Thursday, March 21, 2013

it is so sad and devastating
that after all the work you have done,
doing not only 200%
but 300% of what you should be doing
you feel undervalued
and underappreciated...

yet, you are still holding on
waiting and wishing...
that there will be something good
to come.
'til sadness and frustration sinked in.
and with uncertain of what is out there...
i guess it is time to say goodbye...

if only kindness is enough
to pay the bills,
to satisfy my needs.
i am the luckiest employee in the world.


  1. oh man...i am sorry if this is happening to stinks to feel unappreciated...esp when you go above and beyond...

  2. ParengJJ
    There's always a silver lining in all aspects of life. Go for it Pare! We're all here!


  3. sorry to hear of some real unhappiness....I thought it was only winter blues.....employer you hold the power of your life in your what you must one ever got anywhere not taking a risk...look at the risk you took coming to a new land...
    you have value..and someone out there is praying that YOU walk into their life and you will be appreciated...
    Or try asking for what you think you deserve.....if they don't give it to you...leave and shut the door
    ....go for it...for sure
    ...we're here...for you...just as Brian says..

  4. well it was indeed frustrating
    but i believe that every effort was worth it
    you just have to look at it that way

  5. This is unfortunately the norm more than we care to admit!!
    Well done


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