Sunday, April 22, 2012

be careful!..

image by Alex Stoddard

it is easier to destroy life
than to create it...

so be careful!..

when you happen to mess it up
it is hard to gather things
and mold it again.

so be careful..

bad situation.
it is hard to get people's support
and understanding
to start all over again.

so be careful...

the worst case is
when you start hating yourself.
and feeling like
you want to self-destruct...

so be careful!..

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Blessed Sunday everyone!
and Great week ahead... 

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we are cordially inviting everyone to join us for 
an annual banquet dinner of the Asian Community AIDS Services [link] (ACAS).
ACAS is a charitable, non-profit, community-based organization.

Please support ACAS and this wonderful evening by buying a regular ticket of Can$50 or reserving a sponsor table with us. A silver sponsor table is $2,000 for 10 guests and a gold sponsor is Can$3,000. Auction item donations will also help support our fundraising efforts. All sponsors will be acknowledged throughout the evening and in our printed program. Sponsor table price is eligible for a charitable receipt. 

this celebration will take place on Friday, May 4, 2012, 7pm at
Dim Sum Restaurant
421 Dundas St. W. 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON, CA

for more info please contact ACAS at 416-963-4300 ext. 227


  1. Also a lot of self-recognition for me in this. I wish it were easier to be careful! *smile* However, a very nice piece of writing!

  2. ParengJJ,
    True enough! Good thoughts and good advice! We may not be able to be an angel for 100% of the time. But it would be ideal to be aware and accomplish some!


  3. Much agreed... life is so very fragile... lovely take on the prompt!

    1. how true man...we should take care with all our life and our decisions ...and we will screw up but must in that give forgiveness to ourselves and others...

  4. you're right, self-loathing is not a good thing

    altered states

  5. A lovely poem of caution and hope.

    (I really like that word CelebrAsian in the notice following your poem.)

  6. Indeed JR , come winter he will be frozen solid, like Han Solo !

  7. Nice write! The repetition works really well.

  8. Dear JJ: "So be careful" ok...good philosophy~! no "self-destruct"...May 4, "CelebrAsian!.." sounds fantastic...and a worthwhile charity. Bright Blessings~!!!

  9. Totally fresh and original. Congrats.

  10. It’s good to repeat that warning - like a mantra, before we live to regret!


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