Friday, January 6, 2012

GEMINI 2012 (May 21 - June 20)

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius!"

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, May 12, 1859 - Juky 7, 1930

All About You

Oh clever Gemini, thou of nimble mind and quick wit! You're fast-thinking, fast-talking and fast-moving. You play with words and concepts, trying them on like coats to test their comfort. You know what's going on. (You also know that what the large print giveth, the smal print taketh away.) You're plugged in, cutting-edge and ahead of the curve. (You're not dusty!) You're curious about everything and you need lots of freedom. You love short trips. You also love informationbeing constantly bombarded at you, which is why you read magazines, books, watch TV and surf the web all at the same time. Your twin nature gives you two jobs, two homes, two cars - and sometimes two lovers. Naughty! (not true to me... Hahaha!.. I have tendencies to be obsessed! I heard somebody say "yes!") You prefer to bounce between two worlds because just one is too boring - and you don't want boring!

What's Past Is Prologue

Relationships were challenging in the mid-80's, which is one reason you sought freedom of action. By the late 80's, you had to rely on yourself because help from other sources diminished or ended. (Gulp.) By the early 90's, you were styling! (Look Ma, no hands!) Your health was strong and your job was smooth. Promotions and praise came your way, which paved the way for successful partnership in 1995-1996. Nevertheless, by the end of the '90s, you began to dismantle much of what you created since 1985. That's when you let go of people and possessions. Why? Because around 2001, you entered a new world for the next seven years where you began to redefine who you were. It was definitely a shifting playing field with jobs and residences fluctuating from 2005-2008 (i already went to Taipei, Taiwan. Nice ei!) You handled this well because love affairs, romance plus activities with children were a bonus. Now you are trying to figure out what you really wan to be when you grow up. (true! That is why i am carefully, slow ut sure, moving to what I want to be and have by age 55. I wanna retire early!) Big question! However, "growing up" is not quite the appropriate term. Not for you. Yes, you matured - and admirably so - but you'll always be a kid at heart because Gemini's are childlike forever.

Love's Labours

A popular year ahead - you are loved! (thanks JC and my family and friends) Expect to be nvolved with groups, classes and organizations. Group activities will be a source of joy. New acquaintances could motivate you to change future goals. Romantically, you might parent someone or they might play this role for you, or perhaps you'll be involved with someone of an age difference? (isn't this done already! Hahahaha) Romantic partnerships are serious, not frivolous, bacause you are consciously laying the groundwork for long-term future ( that is why I don't play... I am always serious about my relationships. Duh! Hahaha...) Casual friendships will benefit you. In fact, friends will be supportive. Naturally, this benefit is a two-way street; you will help friends as well. By summer, you really hit your stride! You'll enjoy a popularity boost and become involved with groups working for reform or causes that interest you. People stimulate you this year! Romance with someone from a different background (i'm Filipino and JC is Canadian, yehey!) Life will flow more easily. You will be sought after.

Job And Career

This is the beginning of a 12 year cycle of growth for you. You're in a holding pattern regarding future success. You're testing different approaches. (Trying on these coats again.) Look for opportunities in the entertainment world, showbusiness, sports, the hospitality industry and working with children. After July, you can parlay oportunities to begin a new career, especially whe people pay money to be entertained or have a good time. Consider getting further training bacause thisis you time of "preparation." Whatever you set in motion will be successful in about nine years. (yahoo! Planning to establish an all Filipino comedy bar in Toronto... Sounds good?) Nevertheless, this is a good year to win recognition for your achievements! People are impressed by your diligence amd the impression you create now will pay off in the future. Moneybags Jupiter enters your sign this June for the first time since 2001 (oh please? I needed this.. Hehehe) to stay for one whole year! Good fortune for Geminis!

Home And Family

When it comes to your private life, there's good news and bad news. The good news is formthe first time since 2001, lucky Jupiter returns to your sign to stay for a year. Ta-dah! This means you'll be happier in 2012! your daily existence will please you and make you feel richer and more fortunate. The bad news is (if indeed it is a bad news) there will be increased activity and chaos on the home front. This could be due to renovations, visiting guests, residential moves, anything. However, this might trigger domestic friction. Fortunately, by June, you'll take all of this more easily in your stride. Things that annoyed you before will not even bother you. Phfft! "no biggie."(This could be maturity - that time when you start talking to your parents woth the same tone of your voice you use talking to your kids.)

How To Get The Most Out Of 2012

The thing to remember is lucky moneybags Jupiter returns to your sign in June (for the first time in 11 years) to stay for a year. Yay! This brings you good fortune. Things just seem to go your way. Furthermore, bu the end of this year your self-confidence and poise will have increased. No question. So you make the most of this! (Do get out of bed!) The other thing to keep in mind is this is your time of preparation. You can lay the groundwork for future success by whatever you do this year, whether it is beginning something new, changing your career, or getting further training or education. What you do now "strengthens" the structure of your life in a positive way. In later years, if you face challenges, you will weather those challenges according to how much you strengthened the structure of your life this year.

Mantra for 2012

"I'm more patient with others and definitely happier!"

Famous Geminis

Artie Shaw, Bob Dylan, Ian McKellen, Bruce Cockburn, Annette Bening and Marilyn Monroe..

(this horoscope is taken from a newspaper which I am not sure with. My boss have this cut and handed to me before leaving the house. She told me something that I can read one and think. There are two daily's we have, the National Post and the Hamilton Spectator... I'll check and will correct info.)


  1. Dear JJ: Interesting this timeline. I do that as well; record life events as relationships because they do speak of one's personality in the sky charts!:)

  2. all this is spookily familiar!!!....but i've moved house 6 times in the last 5 years I DON'T WANT TO MOVE AGAIN STARS!!!...sorry to shout! haha! me gemini to..x


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