Sunday, September 16, 2012

I can't Wait

Venus and The Sailor, 1925, by Salvador Dali

Oh! eighty five days
and I will have the chance
to savor again,
those early morning walks,
with my coffee cup
on the beach.
the laughters, the sweet nothings,
The sea breeze flirting with your soft cotton clothes,
and the feel
of the warmth of the morning sun
on your cheeks.
awesome! so divine!

watching the fishermen how they carefully
tidy up their fishing boats and nets,
while the others are on
to check and classify
their whole night catch.

the happy and loving wives' faces
and the excited children
to see their father's home,
home safely.
and to never be exhausted
of helping and doing their tasks.

and those weekends
especially the evenings
of lying on the white sandy beach,
under the moonlight or bonfire
while having a sip of a cold drink,
usually a bottle of my favorite
San Miguel Beer
or Red Horse,
and laughters
in between tight hugs
and sweet kisses...

Posted for Magpie Tales
Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid

My Parents' Home is about 400 meters away from the shoreline. The little town of Roxas, Palawan, Philippines. The sight every morning is beautiful. Fishermen coming home. The family waiting to help out with the never exhausted fishermen to earn a living for their family. I or sometimes with friends or some of my siblings, or nephews and nieces will either sit on the breakwater or walk by the beach if it is on low tide. We even sometimes have free fish if we knew some of the fishermen. I miss those days. And now that my 4 weeks vacation is final, I cannot wait to experience those days again. and it will be more special because JC will be with me... I can't wait, I can't wait!...


  1. Enjoy your time with family...and the sea...

  2. really brought the place alive for us...85 days...oy the countdown is on...sounds lovely....

  3. ParengJJ
    Such a beautiful take on this! You really wrote it from the heart. The process note is the icing on the cake. It clearly explained the passion you have for the sea. And just 4 weeks more! That's wonderful, Pare!


  4. Beautiful imagery, JJ!
    I can't wait to experience it with you.

  5. You really mke the sweet anticipation sound as enjoyable as the actual event!

  6. loved this one, soft, and romantic.

  7. tight hugs and sweet kisses...lovely!! x

  8. Lovely work! This piece feels so real. And makes me want to go somewhere with my own mister.

  9. Sweet, JJ!! such a nice sentiment. HAve a great reunion.

  10. Oh, I do hope you have a great vacation.

  11. No wonder you can't wait, sounds wonderful!

  12. it is clear from how you see it, that you so love the sea. Maybe you should move closer.... on second thoughts, the pleasure is all the greater for being rationed.

  13. there's no place like home indeed

  14. The poem is lovely, but I enjoyed even more the inside glimpse of the shoreline of your home in the Phillipines. I was intrigued and hope you write poetry about it while you are on vacation!

  15. A beautiful poem...enjoy your vacation!

  16. Very beautiful , Jesus, hope the Mariner made it home !

  17. It sounds so relaxing and peaceful!

  18. My son spent two years in the Naga area on a mission to the Philippines. He loved all the places he visited and the people, too.

    What a wonderful home you have. And I can tell you enjoy your family...


  19. This is wonderfully woven and so placed by the heart, i too live near the sea it is less than a mile away and great for walks, and thank you for showing me your world

  20. Oh, you make me wish I could come with you. Lovely writing, JJ!

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