Friday, February 3, 2012

funny how impatient we were
when we were young.
we want to grow old fast
to be free
to have our own life
to be responsible for ourself.
and get away
from the blah blah blah 
of our parents...
and be in control.

pic taken on this site [link]

but when we are already there
we wish to pull back the time
turn back the clock
freeze our age 
like the trees on winter
sleeping temporarily and coming back 
with new branches and leaves
on spring time.

and no matter what we do
we feel like
we are getting old
faster than we thought possible.

body aches
hips and back pain worsening 
our sight getting bad everyday
and our steps that cannot
go with how fast 
our mind is telling them to go.

but you know what
it is not too late for us 
to take it slow
now, we have to learn
to take everyday easy
live your life to the fullest
but keeping yourself
away from harm
away from pain...

let us all be happy
keep things simple
love with all honesty
and be contented with what we have...


  1. Great verse ParengJJ! Life's like that. We yearn for it when we don't have and discard when we have it.


  2. True, the simple things in life are best...

  3. very nice...i like the philosophy in is never too late to slow down and really enjoy life...


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