Saturday, December 3, 2011

A day for Gabriel Roa Rodriguez Jr.

I am offering a day of prayer for my brother, whho we fondly call Gabriel or Jun. i still can remember that morning when my sister, Vicky called my brother, Father Val that morning to tell us what is happening back home.

He maybe the guy that everyone will call the prodigal son, a black sheep. But for us, he will always be the Manong Jun that at the break of morn will have his checks red as he got what our grandparent's spanish chinese skin - pinkish! And it will turn red as he starts to drink his favorite rhum, the Filipino local Tanduay, which we call "TUNDAY" because his only son, Gaver (Gabo) can't pronounced it perfectly.

And so i pray...

Grant my brother
Gabriel Junior
The peace that he never had
While he is still with us.

I know that
Just like most of us
He has battled a lot
And had been weak
For all the challenges
And struggles
That our family have been through.

Let him know
That we,
His mother,
His brothers and sisters,
Nephews and nieces
And especially
His son Gabo,
Loves him so much
And that we will never forget him
All our life.

And we know
That as much as he tries
Not to give us trouble
When he is still with us
He will be our angel Gabriel Jr
Helping out our another angel,
Gabriel Sr.

Guarding us...
Guiding us...
And loving us from heaven...

May they rest in peace
In your paradise

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

and this is my nephew
Gaver Rodriguez
now, 17 years old.
isn't he a handsome young man?
he got his father's looks. 


  1. ParengJJ,
    The Good Lord would guide irrespective of what calling, creed or colour. The good and the beautiful have it made for them. Just do good and the goodness flows all round to everyone and back again! Amen!


  2. smiles...a nice trib to him...and sounds like you had the challenges but were better for having him to walk through with...

  3. He is a handsome young man. These are such kind words. I am sorry for your loss /hugs.

  4. remembering the loss of our loved ones makes us sad...will pray for the eternal repose of both gabriel, sr. and gabriel, jr. take care my friend...


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