Friday, June 29, 2012


one, i want to thank MeCoy [link], a very good young man from the Philippines for another award for my blog - "the versatile blogger award..." i will look into this in the next days. bit busy with a lot of whatever things that i need to accomplish...

two, just found out that one of my docs is missing... :-( it is very vital for my application for permanent residency. haist! need to call the government agency to secure another copy. hope i can get one soon. btw, this is what's making me busy this past few days or maybe months. i am almost there. i mean a little more time and i am legitimate to apply for my residency. i want to apologize to all my blogger friends for not coming to visit you as often as i do before.

three, and this is what's pissing me off... oooooppppsss!!. sorry for the word. "WHY DOES NEWS REPORTS ON WEATHER SOUNDS LIKE THEY WANT OUR WEATHER TO BE HOTTER THAN HOT THAN BEFORE?" How would you like hearing the line, " well i guess we will not be able to break the records last whatever year it was set..." as if getting us toasted in the face of the planet is a good accomplishment. don't they realize that when we are breaking records of heat or temp means we are not doing any good to our environment. duh!.. i would rather hear the lines, good job human race, guess our effort to keep our environment clean and green is helping us keep the weather beautiful...


  1. first its really flattering to have my name written on your post
    second i had that same problem back then it really suck to lose such important documents
    and third i just hate weather reports and i never been a fan of hot weather which we have to "suffer" half through evry year haha

  2. ugh it is smoking hot here today....melting for sure...hope all works out with that doc too...ugh....congrats on the award though...smiles...

  3. oh YOU lost something? I don't believe that :) Good luck getting a new copy
    and don't worry about the weather....
    it is what it is......
    and then it changes

  4. ParengJJ
    Life's disappointments is a step before life's attainments! I would wish that you'll achieve what you desire. A nice guy gets the best in return!



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