Sunday, November 13, 2011

Going back home happy!..

So JC drive me back to Toronto yesterday afternoon, and meet my friend Roland. And they are an instant clicked. So i am now contented.

Last night was fantastic.

I have heard that so many times,
I'm cute, i'm sexy...
(Not being conceited, hahaha!)
Wondering if the meaning of those adjectives
Were changed without my knowing.

But whenever you said it
Looking at me and into my eyes
I somewhat get the nerve to believe it.
Thank you!

Praising me for being beautiful
In and out;
What can i say about it.
But again, thank you!

I was just blown away
By how your parents welcomed me.
I find it so warm to see and cute,
When you dad prepared our breakfast yesterday.

And i just hid it
But i am to cry of happiness
When your mom called me son
When she hugged me before leaving home
To meet her friends.

Your dad sitting with us
To watch tv the whole mornng
Before he took us
For the country ride,

Isn't it cute,
Whenever your father stop to show me
A good subject for pictures.
Whenever he is flashing a smile
And cracking jokes.

And your classy
Gorgeous mom...
I cannot wait 'til
My mom meet her.
They will be fun too see
As my mom is as exciting to be with
as she is.
And beautiful too, :-)!

When your mom told me
That she just told your sister
That i am there at home
Just made me truly a part of the family.
My heart just felt so happy...

And our lunch
At the chinese restaurant yesterday.
Our first family dine out...

over all, I AM HAPPY!
Not enough to describe what i feel...
But for now i will use the word.
Hope you are too....
Cannot wait 'til
I will be with you
And your family again.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

and i want to congratulate the top seven for the new "seven wonders of nature". hopefully after the validation of counts there will be no more changes as it will be announced early of 2012!

arrange in alphabetical orders and not by vote rank:

> Amazon
> Halong Bay
> Iguazu Falls
> Jeju Island
> Komodo
> Table Mountain

to read more, please click [link] provisional New7Wonders of Nature as of 11/11/11


  1. Wow! What a great visit you had. Being around great people always lifts my spirit. It sounds like yours got a lift too.
    You deserve it!

  2. your poetry is outstanding.

    if you did not join poets rally yet, consider submit one today,

    any poem of your choice is welcome.


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