Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the reason why my posts are simple
and my comments too...
is because
one, i have limitations on the
English language
two, i do not want
to confuse people
or to convey vague ideas.
as too my real life conversations...

you may call it drama
but let's make sure
that every word we use
in talking to people
is what is appropriate
or we know the meaning of the word.

not because we are
not into drama
or brave and strong
to take every statement, 
we can just
play with words
when conversing with others,
and instead of being sorry
we tend to call them "drama queen"
when they are starting to
interpret it the way their
feelings or emotions direct them so.

everyone is not the same.
it is like saying,
what is funny or
beautiful or cute to us
is also funny, beautiful or cute to others.
as too what is ugly or disgusting to us
is also the same to others.

to make it a healthier
and happier
let us think twice before
making the statement
especially jokes.
jokes are half meant...

(pics are taken from Google Images)


  1. Very thought-provoking post.

    Janie Junebug

  2. ParengJJ,
    Everything is right with the language, it's perfect just as others. What is more your ideas are not only deep in thoughts but more so the abundance of originality. It's such a special treat!


  3. words create and words take life...all in how we use them...its not the fancy or big words that make any difference but the heart behind them...


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