am a little hungry and thinking that i might already be starving before dinner. and so i went in and fall in line.

before me is an old man, maybe between 70-80, with difficulty in walking most probably because of a stroke. there are two cashiers. so the further of the two cashiers called for him a minute before the near one called for me. his orders was handed out to him even before i can finish ordering mine.

hardly walking with his cane on his right hand and a cup of coffee and a plate of doughnut, he tried to go to his table. passing through a line of about 8 people, ages 40-60, men and women, all able bodied. nobody cared to help him. don't get me wrong here, i am not saying this because i need praises; i waited if somebody will, but nobody really cared at all. so a step or two away from me, i told the cashier, give me a sec, with no words, i approach the old man and offered help. he was delighted. got the cup of coffee and the plate and brought it to his table. went back to the cashier and finish my order.

after doing so, i went to the side, and look at the people in line. blank faces, arching eyebrows. (forgive me for this), in my mind i say! WTF! are you people thinking? are you blind?

WHEN ARE WE GONNA SHOW CONCERN? or maybe, when we are already in that old man's situation, we will complain that noone cares...


  1. i feel you man...we get lost in our own little worlds and forget to notice the people around us...good on you...and thanks for reminding us...smiles.

  2. i see so you're going home here in the philippines thats cool
    anyways what you did is the right thing to do thumbs up for that


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