Sunday, March 4, 2012


MAG #107

As a child:
Things, looking at them with amusement.
People, with admiration...
As beautiful as they are fantastic.

As a teenager,
Things, "I like that"
"I want that" as i do not know the
difference between need and want.
People, dreaming of what i want to be
when answering,
"what and who am I
when grow up?
or "when will I have my say?"

As a young adult:
Things, became obsessed with it.
Never thinking of the future.
Cannot be left alone in a store
as I tend to grab whatever is there.
What a waste of resources...
People, do not bother me at all.
I care for what I want to grab and
became materialistic.

At thirty five:
Things, OMG! I have all the waste
All the garbage
stocked everywhere in the house.
People, looking at them with insecurity.
Those people that I admire most
and peers seems so big that not
even my two eyes can take a look
of their whole being,
Even just their picture.
And I feel so small compared to them.

And 6 years after,

At forty-one:
Things, well! Not too late,
Finally able to define needs and wants,
And it is making life easy and comfy.
Learned that they are not the most important things.
People, ahhh so much to say.
Sad to see the young who are experiencing
What i had been through.
Making the same mistakes.
Hoping they too will wake up one day
That it is not to late to change life and lifestyle.
Happy to see myself getting close to what I want and need
and close to what they have
Referring to those who i have been admiring when i was young.
Not as big as them, but,
good enough for what I dreamed of then.

Posted for Magpie Tales
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Thanks JC [link] for editing this for me... :-) i appreciate it so much!.

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Happy blogging everyone...
Blessed Sunday
Great week ahead...


  1. jj!!! i enjoyed the overview you share here of how we see ourselves in relation to the skin of this world . . . steven

  2. This one is very nice to read. Loved it. Thank you for sharing. I am a haiku poet so I don't write long verses, but your's is wonderful.


  3. It makes one want to know more...
    Your real experiences, your true self, an interesting life.

  4. You grew as you wrote; we can sense that you are comfortable now with how and who you are.

  5. You led us by the hand through life, well at least a major portion of it. Many may even be able to relate to the benchmarks you had indicated. Provocative but true! Great write!


  6. Always we see 20/20 in hindsight.

    1. Nice multi-layer take ! cool changing perseptions

  7. maturity changes everything doesnt it...what was important once no longer is and we see things with much fresher eyes in some ways....really nice walk through life in this jj

  8. This is really interesting! I like the approach that you took.

    1. Thank you very much! I just write what comes in mind after seeing the photo... The form, the approach.... Truth, i do not know any...

  9. Thoughtful piece. Well done!

    Anna :o]

  10. Great progression! Re iPad 2--if you press on the image slowly, a little window will come up that gives you the option to save or copy the image. (Save image.) I always do the save image option. Then the image appears in my photos and I upload it into the blog. On the iPad, I tend to write with the Wordpress App, which is free, but you could probably also do it straight from whatever dashboard you use. Ciopying should also work, but I've never tried that. Good luck, K.

  11. I am having a hard time commenting, agh!

    First, great progression.

    Second re iPad2--I press the image slowly. A box comes up asking you whether you want to save or copy the image or open in a new page. I press save image. That takes it to my photos. Then I upload it into the blog. Copy may also work, but I've never done that. I tend to use the Wordpress App when writing on the iPad, though it's not necessary. k.

    1. Tried it and it did paste... But i cannot make it small though... It occupies my whole monitor... Hahahaha... A new thing learned... Awesome!..

      Thank you very much!..

  12. And the view keeps changing...

    Life is an interesting thing.


  13. Oh, so true. "Good enough for what I dreamed of them..." Who knows what the future will bring? Thank you.

  14. I like the progression of your perspectives...

  15. I am reminded of Sinatra's 'It was a Very Good year.'

  16. Dear JJ:
    "Finally able to define needs and wants,
    And it is making life easy and comfy."

    You are very smart to realize this in your youth. It is so important. I'm still working on I find things are a'changin'~


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