Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Gay!..

Oh how I wish
that being gay
is just like a cold sore
that I can pick up a medicated strip
to cover it and dry...

or a fever and flu
that I can just grab a tablet
over a pharmacy counter
lie down, rest and be well.

because if it so 
i will be one of the first
to line up even the drugstore is still close
to buy the best medicine
no matter how much it would cost me.

it is not the case.

And if your being
etchetera, etchetera
is teaching you...

to condemn
to ridicule
to laugh
to cast me aside
even though I am trying my best 
to be a beautiful person,
that I can be...

so be it
i would gladly accept without 
taking it against you.

at the end of my days
it is not you to judge
it is my Father
My Lord and God
My Savior.

The One that I believe have
guided me
loved me
protected me
everyday of my life!..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ps. i have this done after a
conversation with a dear friend
just recently.

I believe there is one
phrase in the bible that says:

"he who have not sinned,
cast the first stone!"


  1. Insightful and thought-provoking. We all want to be accepted by others around us and do what all we can to 'fit in'. Yet some things about us cannot be changed by mere will. In the end, it is WE who accept ourselves for what we are. Good job.

  2. I am sorry for your struggle Jj
    but so happy that you have not let it get you down
    but rather it has made you a cherished human being on this planet
    beloved by God
    I am glad you have not judged your friend for his weakness, but rather put him/her in the Lord's hands
    it is not ours to judge, but to love
    Continue on living as a beautiful, loving,funny,talented,goodlooking,compassionate,thoughtful,delightful man that you are
    I wish there were more like you....the world would be a better place...

  3. Dear JJ: Thank-you for your bravery by coming "out" and being exactly who God meant you to be. I LOVE the way God made you, in the perfected spirit of beautiful LOVE. ~~love joy bliss always~~~

  4. strong words and i appreciate of the boys i work with is gay and really struggles with how that means he is treated...judgement sucks man...

  5. Standing firm ... I salute you!!!

  6. Please, please don't feel that way. There is nothing wrong with you, nothing that needs to cured or changed.

  7. Be proud of who you are, JJ. God, if She exists, made you that way.

  8. Ooops, forgot to wish you a Happy New Year!

  9. absolutely, JJ. I have too many "planks" in my own eye to judge you for being who you are as a person. and you are also right, no matter what anyone else claims, God is not "hate".

  10. lines written from the heart...i love you for who really are, my friend! have a blessed new year!

  11. Your post brings me to tears. This, as we discussed, is exactly as it is to be as we are. Hold a pen in the opposite hand as is comfortable. Does it feel good, normal or forced? Why is it that our society no longer punishes lefthandedness? Will we finally accept differences in deed instead of just in word?
    I have punished myself for too long.

    Love u dearly, mahal ko!

  12. ParengJJ
    Coming out loud is no offense to others. To each his own. Respecting each other's preferences is of utmost importance. In fact congratulations! You've achieved happiness that should be treasured. Best wishes and regards to you ParengJJ and ParengJC


  13. Thanks for your honesty. It would be nice if everyone could just live and let live.

  14. jj i have always had gay men and women in my life and really i just love that they are who they are. much like yourself. thank goodness you're you!!!! steven

  15. all that love to you Jj
    isn't it wonderful
    celebrate you

  16. No, you shouldn't feel like it's something to hide. There will always be people who hate others - because of skin color, religion, gender, orientation, size, weight, height - the list goes on forever. The only opinions which matter are those of the people YOU respect.

  17. Wow, I came here to read your magpie and came across this. What a powerful poem and it actually moves me to want to cry. I am amazed by how in the beginning that you talk about the cold sore and the medicine. I am a Christian and am quite conservative in a way, but I love all people. I don't understand how people can shun people and say that they love God. I do believe that the bible is true, but it also says that you should love and not judge. To me, what a person does with their life is between them and God. Keep your head up! :)


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