Saturday, November 26, 2011

JC and My Family

Awesome Saturday!

Today! We were up,eraly are we are both morning person. We went to have coffee with Roland at Java Jive at 7:30am, that is after being with him at Woody's last night with, and Ossie came by and joined us. Their chemistry is awesome. Unbelievable!

We have planned to leave the place by 12noon because we need to pick up the tickets for the Romeo amd Juliet ballet at the Four Season Performing Arts Box Office at least 45 minutes before the performance, but because the modern story for cinderella was playing on TV, we ended up leaving around 12:45. Crazy part, we have delays on the subway station at Union Station that i thought was gonna last forever; anyways, we made it 1:15pm and just got the tickets right in time.

Timmy's is very good to help us out. We are starving and that the fastest food we can have before the show.

The performance was awesome and. Highly recommended!..

But the highlight of today was actually when we drove from Toronto to Ajax for JC to meet my family in Canada. the BEST!.. He was welcomed with open arms. He is now officially a member of the family.

Present are my sister Manique with daughters, Isabella and Lawrekaye with the friend. Cousin Ruby with daughter and son, extended family Walter and Vanessa and daughter Dania, Kuya Boy and Ate Reggie and three sons, who by the was celebrating their 25th anniversary on Dec 29th and JC as a new family member was handed out instantly his invitation for the event. And lastly my youngest brother, Romano and of course the love of my life, JC!

Awesome! Amazing! I never thought my sister would even give JC a hug. Crying? No i am not. Because i'm dying already of happiness...

And tomorrow, i'll be home with him in his home court again... For sure it's going to be another awesome day with them...

Have a blessed Sunday fellow bloggers! Love you all...

Ps... Pictures of this gathering and event will be posted soon as I am home in Burlington...


  1. ...i am happy that you are happy there my friend...take care always.

  2. sounds delightful :)

  3. terrific happy for your happiness Jj

  4. ParengJJ,
    How come I miss this wonderful occasion with no comments? I'll comment now! I'm so happy for you. Good things come your way easily and I wish you well.



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