Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pretending to be home doing his laundry
JC showed up surprisingly while
I am doing my grocery shopping.
Never minding the two hours drive
and just a mere two and a half hour time with me
then back home
just to make me happy after being sad
and sick yesterday.
And gave me a beautiful potted plant.
And on his way home sent me this poem:

The Potted Plants

signify our hot,
steamy passion;
Flowering plant,
signify the beauty of our love;
Green leaves,
eminate our healthy strong feelings;
The roots,
to remind us
how well grounded
we need to be;
The soil,
to show us we need
friends and families
to support us our lives through;
The fragile nature,
to keep us mindful of how
we must take tender
loving care
of each other.

Words by: JC [link]
15 April 2012


  1. ParengJJ,
    Great poem by JC! You're ok by now, I gather!


  2. Very nourishing words, Jesus, who needs mushrooms when i can just read your poems !

  3. A very inriguing piece, JJ. Thank you.

  4. Very charming indeed! You can say it plants as well as flowers!..x


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