Friday, June 22, 2012

sale! sale! sale!

funny how we all
wait for our
favorite shop
or even our favorite
grocery store
to put the sign up
Sale! sale! sale!

we are all 
patiently waiting for holidays
that all the department stores, 
shops and even barbers
put their prices of up to 70% off...

and I am Guilty!..

but you know what?
that sale price is the real price 
for all these commodities.
those prices
gives the businessman
a little mark-up
which if accumulated is huge.

the regular price we are paying
are the "Rip-Off Price!"

and this one is the funniest sign
I have ever seen...

We are on sale!
1 item for 10% off
2 items for 15% off
3 items for 20% off
hurry while supply last!..

as in duh!


  1. haha i remember the frst time i went to a mall thats on sale i was surprised to see the crowd

  2. smiles...wont lie, i like sales...and it is def interesting to see the mark up on certain things and how far they will lower in tough times to make a sale...

  3. You said it right, ParengJJ,
    They already had us all the year round. What to lose in the off season sales anyway. We laugh all the way home (thinking we made a kill)and they laugh all the way to the banks (that we never realize) Great thoughts!



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