Monday, July 8, 2013


little by little;
generation to generation;
i have observed
that people are
not capable to 
cope with frustration 
and loss.


we are all 
guilty of the
tendency to just
give and give
and give.

children must learn 
that there are
things that they
cannot have. 

we will desire
for some things
that this lifetime
will not give us.

or we already
have it but
we will lose 
it again.
or we have
to give it
away for good.


  1. ParengJJ
    Adults are too soft to stop the younger generation who are more vocal these days. The younger generation have the resources and finance (given by adults) to set their own agenda! May end up with negative long term effects! Nicely Pare!


  2. some honest thought there...we have raised a rather greedy generation..and its going to do them a disservice when they are out on their own and cant get what they want...

  3. well it just that ENVY is everywhere, i mean people see thing other people have which they would want to have and from it frustration starts


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