Thursday, May 31, 2012

Washington, DC, USA

Yehey!... As I have made mention two weeks ago. for my 42nd birthday, which will be on the 5th; my boss gave me a round trip air ticket to the US capital. if no delays on the flight and hassles on immigration :-)) i'll set my first step in DC at 12:45, June 1 The second US state after New York... I am so excited although a little sad Because Jim cannot come with me.,, But we have planned an alternate holiday for the two of us. And that is to OTTAWA, another capital... Hopefully, we can do it this coming month, June, my birthday month... Any suggestions as to the must "see" and must "do"... In a tight budget tho, so you know what I mean... E. X. C. I. T. E. D. By the way, Let's keep praying that may June will bring us More happiness, more blessings, and more friends...


  1. yay...DC is so cool...wish i was going to be up are only 3 hours from me...the holocaust museum is rough...great place but rough emotionally...i love the natural history museum...oh man there is so much to do on 'the mall' where all the museums and monuments will have fun...

  2. ParengJJ
    You may wish to go up to meet Abe Lincoln and witness the change of guards. Cleopatra's Needle from there and view of DC is exhilarating. An eternal flame is kept lighted at Robert Kennedy's in Arlington, I wonder if it is still so. Have fun Pare!


  3. have a good time ...take it all in
    and take pictures...sorry about jim not going
    and thanks for all your kind words

  4. I so wish that I could have accompaied you. I am there with you in heart and mind. Enjoy, mahal ko!


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