Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From boots and winter jackets to kitchen utensils...

Last week, me and JC had been talking and finalizing our plans on what to have for our first place. A one bed or two bedroom apartment or a bachelor (hahaha... Guess the word does not apply anymore)... But we were able to figure out what. A two bedroom will be great, but it depends on what is available on the place that we are looking for.

We have seen a placebut we still have too check out some. We have written down developers name, streets that are easy for my commute, buildings and telephone numbers of properties that we will book for viewing the next weekend we are together.

Funny as I realized while having lunch with JC's mom in the beautiful Mill Tales Inn and Restaurant, that Almost 18months ago, I arrived in Canada June of 2010, that I was only worried about winter, afraid to spend my money because i am saving it to buy the best coats that I will be needing and can afford. It was just good that I arrived in Canada in summer. Giving me enough time to save. Anyways, as we have 7degC in Taiwan, I guess (back then) the clothes esp the jackets that I have is enough for me to survive the Fall. And it did as I have expected.

So my first salaries was spent buying thermal underpants, undershirts and winterjackets.

But just a week ago, my budgetting was changed. Now my money is already towards buying, rather, my wish list (as i am figuring out where the budget will come from)are the following (hahahaha, isn't it too late for Xmas! I just hope Santa Claus works even after Christmas...):

A rice cooker (1st on the list, I am Filipino, I eat rice at least twice a day)
A coffee maker
A queen size bed or even a double bed. Lucky I am small. We fit in a double... Hahahaha...
A couch (JC got it...)
A seat (JC got one, so we only need one more)
A TV set (JC got it)
A TV rack
flat iron and ironing board
Dining table and chairs (JC got it...)
Plates, bowls and the like
Oven toaster
A dresser
Beautiful curtains
Bathroom whatever (i cant even name them. Hahahaha...)

whew! long list...

Oh my for just a week more than two months, how much changes love have made of me.. But I am enjoying it. And to see that JC is doing his part with no complains and to his best, I am very much happy and contented... I have to do my part...

A poem for you, JC

For you my dear
I give my life
I give my promise
That I will be
Not on your side
Not at your back
Not even in front
But I will be there
Within you
In every step of the way.

It will not be smooth
For sure
But I am hoping
That with the amount of love
We have for each other
We will make it
Hopefully with lesser pain and trouble (LOL!)

And with
The amount of support
We are getting from
Both of our families
And friends
I am sure we will get to it.

Love you so much!...

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  1. of luck on the new place...and love the sentiments in your poem...i am glad you are getting the support of your families too...

  2. i love your poem for jc! i am very happy for you my friend...all the best for you and jc!

  3. All the best for the future.
    Hope Santa brings you all you wish for!

  4. Dear JJ: You spent your first salary on cold-weather gear? Yeah! I know how that feels! Canada! Brrr!!! I am so happy to hear this heart-warming story of true LOVE!!! Congratulations you two! All the best! ~~love joy bliss always~~

  5. Congrats on getting a new apt! :) I am sure that in time that you will be able to get the things on your wish list. ~Blessings!~ :)

  6. Setting up house always takes so much STUFF! Best of luck to you both!

  7. I understand your feelings and what you want to accomplished.

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