Friday, July 20, 2012

gar - ba - ge !...

garbage is the major issue in my country. that is why we Palawenos and Puerto Princesans are very proud as we were voted the cleanest and greenest city [link] and province [link] in the Philippines.

garbage is the main reason why rivers are dead and major cause of floods especially in Manila.

that is why, I, a self confessed OCD have problems with cleanliness and orderliness at home and my surroundings. ahh tell you, i cannot sleep until even a single spoon is washed or a piece of tissue or paper is not thrown in the right place... ask JC... and he will tell you all. bwahahaha!... but there are times that I get so lazy too. don't get me wrong there. or there are times that JC would ask me to stop and just have fun relaxing time while having coffee or a glass of wine or a bottle of beer in our patio. or simply sit down in our wonderful couch to watch any movie we can have from Netpay... ooops! Netflix I mean... hehehe...

when I went to Taiwan, I was so impressed of home clean they were able to keep especially their parks. Hand dryers, garbage bins, toilet papers and all. It is simply amazing. even their trains and subways (MRT), you can sit on the floor. impressive!

so when I arrived here in Canada. I am so impressed by the drive on waste segregation. The blue, green and garbage bins. hope we can do this in the Philippines [ :-/ & :-( ]. one of the reminders my sister gave me upon arrival is to clean the empty bottles or cans first before throwing/putting them in the bin. I love it. again, hope we can do it back home.

but.... here is the catch... you are waiting for this right? hehehe... this morning, when i went for a walk with my buddy Leonardo, a very handsome golden retriever, i saw this...

yesterday was blue (recyclables) and green (organic) waste day. somebody mistakenly (hehehe) put their garbage on a blue bin. and the garbage guys, this is my imagination working, pissed off (sorry for the word) by seeing it. instead of just leaving it there, dumped it on the ditch. 
now who is wrong here? 

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have fun everyone...
keep enjoying the weather.
we had rain yesterday,
i hope you had too...


  1. oh dear..I think you are right...garbage men canbe like that...I once didn't know that I had to tie my wood bundle from the garden....not just point it straight at the curb...they left it for 2 weeks....I finally chased them down the street and told them theY WERE JERKS They turned around and finally picked up the wood...and I told them that they should have told me why they were not picking it up....
    But I love that you have an ordered house....but JC is correct...relax and enjoy it......

  2. JJ is definitely OCD but I love him anyway. There has to be some order in my chaos. LoL

    1. ohhhh so that's it
      opposites know ')

  3. ugh that is terrible if they just dumped it like that....garbage is def an issue...what do we do with it...right now we bury it but how long can we do that?

  4. garbage is really a big issue especially now tha our planet is experiecing global warming now here in our city we practice no plastic rule as much as we can hope we reduce plastic garbages which i think the biggest problem among our garbages

  5. ParengJJ
    The garbage guys can be nasty. They have no reason to choose. They ought to pick up all garbage. This apparently is a universal happening. We have the same thing over here too! Nice thoughts Pareng!



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