Sunday, May 13, 2012

a tribute to my heroine

The Meal, 1891, by Paul Gauguin
Magpie Tales Photo Prompt 117

patiently waiting as we are always,
all seated at the breakfast table
while mother is instructing
our house helpers on what to do and prepare;
the nourishment we all need
for our day in school.

our bags on the floor
packed with all the things we needed.
the assignments and homeworks
that mother also helped us to do,
last night before we went to bed.

great woman
i surely do understand
it takes a lot of energy
and patience
to raise eight children.

now even just days before
my 42nd birthday,
she still make sure
that everything is good with me,
just as how i was when i was 
her little boy.

a day
is not enough
to thank you 
for not just giving me life;
but for leading me 
to the wonderful life
i am having now.

Happy Mother's Day
N   A  N   A   Y !...
you simply are the best!..

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photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid [link]

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A Little Tribute to All Mothers

my salute and respect
to all mothers.
a day is not enough
to thank you
for all the sacrifices.

you are one of the two
greatest and foremost hero
of everyone!..


let us not only consider
who have children
the reason to celebrate this day...

think about 
every father,
who lost his wife.
a sister or a brother,
who have lost their parent,
every single
man or woman;
who have nortured,
and raised a child.
you are all
part of the celebration...

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Beautiful post!
    Nanay had her hands full for sure!

    In truth, everyday is mother's day.

    There is nothing more fulfilling in life than being a parent.

  2. Great tribute to mom...filled with love and acknowledgement. I enjoyed my stop here.

  3. Very moving tribute ParengJJ. You struck an emotional chord that hard that Mothers themselves are emotionally affected. Great Write Pare!


  4. That's a wonderful poem. You sound like you had quite a loving family.

  5. smiles. a beautiful tribute...where would we be without our mothers...8 kids too...oh my...two is enough for me...smiles..

  6. Nostalgic how you whipped out that breakfast scene.

  7. ...and a most lovely tribute for all mothers as well!

  8. Jj that was beautiful
    and to think of feeding and caring for 8 precious souls....hard work and draining too....but look at you....her pride and joy
    Hope you have a wonderful day too

  9. I loved the way you weaved such tender caring through the lines and examples of your poem. A heartfelt tribute to mothering. Thank you for sharing, JJ. =D

  10. Good on you Jesus, Grand Sentiments.

  11. Two great tributes for the price of one! Lovely grub!

  12. Dear JJ: Your poems are always so significant to me because you add vibrant personal flare, your own experience to the mix. Thank-you for the Kudos for mom's...I needed to hear this are a wonderful son and gentleman~

  13. Thanks for sharing your mother with us...and for paying tribute to all of us as well!



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