Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

After so many celebrations before and after Christmas, we (me and JC) decided to have a very simple New Year Celebration.

I am gad that my boss have given me the special day off for new year's eve. JC, picked me up at 1:30pm. with nothing to do, we cruise the Burlington Mapleview Mall and check out what is happening. The shops are not as crazy as what it was before Xmas and especially not like how it was the boxing day. So we had fun trying clothes on, checking pieces of "whatever" that we thought is neat and nice. 

By the end of the day, we went to the inn that we rented out for the night. We are just lucky that we were able to find a place to stay for most hotels, motels, lodging houses, hostel and inns are fully book. I don't want to go far from my work place for I only have the after of the 31st and need to be back by 11am the next day. They have an appointment to go to, so I need to be home to accompany my boss. Reason why we ended up having our new year here in Burlington. 

By 5:30pm, we went downtown Burl, to find a place to have dinner. Gosh! All the restaurants that we went are fully booked. I already knew this will happen. I have been trying to book a reservation two days before but cannot find one. So I told JC, we will just like Mary and Joseph, knocking on every door to see if there is a table for two, to have a simple meal before the clock strikes 12midnight. Luckily we were able to be seated at Paradiso Restaurant. The receptionist was kind enough to give us the table, and told us that we can be there only for 1 1/2 hour. Good enough! we are not planning to spend so much time outside anyway because as I have said we just want to have each other for new year!

more pics on My Amateur Shots [link

So even before 7pm, we are already on our way to the inn. JC had planned it. Brought 2 wine glasses, a bottle of red wine, 10 bottles of beer (I am a beer drinker) and some chips. We planned to watched movies on Netflix but we ended just finishing one movie, The Black Swan. Cannot believe I fell asleep. And JC was up so he was able to send his New Years greetings on time. I, had mine at 1:15am... hehehe... better late than never. Wonderful, quite and happy New Year's eve...

Before dropping me at work the next day, 01/01/2012. We took some time to walk by Burlington Lakeshore.

 and with hesitation, JC had to bring me back to work. But looking forward for the weekend. 

Happy New Year everyone! 
May the good Lord 
continue to bless us all 
not only this 2012 
but for the rest of our lives!


  1. Happy New Year to you buddy. I hope 2012 is kind to you and you get a chance to do something remarkable.

  2. Nice thing. Gandara park ha. Taas ng hair. hahahaha. Happy new year!

  3. @ Sir Rick aka Life 101, hoping and praying for that too... I'll do my best as usual... thanks!

    @ Tim Smithson, sinabi mo pa... hahaha... Ganda-gandahan lang muna.... hehehe...

  4. ParengJJ,
    Happy New Year to you and JC. The year of 2012 seems to have a lot of promise. I'm glad! Take care!



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