Saturday, February 18, 2012

Seasons, Trees and Life

I was so inspired of cleaning the backyard and clearing out the garden with some of the dried leaves, leftover of autumn. Things that escaped my eyes when I did my preparation for winter. Becuase i already dreampt of spring. Green leaves, beautiful flowers and trees like waking up from a long sleep and slowly putting up colors. So beautiful to imagine.

And this morning as i am doing the front garden. Wow! There are already sprouts coming out. Wonderful!.. This is what we are all waiting for. (Although, I love winter. Probably because I only have 2 winters in my life that I have snow)... So I asked myself, are we there yet? Springtime...

Waiting to be in my comfy clothes again. Tell you, being small, it is hard to wear heavy and thick clothes. I love my summer clothes, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, and sando with open polo shirt...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Seasons, Trees and Life

Winter had gone by again
the promise of spring
was noticed as i was cleaning
the garden this morning...

But just linke winter
that come and go
spring will just pass by
and soon summer will come
and too short enough
that we will once again feel
the coldness of the fall.

And unlike trees and flowers
we do not just shed our leaves in autumn
and sleep the whole snowy days
and grow anew when the wind of spring has come
and be in its splendor during summer time.

We do grow, mature and become old
so let us be creative, imaginative
adventurous to enjoy life
whatever the season is
for we can never put things back
young and fresh
like seasons, flowers and trees.


  1. smiles....i appreciate this as i love nature and like the comparison to trees...i think there is much to learn from them...but also you are right in that we can never put back....

  2. oh so nice Jj....loved the last stanza

  3. Embrace each season with all it has to offer... good advice.


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