Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life is Impossible

Summer Night, 1913
by Albert Bloch

What a wonderful life it would be...
If we learn and accept by heart
That we co-exist with other creations.
Respect each other,
See the beauty just
The way we are created.

Then love each other
No matter what our race,
Type of skin and skin color,
language, sound,
And form may be.

Never let our pain,
Bring anger,
And let it set in.

Each and every creation,
Have their own role to play.
I always believe that
Without the other
Life is impossible...

Posted for Magpie Tales
Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid


  1. "never let anger, jealousy, hatred set in" -this is my favorite part of your poem. It's almost impossible for mere humans but with divine help, we can strive to achieve it.

  2. Togetherness because of, not in spite of, our differences. Truly spoken.

  3. amen brother....i agree with you would be a beautiful world if we could ever figure out how to get there....

  4. Charleen and Brian and me... Charleen says Divine help and Brian says if we could figure out how to get there. Calling on the Divine is right but only shifts the question to how do we do that? The answer? Usually requires a terrible experience of life as it is and me as I am all at once or in other words, the Divine gift of desperation. And it seems never to be anything but a singular experience of one person at a time.

  5. Oh yes...we must see the's all about beauty...

  6. Indeed, what a wonderful world that would be! :)

  7. Your poem is reminding me of Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World JJ and that makes it fabulous indeed! Thanks for sharing! =D

  8. Much to learn through your words, the second stanza my favorite. Nice!

  9. well done.....thanks for sharing your words

  10. ParengJJ
    Most revealing and wise. We often tended to overlook many things and in the process we hurt others. Rightly so Pare!


  11. Lovely. May we all live up to that :)

  12. n a perfect world this is exactly as it should be but, EGO, Greed and lust for power have overtaken love as the prime reason for our existence. What a shame it all is as we need to live as one race and to take care of this planet which is our only home, if we are all to survive as a race.
    Lovely thoughts.

  13. Very beautiful Jesus, i was reminded of Avatar, perhaps your inner world has a Pandora ?

  14. You're absolutely right but I fear this is a pipe dream. There are too many gainsayers out there.

  15. Like a wonderful prayer..thank goodness some are like that! Or at least conscious, trying...

  16. We are offered many paths in life finding the right one is hard, and you tell it well


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