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Yesterday, while I was busy closing the pool... bye summer!.. My boss called for me after he is done with his bible reading. If this reading is inspired with the arising conflict between Canada and Iran, that I do not know. But the verse that he was reading to me this time is about, war against nation, kingdom vs kingdom and so on and so forth.

And I listened to him attentively. I really cannot remember vividly how the conversation went, but I do remember telling him, that as I was growing up, attending a Catholic high school and having a seminarian brother at that time and now a very loving and caring Priest. I have tried to interpret the words and verses in the bible, in the deepest meaning of it, in my own little way. and so we talk about it.

And in one part, I told him that famine could be interpreted in many ways. That is my understanding. I even remember my brother in one of his sermon, he said, that when Jesus raised the loaves of bread and pieces of fish and pray, He really did not multiply it. But the people listening to Him was touched, and so they started to put out whatever they have brought and start sharing. He touched their hearts to be generous, loving and caring.

It Must Be Time For Lunch Now, 1979
by Francesca Woodman 

Share vs Famine

Share love, 
it is free and amazing,
it can create wonders and miracles...

Share your food,
as it is not only nourishing
you and his body
but also his soul.
Knowing that someone cares.

Share peace,
as it is everyone's need.
a peaceful mind 
desires happiness for everyone.

Share your smile
to everyone 
no exemptions
as it develop a loving
and peaceful environment.

Share your being,
it is only by sharing yourself
that you will understand
how people live.
and understanding them
is the key to help.

Share your blessings
and abundance,
as you cannot bring these to
life after death.

It is when we stop sharing 
love, peace, blessings and abundance
that chaos, conflicts, 
and wars will arise. 

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photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid

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  1. Sharing our blessings and smiles ~ Thanks for the meaningful post ~

  2. ParengJJ
    Wise words. We take a stand to do good and follow on that. If in the the course of it obstacles appear we clear them off even if we take time. We are all the while consistent in our resolve. I get this feeling reading your wonderful verse Pare!


  3. Your brother's explanation of the fish story is one I've never heard. I like that. It makes perfect sense, especially in the context of Jesus encouraging us to think, do, share, and so on.

    It reminds me of a scene (pardon the pop culture reference) out of Jesus Christ Superstar, when Jesus is surrounded by the masses begging for healing. Out of frustration, partly from the madness of it all, and partly from the fact that no one had been listening to his words, Jesus throws his hands into the air and screams "Heal yourselves!!"

    In other words, as your brother suggested, we have the means and goodness within ourselves to be the kind of humans we are supposed to be: Those who share and go through life in the spirit of kindness, and with an attitude of love. (Those are MY minister's words, but beautiful as well.)

    Thought provoking post, JJ.....

  4. I choose to "Share love" any day, even if sometime the sharing comes at a price money will never understand.

  5. sharing has been made into an ugly thing....we have turned the less fortunate into the enemy of success...these are the signs of our times...and what is to come will come...

  6. Most of us were taught to share, what happened to the people in charge?

  7. This is so beautiful and touching, JJ... and so true. We need to be more giving... a smile, a kind gesture, helping someone...

  8. There are so many of us who yearn for real peace. I wonder why, then, why? Why does it keep turning out this way? I started working for peace in my way back in 1966. It's still just as confused as ever, maybe worse.

  9. Bountiful blessings, share and love one another. Thank you for the reminder, JJ. ♥

  10. Beautiful, JJ. Simply beautiful, insightful and very true.
    God graciously allows us to partake in His glorious bounty of which there is more than enough to go around. In the end, we are to place it all back into His hands.
    Can it be too much to ask to take only what one needs and share with the rest of our worldwide brothers and sisters? Is life really that much more with excess? If so, why do the rich crave for more? Material is never enough. It is love and compassion that truly nourishes us.

  11. Lovely, J.J. Absolutely lovely sentiments coming out strongly in this poem.

  12. So beautiful. We are all born with the ability to is up to us to open up and do it. Love and serve in the Lords name.

  13. it is indeed so meaningful another nice post jj as expected of you

  14. Looked at from a new way, it's still as wonderful.

  15. Love the thoughtful message in your poem ..

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  17. Sharing is meaningful, but very few people do it, and still less are people who do it in the right spirit.

  18. This is so impressive, so filled with truth and with love. Wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful!

  19. There are many kinds of miracles, and peace would be a great one!

  20. Indeed. It is more blessed to give than to receive...

  21. I really enjoyed that particular interpretation. It often seems as though those who have less are the ones who are most willing to share what little they have. (The story of the widow's mite from the Bible also comes to mind.) Whether it's a smile, a genuine compliment, an act of forgiveness, or a $5 donation, we can all give something to better the world, one day at a time. :-)

  22. ParengJJ
    Yes, read the interview. Very good! Made comments at Blue Bell itself. Great Pare!


  23. This is a really good and meaningful interpretation :D Well done! :D

  24. I like the way you and your brother preach.


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