Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where is at least the "SORRY" Miss Canada Post

i left my earphone at home last weekend. and my friend was so kind enough to send it to me via Canada Post.

but before sending it, just to make sure; he showed it to the lady in the Post Office before closing it and put the stamps and hand it to her.

the mail arrived to me in this way:

"Walang problema po",
means "no problem...
unluckily that is not the case... :-(
torn and empty. i immediately send a text to him and tell him what happened. I was so disappointed.

and an hour after of the same day, I went to the Drugstore nearby where they have an office (I thought), and informed the lady on duty but she said it was only an outlet for the Post Office but not directly of Canada Post. She was so sad that it happened and gave me the hotline to file my complain. As soon as I went home, I open the Canada Post Website and see if it is possible To file a complain online. Yes it is possible! so i fill out the online complain form.

Unluckily I was not able to send a pic of the letter.

This morning I received a call from Canada Post asking me of the details of the enquiry. No "good morning" as how we are taught of when answering or making a call, or any greeting at all. No name too - just "I am from Canada Post"...

So the enquiry go on. And to a more disappointing note, it came out like it is solely our fault by sending it thru a regular letter envelope. Where, when I ask my friend about it, he told me that he showed it to the Post Office  personnel and he was ask to go on for it is sorted out in a box where it will be done manually. What's the truth about this, the lady on the phone told me that, all mails are sorted by machine unless, YOU PAY EXTRA FOR HAND SORTING...?

The amount of that Iphone4 earphone is irrelevant. In my meager salary, I can save and spare a little until I can buy a replacement. But? The "NO SORRY" call is a little bit disappointing. and blag, the phone "died"...

she even asked me in an arrogant voice - what do I need from Canada Post then? what should I answer? I have lost of words. It seems like a replacement is not possible because she keeps repeating it's our fault and if be sad about what happened, guess even "SORRY" or "APOLOGY" is close to impossible.

By the way, by the look of the envelope, having at least a meter of wire, 2 ear phones, 1 jack, 1 mic, and a control... don't you think even just a piece of it was left. Or at least ripped off the whole envelope because it was placed from end to end of the envelope...

Ah, let's not talk about it... the most serious part is - "WHERE IS THE -  SORRY sir this happened.!" and suggest the best way to send things like this next time... MANNERS PEOPLE, MANNERS.


  1. Sad that this had happened, ParengJJ.A similar one may involve airlines. Luggage are being pilfered and contents rifled. The same answers of blaming the passenger and still 'no sorry, no apologies nothing but defensive answers. A pity!


    1. The funny thing there was, the line of questioning and replies that she is doing is like you are talking or listening to an answering machine. As if that's the standard QUESTION and ANSWER that everyone will receive if they will enquire. Sad eh? thanks Pare! guess you will be a better Post Master General, you know how to be sad for things like this... hehehe...

  2. I think it was pretty pathetic for one not to be able to trust that your belongings not be taken care of in the trust of a Canadian organization.
    I was told that this envelope was set aside for hand sorting (not light fingered sorting) . I was told at the originating post office that it was not even handled proprly as when damaged or opened, it should have been repacked in a Canada Post plastic bag.
    Should I also mention the aside mentioning of questionable personnel of third parties who transpot mail from post offices to sorting stations? They are not subject to the same scrutiny as postal employees.
    Should have followed my initial gut instinct and used a courier.

  3. Oh sorry...
    All we can do is learn something from this.....
    maybe a padded envelope would have made it....but it shown to them...if it wasn't good enough they should have said so then....
    Start a Jj earphone replacement fund!

  4. Manners and civility seem to be disappearing everywhere. I remember ordering a coffee drink and when I handed it back because it was the wrong flavor, the barista rolled her eyes and sighed as though it was MY fault. Sigh.

  5. oh man i am sorry...service is out the window these days and no one seems to care about the customer...sorry man


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