Sunday, June 3, 2012

Magpie Prompt 120

I hope that every nation 
is equal in rights 
in freedom 
and in opportunity... 

And I hope too 
 that everyone is kind, 
and peace loving... 

there are so much 
beautiful architectures, 
wonders of nature; 
served like platters of fruits 
all over the world... 
image by Klaus Enrique Gerdes

 But it is so sad 
and disappointing 
that only a privilege few, 
lucky ones, 
had the chance to see, 
to enjoy and experience it... 

Written for Magpie Tales [link]
Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid  [link]

the post  is inspired by my 3 days of wonderful
experience in Washington, DC, USA
June 1 - 3, 2012
so sad I was too busy roaming the city
that I was not able to allocate time to meet
Mr & Mrs. O... hehehe.... 


  1. only a few also get to eat such exquisite fruit, and be surrounded by good food, and not living in some kind of rat race. some people get to live in simplicity, but with much more pure form of life.

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  2. Sadly, so true...nice to see your smiling face in D.C...

  3. Freedom is a wonderful basic human right.
    We need to cherish it and make sure it is a bounty everyone is at thhe table to enjoy.

    Mahal kita mahal ko. Always.

  4. If only JJ…it says much of your heart in what you write here…so you are in DC right now right? Having fun? What have you seen already?

  5. we all should be sharing- I am happy that you had such a good time.

  6. glad you enjoyed your visit to DC

  7. Hope you've had a wonderful time. It's a trip I'd like to make myself...


  8. Yes, it is sad to know how many go to bed hungry and remain that way throughout the day ... I love DC, lived there for two years ~ in the late 60s! I get back every year or so. There is an energy there that does not exist ~ anywhere!

  9. Up lifting read, again I enjoy reading your poems. and loved how you used the prompt

  10. Your poem is poignant and true. I hope for freedom, equal rights, and opportunity for all nations as well.

  11. i agree in your lovely poem nice job dude

  12. Hey JRod, there are some of us born within the bosom of the current empire who are fighting for it to be different, hang in there mate. My material comfort rests on the bones and emaciated bodies of millions of people past and present in the so called " third world" , as well as in my own country .

  13. A good comparison between the have and the have-have nots. Far too much disparity in the world.


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