Friday, November 11, 2011

Awesome 11/11/11!

So yesterday JC arrived in Burlington to pick me up. Before seeing me, he asked me if i am ready on text. And i replied, i am sorry but i changed my mind. He replied back, it's too late to back out. And we was there hiding, watching me... So sweet.

We grab something to eat before heading home. Home to his parents.

We arrive at Tillsonburg around 8pm. We drove around the town. A little introduction of his place. And a small but neat place. Lots of interesting things and it's quite busy for a small town.

We headed home after having two glasses of beer at Kelsey's. We are just letting the time pass as we were waiting for his parents to come home from the church. At 9:15pm. We are on our way home.

The first meeting was awesome. It seems like i have been with this family for years. An instant connection. Thery are so warm. Words are not enough to describe how wonderful the first meeting was.

His mother stayed with us up to midnight while we are having a bottle of wine, that his mom did on a place that they do their own wines. It was a nice one. I love it. His mom and dad? A beautiful couple. I love them.

And when we woke up this morning, it can never be forgoten, it's friday 11/11/11 and his mom is already downstairs brewing coffee and she opened the blinds for the back door and showed us, what we had for the morning... The first snow of 2011! i love it. Made it romantic and memorable.

Jc has to go to work at 7:40, just before he left, his dad joined us for breakfast, and thirty minutes after JC left, his dad left for work too. And i left in the care of his mom...

We had fun watching her favorite tv show. She showed me the backyard. It's a gorgeous backyard - 2 acres... Then she prepared me something for brunch... And i went off to the bedroom, to make sure i'm not disturbing her for her daily chores and she works at home too... We had a nice walk at the lake. A cup of coffee at Coffee Culture at the intersection of Brock Street West and Broadway, Tillsonburg....

I just LOVE IT,...


  1. ParengJJ,
    Tillsonburg is going to be home away from home. All these happening on 11/11, a memorable day and a memorable occasion. Wishing you well Pareng!


  2. Lovely, a first snow! we had ours a few weeks ago, but it wasn't lovely and romantic - it knocked out power and caused a lot of damage! Glad you're having a wonderful time.

  3. hurray!! i thought of you all day today and wondered how everything went. these are special times jj!!! steven

  4. aww, that was romantic. and what a nice family. they're so welcoming and accommodating!


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