Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is this ever gonna happen?

Problem with JJ is, when he is in love he cannot think of anything else, but love and the one he loves... Hehehe... It's not wrong but might bored you guys a lot. I just wanna enjoy the time, for times like this cannot be brought back.

Anyways, I have been thinking of what to post that is different from being in love. And now that the American Thanksgiving is here, 2 more days if I am not mistaken (November 24 / Thursday); I have spent my whole night thinking of what to write, that has something to do with it, or at least anything that is related to being thankful, until I saw the news about drought and famine in some parts of the world.

It is very touching that, people on these parts of the world, the third world countries, are still thankful that they are still breathing and very hopeful that there will be help or blesings that will come.

Have we, people who live in a comfortable house, with job that gives us money to pay our bills, put food on our table, clean water to drink, sometimes a pop, wine or beer, gas to our cars, have money to dine out once and a while, and so on and forth, etc and etc... Have we ever been thankful?

Individually, have you thought of: what do u have and what are you enjoying and be thankful of that. Set aside what you think is making your life miserable or difficult. Stop complaining for awhile and just do what needs to be done. I tell you even here where we are living, the developed world, there are people who would love to be in our place.

For the unprivileged, be thankful that you are still breathing. It simply means, there is still hope for a better life. Use every strength that you have to face the challenge of life and make it better. Don't waste any chance. I know it is easier said than done; but I guess, we all does not have any other option. Let's just be positive about things, for us to invite positive vibes.

For those who we call, the middle class, ow come on! They still exists. You reading this is one sample. Don't be so negative. LOL! Those who have comfy home, car, pc or laptop or macbook, a job (the most important), be thankful that you still have all of these things. We have a local saying in the Philippines that goes, "sige magreklamo ka ng magreklamo, mamaya mo may nakarinig sa'yo bawiin pa kung ano ang meron ka!" (ok, keep complaining, hopefully noone will hear you and take back everything that you have)... let's just do what we need to do.

If we are on sales, remember that the one you are serving are mostly the people of your own class. And if you saw someone who is in need of what you are selling, make sure to give him/her the best option that he/she can have for his money. Remember those money are hard earned. If you cheat, you damage the person and you level down your integrity. Be responsible not only for yourself but for others as well.

If your a doctor, a nurse, a lawyer, a carpenter or whatever it is that you do in life, do it with your best. not because of anything else but for your own good and conscience. Anyway, for good "KARMA!"

And for the rich, Ow! what can I say about them. Be thankful because they are rich. Of course they are.

But you know what, I cannot remember the author or the article or whatever it is that I have read that says; after we acquire the basic needs in life, whatever we will acquire will not give us so much happiness or the amount of happiness we will have is no more significant. The richer we get the more stress we get. Why? to keep the status they have. To keep them on top.

Actually, I was talking to JC the other night and we have talked about what kind of life are we trying to do now. We are not contented of what we have, we are trying to knock out each other. We don't want to share the best part of what we have, because, we don't want that person to use that "best" because he/she might use it to go ahead of us. The true art of giving is, when you give the person the thing that you like and not the things that you keep on the garage or basement because you don't like it anymore.

Company owners, why don't want to share their wealth, because they will become poor. The rich are also in competition with each other. I hope you believe that? If we the middle class are trying to knock down each other, what do you think the 1% is doing with each other? That is the reason why they don't wanna share their income eventhough it is more than what they need to have a wonderful comfortable life. Why they can't just be thankful of what they have and share it?

Funny I have this conversation with my recent Ex, my friend now I hope, when we talked about the rich guys who have promised to give 50% of their wealth to charity when they die. The immediate reaction was, why then, why not now? It is so generous to think that wow they will share 50%. But on the other hand, selfish in a way for making this people wait. hhhheeeellllloooooo! if they will give it now, they for sure with their brilliance, they can still earn it. Anyways, who is poor in love JJ can do about it. Give me that millions and I will help you share it.

And lastly, for the government officials, workers and employees! Well, why can't you be contented with being there are do your job. Your work is to serve and not to be served? That is what you are suppose to be thankful of.  You wished and and hope to serve the people, there you go, you got it. The majority gave you what you wished for, and then, what is next - We served you? Duh!

one last question, have you thought of going to depressed areas, community or third world countries countries not for vacation, but to be one with them. learn why despite all life's uncertaintess and struggle, they can still smile, laugh and have fun... Aha! try it, that would surely make you feel good of what you have and be thankful with them. Probably that's the reason why I always see the sun behind the clouds.

Ok? as usual, I would start by saying, I don't know what to write and before I notice it, it's already long and I don't even know if I made some sense at all... Hehehehe....

Love you guys! Let's start all go back to the basics if it is still possible. That is the only way we can be happy and be stress free. But if that is not possible, well! be thankful of what you have. That would make you contented, I hope...

and so, I pray....

Lord, thank you
for all the good people around me
who is giving me the courage, the strength
and inspiration to go on with life.

And for those who are not so good
Thank you Lord
for they keep
putting up the challenge
for me to make my life good if not better
and keeping it not boring.

Lord, thank you
that no matter I complain
about simple things
that I know can be resolved,
I still complain
and yet YOU continue
to bless me...

And Lord I pray
that we learn to be thankful
and appreciative of what our
neighbor have and and acquired;
not envy them;
but make them an inspiration.

Lord, thank you for my job
that gives me the money
to pay my bills
put decent food on the table
and safe drinking water.
that not everyone have everyday..
And Lord
I hope that we
all the blessed ones
learn how to share our blessings
to those that we call


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  1. Jj that was a wonderful post. I am grateful to have met you on your blog....your prayer ...was so beautiful....yes, God always hears before we utter one word.....nice huh?
    Happy Thanksgiving....dear Jj and wish JC a happy day too

  2. you are so honest, on being in love from above.

    sweet poem on being thankful.

    you are indeed blessed, my friend.
    poem on,

    Happy Poetry Picnic.


  3. Beautiful post again, my dear JJ.
    What a big heart you have to share with the world.

    Thanks, suz for the well wishes!


  4. Wonderful post JJ! (((hugs))) I am thankful and Blessed I found your blog- and am thankful I get to read your works. God IS good and will ALWAYS love and bless us :)

  5. Thank you for such a beautiful prayer. You are truly a blessing to others by being such a wonderful witness to what is important in life. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Such a very inspiring, sincere and heartfelt prayer jj...God bless you more my friend!
    Happy thanksgiving!!

  7. ParengJJ,
    Great write! It gets us thinking. Lots of people can make a difference but didn't. Not many are serious in thinking about them.


  8. thank you sir...just got to the inlaws for the next couple days...really a lovely your heart man....

  9. Jj....
    like brian your heart man

  10. Hello.
    Really enjoyed reading your post.
    Lovely, heartfelt expressions.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Mine's here:
    Beautiful Woman Of My Heart

    I'm also having a celebration of sorts over at my blog. You're welcome to attend. For more information, please click here...

  11. Hello again.
    Just stopping by again to thank you for following my blog. I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower too. I hope you'll come visit often!

    A Sweet, Spanish Flower

  12. Lovely post, and a great prayer :) Enjoyed being here :)


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