Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 days and 5 nights with JRC...

It was full of fun, excitement and love...


I was preparing to get out of work as my Days off will be from 12noon. My lady boss and her daughter were doing their routine exercises with their gym instructor who comes in three times a week. While they are sweating it all, I am doing my routine too... Checking the water filter, the firewood for the fireplace, the salt of the water system, the tropical plants that we have to bring in and all the rooms.

When my lady boss shouted at me, "JJ will you stop it!" shocked, i went down to see and ask her what i should stop; Thinking that I did something wrong. She told me, "stop parading in front of us with that skinny pants and tight fit white shirt. We all killing ourselves here working out and seems like nothing is happening while you eat rice three times a day and still, looking that well..." we all laughed.

So by 12noon, me and my lady boss are already on her convertible white audi. She is going to the store and dropping me off to Burlington Go Station. I arrived in Toronto around 2pm. Checked in to the hotel, and after my phone was fully charged, i went to eaton center to check out some stuff that i am planning to buy.

At around 7pm, JC arrived, picked me up at Yonge street and we went to have dinner. roland joined us shortly. It was a fun night. Being with JC is always fun. Endless kisses and hugging and whispering of sweet nothings. As usual have beer at Woody's. Roland who left after the dinner joined us there around 10pm. And Oscar, another cute asian guy arrived and join us too. Hmmmm! Double date ei... LOL! Home after having 3 pitchers of beer. I'm pretty drunk. Hehehe...


We got up at 7am, snuggle a little, and went to meet Roland at Java Jive for coffee. About 9am. We went to walk around church street and yonge street trying to look for whatever. We went back to the hotel to rest awhile while waiting for 12noon. We need to pick up the ticket for Romeo and Juliet Ballet at the Four Seasons Performing Arts box office. Tne instruction was at least 45minutes prior to the show schedule which is 2pm. Anyways, we decided to go early to pick up the ticket, grab a bite and come back. Unfortunately something came up with the Subway, and we were left with no choice but to eat a sandwich and coffee at Tim Hortons... Oh well!

The show was fabulous! It was Jc's first time to a ballet show and he liked it. We were looking forward to see sleeping beauty on March 2012. Wanna join us? Sure...

The show went for three hours including the three breaks. We are rushing after the show for we still need to drive to Ajax. My sister is hosting a dinner party at her place. We have to dropby The Beer Store for i promised that we will be the one to provide the drinks. We were there by 7:30pm.
(son 1, kuya boy, son 3 and son 2, JC, Dania, Romano)
(ate Reggie, Ate Ruby, Ate Manique, Isabella, Bian and Vanessa)
btw, Ate (pronounced ah-te ) means older sister and kuya (ku-ya) means older brother

At the party were my cousin Ruby and her daughter Bian and son Christian, neighbors and adopted family, Walter and Vanessa and Daughter Dania, Ate Reggie and Kuya Boy, with their three goodlooking sons. By the way the couple will be celebrating their silver wedding anniversary on the 29th of December, and yehey! JC as a new member of the family will be my escort for the night. I will be hosting. And of course my sister Manique and daughters Isabella and Lawrekaye, and my youngest brother, Romano.
(youngest brother Romano, Ate Ruby, Walter, Lawrekaye, Vanessa and JC)

How happy to see that JC and my family get along well. Sooooo happppyyyyyy!...

Instead of staying there for a short while,we ended up leaving 1am. Yahoo! Good that JC has control over alcohol unlike me who ended up drinking the beer that i brought.. 9 cans of Corona... He is driving back again. Anyways, it was worth it. I am so damn happy and JC too. Both of our families now are connected. Soon we will have them meet. I love his family and hopefully they love me too... LOL! Wonderful people. And JC love my family too and they love him. They are even textng each other now. And facebook friend too with my sister Vicky.
(JC, Kuya Boy, me, son 2, Ate Reggie and Romano, sister at the back cooking)
(fyi, the son 1, 2 & 3 are kuya boy and ate reggie's sons. don't know their names, LOL!)


After meeting Roland again for coffee, we are heading back to Tillsonburg... And there I met some members of his family, that made me fall in love with them more and with him soooo mucccchhhhh....

As i am writing this... I am back here in Burlington from staying with JC and his mom and dad for two days and two nights.

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  1. Wow- love is on the air j! Happy for you buddy...

  2. i enjoyed reading this post jj. some kind of a journal of your activities with JC. from your stories, i can see that he is really a nice guy. hope to meet him too when you two visit palawan..i am really happy for you my friend. take care...

  3. ParengJJ,
    Great posting. I'm so happy for you! Looking at the pictures seems Canada is the place for you. Have a fine weekend!


  4. What a weekend it was.
    JJ, you have a wonderful family. It's a family parallel to my own, even down to the apparent inability to say goodbye as everyone goes from saying goodbye in the kitchen/family room to saying goodbye at the front door and finally saying goodbye in the front yard. Hmmmm... why does this seem so familiar? lol
    I am humbled by the acceptance by the family.
    One could never find such an inviting and loving family unless they were to venture to Tillsonburg. ;-)

    Amazing, JJ you are. Thank you for the gift of your family.


  5. @ tim, thank you very much buddy!

    @ jeanette, thank you my friend... We will be home next year on xmas 2012. We will see you then... Love u my friend!

    @ kaykuala aka Pareng Hank, thank you very much!

    @ JC, mahal ko. Finally, as my vousin Ruby said, we finally found someone. Love you so much. And thank hou for the great post you have for me on your blog.... Love you. I am amazing because you are too... I am excited to have our family meet early next year as we have thought it during the dinner at my sister's... Love you! JJ

  6. Oh JJ~ I had a SMILE throughout this whole post... I am so happy for you sweet friend. In the period of time I've been reading you, it's like I have this special bond for you (must be a filipino thing! hahaha)- wishing and praying nothing but happiness, health, love and a bunch of laughter in your life. Thank you for sharing (((hugs)))

  7. very cool...very happy for you man...the ballet is wife was a ballerina for 18 years...i actually danced in one once as well....


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