Wednesday, March 6, 2013

keeping the small details of your life to yourself from your family and friends especially from the public, is not dishonesty. it is called privacy.

it is like, you can allow the public to see your yard, your friends up to the living room, your family up to the guest room; but, save your bedroom to yourself.

opening everything to everyone is like inviting them to give you unsolicited advise that most often than not breaks you down!..


  1. true man...we should all be allowed those places we can retreat to that is our own...i like the metaphor you use for sho you invite in as well...

  2. I enjoy my privacy. It's just me and the dogs, and they don't look in my drawers and medicine cabinet.


  3. Agree totally Jj; Yes, there are sacred places of the heart where only the divine one is a open book. All deserve this space.

  4. I agree
    Don't let anybody break you down

  5. well i think we all need our own privacy even between family,
    sometimes what others has to tell wasn't really helpful

  6. ParengJJ,
    Safeguard our privacy. Truly said! No two ways about it! Nicely Pare!


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  10. hey man...been a bit since i have seen you...a few weeks actually...just dropping in to check on you

    1. thank you Sir Brian. so nice of you. There had been a lot of things happening to me right now. I am having a difficult time with my transition. But I am good, just a lot of things occupying my mind. I cannot think of what good to write. I do not want to keep writing that would make people sad or uninspired. That is not JJ. JJ is always fun and happy. :-)


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