Friday, April 13, 2012

Jessica Sanchez

once again I am posting
and ask for support
for Miss Jessica Sanchez.
watching American Idol
made me so sad
that she was almost voted out.
after all the wonderful comments,
both from the judges and mentors;
America almost voted her out.
come on Pinoys, who are in the US
let's give a minute or two to help
this young lady get to her dream...
thank you very much!

but no matter what
you surely are a winner to me...


  1. you know...i have not watched it this year, at all...i was disappointed in the end last year and it just has not grabbed me again...

  2. Actually Sir Brian, that is also the reason why I stopped watching it years before this season. The text votes should not take a major part of the decision. The judges knew who needs to be voted out and who deserves to win. Sometimes the end result is frustrating and it reflects the kind of audience and followers they have. My apologies for the good ones.

    Thanks for dropping by and making a comment. Have a great weekend...

  3. If she deserves to win, she will make it. But there are also roads and success outside of many have not been crowned, yet they are all successful ~

    Cheers ~

  4. ParengJJ,
    Jessica is holding out tenaciously. Being just 16 yrs and the youngest finalist she is matured in her bearing. Hoping she'll make headway!



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