Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Promise of the Sun

Who have never
felt deserted?

Who have never experienced
being left alone;
at worst felt abandoned?

Who have never gone through
the feeling of being old, rotten,
sad and rough?

You are not the first one, my friend!..
We all do...
And it will constantly come and go.

Look out the window,
It is bright and sunny!.

Go out and see
the promise of the sun.

Posted for Magpie Tales
Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid

Yay! 15days and I am off
to my 5 weeks holidays
with JC to the beautiful
Island paradise of Palawan, Philippines.
My home!...


  1. smiles...the sun does promise much warmth...and we will seldom get out of alone sitting inside with ourselves...

  2. Knowing how to let go gracefully.

  3. that was a great poem to read jj
    anyways take the best of care on your homecoming

  4. ..Go out and see the promise of the sun... What a lovely line to end this much encouraging poem... And no one will never be too old to do the things our heart's ought to be doing... Always feel young at heart friend... Cheers...

  5. oh my time flew
    and soon you will be off to your homeland.....have a wonderful visit
    filled with joy and more joy
    and of course love
    nice the way

  6. Have fun!

    I do not know about the Philippines, but it is raining cats and dogs in Malaysia!

  7. ParengJJ
    Wow! That's great! The sun and sunny beaches just for you. How nice! 15 days will be gone in just a jiffy and you're home. Have fun Pare!


  8. well done indeed...thanks for sharing this

  9. I think we both saw the same thing in this photograph the inspiration in your words!

  10. Lovely...a wonderful take on Tess's Magpie...I really loved, "the promise of the sun"... beautiful!


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