Sunday, June 24, 2012


If helping makes you happy
go for it with no hesitation
for it is by heart!

if it is to make you feel proud
Stop it!
do not use other's
for your glory!

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photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid [link]

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just a thought: I am always stopped by the thoughts of the negative news and stories about beggars and hitchhikers roaming around the busy streets. Others even have good and funny signs and other have brought me to tears.

Am I too help with the little money and resources I have?

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Blessed Sunday everyone!
and great week ahead!


  1. Interesting take on the prompt...

  2. Nice reflections on one's motivation to helping others ~

    Happy Sunday to you ~

  3. If it comes to your mind and touches your heart, the answer is yes.

  4. i agree on so many levels jj...if it is for our own pride it is probably no good...

  5. ParengJJ,
    Helping is a virtue. If we believe strongly in it helping others may help turn our luck for the better. Good write!


  6. God does mot recognize charity in the name of one's own gain. It is as though you have done nothing at all.
    Luckily there are people like you, mahal ko.
    However, we can only do what we can do.
    Like droplets in a pool of water turning to ripples then to giant waves, it takes just a little from many tomake a huge difference.

  7. I love how you reflected on the vice of 'pride' in a reversed order but making it appear dominant. Kindness counts. Thank you for the heartfelt reflections, JJ. =D

  8. go for it is just perfect here. that could be the if i had to rewrite it, that's what i would start with. :)

    done for

  9. Dear JJ: "the right hand should not know what the left is doing" It is good not to boast when doing good for others because then the reward will be in heaven. I think this is very kind of you, you are a very sweet person~

  10. i totally agree on that if your intensions wasn't pure just dont do it this is what must those politicians aplly to themselves

  11. Very wise words Jesus, for us in the west to be able to be benevolent and giving, it is necessary for us to have a large and permanent impoverished underclass to be kind and generous to . Thanks

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