Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is It Right?

is it right
to show on tv
how housewives fight
over crap at home,
question each other's profession,
how they raise their children,
how they manage their household;
how they interact with their husbands;
as how we see it in
the "real housewives of whatever?"

is it appropriate
to see how chaotic a family is,
how terrible their children are,
ladies or women as we know them,
the way they act,
spend so much money
despite the thought that the world is starving
as how we hear and see
that family "Gaddamitshian"?

is it the best
to show our viewers
especially the children
that fighting back,
and guns
are just like toys?
not mentioning
computer games...

is this the kind
of world we wanna see
in the future?!.....

no wonder
there are a lot of chaos.

God help us!
spare our children from this...


  1. it is trash, I agree
    and not for children
    and limited for adults
    Gone are the days of nuturing tv

    the ones that really count are
    our own families...that hasn't changed...
    if you are loved as a child
    you have it made...inside

  2. jj i give it a very big distance because it has no bearing on tehfuture i am trying to create . . . i'm grateful for this writing of yours as a prayer and also a wish for goodness! steven

  3. ParengJJ
    Visual examples linger on in our minds. Whatever is seen on TV youngsters take it as the way it should be. They would not imagine otherwise. This is a disaster! Great thoughts, Pare!


  4. no but we do...we are a society of voyeurs...perhaps it make us not feel so bad about ourselves...but what does it teach....and does that really matter to any one?

  5. Yes, most reality series and TV shows are full of bulls*t and it makes me sad. Nasan na ang magagandang show dati... like... encantadia. Char! pero i like that show so much.

    BTW, napansin ko ang countdown timer mo before your vacation sa Pinas. Mukhang magkakasabay tayo ng bakasyon. :D

  6. As adults, we have the power in our hands - the power to turn it off, to set boundaries, to lead by example. Unfortunately, it's far cheaper to produce these reality shows then to pay good writers and actors or fund documentaries. The only way to change it is to demand better - and stop watching. But it doesn't look like that will happen.

  7. I really don't miss television.

    Who needs television when JJ is around?



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