Tuesday, February 14, 2012

on this day 
i do not have anything
expensive gift to give you
and not even
a dinner date on a fancy restaurant

but as i have promised
i have here my first ever

i love you
always in all ways...
happy valentine...
waiting home to give you
my warm kisses
and tight hugs...

 i used to draw
sticks for arms and legs
and oval for the body
i use letter L for nose
and a first quarter moon for mouth
a big apple for the eyes
and a watermelon for the head...

borrowing the top of the corn
for the hair
and bananas
as fingers.
i opted to use a triangle
and pretend that it is a pair of shoe
as to not knowing how to 
draw a pair of feet.

but with your encouragement
i was able to hold 
quite a number of brushes
and learned to mixed paints. 

after two errors
including a spill of coffee
i was finally able 
to come up with this... 
happy valentines!
painting entitled "Random Thoughts"
by JJ Roa Rodriguez
february 14, 2012
Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada


  1. sweet sentiments shared, happy valentine's day.

  2. ParengJJ
    Happy Valentine Pareng! You are very good with the painting, great artist!


  3. The best gifts are made with the hands and given with the heart. :-)

  4. Oh Jj that is awesome
    now you are a painter!
    and a poet!

  5. That's very sweet, and I like the painting too! Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. I love the painting, painter and poet.

  7. oh..where did my comment go?
    oh well...I'll say it again
    love the painting
    love the color combinations

  8. I've an empty wall just shouting out for a painting like this! Vibrant, funky, fun and one of a kind!

  9. Dear JJ: How happy it is to be encouraged by love and to have the artist living in one's heart. JJ, you have this amazing creativity within you and it is a delight to feel this positive energy in your work. The shapes are so colourful powerful forms. You have found your niche. Thank-you for allowing us all to believe that we have this artist power within as well~!

  10. positive.

    lovely words smell like fresh flowers.

  11. what you deleted my comment after the lavish praise i heaped upon you for your wonderful art...smiles...ok here is another...

    1. Hahahaha.... Guess my apology is not enough... Hehehe... Dont worry when i'm better, i'll paint you like Hank did...

      Thanks for the follow up comment...


  12. i wanna thank Julien Hakym of Sonnets Unrealities XI []
    for the comment but my apologies I cannot post it. thank you!


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