Thursday, April 26, 2012


46 years ago
the Lord made 
the biggest wonder for me,
to which I am very thankful!

april 26, 1966
born the person
who have love me
despite my flaws and mistakes
more than I thought
someone could ever do.

Accept the way I am
and never had tried
of changing me.

Supports every dream I have
and keep encouraging me
to do the things he knew I can.
and have guided me since day 1.

A very kind man
who not only welcomed me into his life
but introduced me to his wonderful family
and very kindhearted friends.
I will cherish that day
all the years of my life.

Happy Birthday, JC!
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  1. smiles....what a blessing eh?

    happy birthday JC...i hope you both have a beautiful day together...

  2. ParengJJ,
    Please convey Birthday Best Wishes to JC. Thanks!


  3. the paths we follow that cross and criss-cross are amazing and beautiful. lucky you jj to meet your true love!!! steven

  4. Hope you enjoyed the day. Sorry I'm late with my best wishes.

  5. Happy Birthday JC....and to love someone who loves the chipmunks...(I do)
    how special is that? are the best.....enjoy celebrating with JC....
    enjoying your countdown to the Philipppines

  6. I love the post and heartfully apilogize for not having looked yesterday. It still means a lot to me no matter the day, for what that's worth. Love u jj.


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