Sunday, July 22, 2012

art, poetry and drawings vs life

Figure Eight, 1952, by Franz Kline
often than not
it will all start
from drawing lines
and picking up the colors
with or without
particular subject
in mind.
but as I
go along
and passion
will lead me to something.

but unlike
my art,
and craft;

i always
plan and think
of the pros and cons
when i
think about
my life,
where i want to be,
who i want to be with.

with art and poetry,
editing and changes
are possible.
with life
no matter how hard
we try to make things right,
it is hard to shift
things around
if along the way
we have committed
even just a single mistake.

posted for Magpie Tales [link]
photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid [link]


  1. Absolutely beautiful, mahal ko.
    How I wish I could flip back and correct some of my poorly placed brush strokes.

  2. Very interesting point. If life were but a painting, we could just paint over the bad choices and begin again.

  3. I like the highlighting of the last stanza... and it's so true. Wise words, JJ.

  4. Nice reflections ~ With art and writing, I find that the best comes when it is relaxed, unstructured and unhindered by stress and negative thoughts ~

  5. Wise words. One can't erase words after they have been spoken.

  6. i like your contrast between your creative side and how you approach life...i think i have a mi of both...i like a plan but the flexibility to change it should the spontaneous arise...

  7. so true i agree though life and art appears to be the same in some sort of way one's journey must be carefully planned for every step we take or evry move we make there'll always be an effect not just to our lives but to the one that so rounds us taking the risks is good if its worth it

  8. Planning is important but not at the expense of spontaneity and expressiveness I hope. I guess that's where passion comes in. You've covered all the angles, JJ. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. =D

  9. ParengJJ
    Life and the arts can never be separated. Governed by sensitivity it gets the world go round with such fun!


  10. I like to think editing in life is possible...but it's not always so easy...

  11. i like how you move in a serpentine manner from drawing to poetry to philosophy

    dark feathers dead crows

  12. Yes...but sometimes a life is simply made up of mistakes, a crazy quilt of sorts.

  13. Dear JJ: "Commitments" yes, I have committed them,and am committed to them. And now...well yes..I'm in them, in the thick of commitment. Lucky you are smarter than I; "if I knew then what I know now".Commitment can work however, it isn't all doom and gloom; is it?:)))

    1. it is not my friend. as long as commitment is there. it's just for someone like me who came from a place where no support and resources are scarce, it is difficult. that is why we need to be careful. smart? hmmm... thank you!

  14. True...those mistakes linger. If only we could edit some of our words or actions. Precisely why we think carefully... excellent and thoughtful contribution. I enjoyed this.

  15. I like the way you compare your craft to life and the differences in making mistakes.

  16. Such a good point, JJ. There is no erase in life -- but sometimes we can draw over our mistakes.

  17. Sometimes it's those few bad strokes that make a painting what it is!

  18. Gday Jesus, very philosophical image of cause and effect , i like !

  19. Wise and wonderful words JJ.

    Anna :o]

  20. Excellent both as poetry and philosophy.

  21. Life is a lesson in progress.

    Very wias.


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