Monday, May 28, 2012

thank you!

oh how i love seeing all of you
come by everyday
partaking in the food that
we have prepared for you.
all the fresh drinks
that you love to
sip and sip and sip
'til you are refreshed.

but as days go by
it is becoming more of a pain,
annoying sometimes;
as you guys seem to be
growing in numbers that i cannot count anymore.
it even came to a point
that i need to put food again and again and again
for you and your friends.
even the day is not  done yet,
compared to what it  is like before...

i almost feel like not doing it anymore
as it sometimes a hinder
to my day's work.

but when an accident
happened this morning.
i felt so guilty.
one of your friends is trying
to be mr. superman.
instead of drinking
from the bath that
we have prepared.
clean and fresh water.
he made an attempt to
go to the pool instead.

that attempt was not successful.
and as i saw him almost
lifeless floating in the pool.
my instinct drive me
to run to the pool house,
get the net and take him out of the water.
and lay him in safe.

minute by minute
i check him.
breaks my heart seeing him grasping for air.
the Pee and Poop
coming out.
and I saw him
with little strength left
slowly raising his head,
trying to open his eyes wide
looking at me,
as if thanking me
or maybe saying his prayer.

oh! what a feeling
seeing someone
trying to survive a mishap.
trying to fight
a near death accident.
i hope i can be brave like that too
if that ever happen to me.
and praying that there will be someone
to net me out of danger
and lay me in safe.

and just after an hour,
i saw him,
trying to jump
as if testing himself
and in all his might
fly to the bird bath
cleaning himself,
as if washing his soul from the uncertainty.

and in another ten minutes
he is flying again
like he is suppose to be.

thank God for giving me
the chance to save a bird today.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *    *     *

reposting my thank you video for
my 1st blogsarry yesterday... 
thank you everyone... 
love you all!..
God bless!..


  1. oh are a hero today jj...thank you...and thank you for saving the bird..

  2. oh my brother have touched my heart with your kind words
    But it was you who first captivated my being with your kindness and great faith
    your bravery in a new land
    your seeking of love
    your encouraging me when I was down
    your words of comfort are so precious
    and good looking...I may add...
    This old lady adores you
    and your writings
    happy blog anniversary

    1. we just love each other.. made me teary eyed sister... thank you!

  3. oh, and bless your heart for saving that bird.....
    compassion to the least of these
    who knows who it really was?

  4. ParengJJ,
    Pakiramdam ko ay gayon honored.I nakatanggapng espesyal na banggitin mula sa piliin ang ilangsa iyong video.Ginawa ang aking araw today.Imagalak nang magkasama sa iyonganibersaryo.Ang iyong mga writings ay lagingnaging isang inspirasyon para sa akin.Ito aypersonal pa ito ay hindi.Tumingin ako inaabanganang panahon upang kumonekta sa ang kasunodna taon ahead.Thank sa iyo kaya magkano, PareJJ!

    Thank you PareJJ. I'm so honored.


    1. maraming maraming salamat Pareng Hank!

  5. Dear JJ: I once saved an artic finch who couldn't fly..raised and fed him for years...I love birds of all kinds...I think you may love birds like I love birds JJ~:)))


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